Friday, February 24, 2012

Gift Cards and Treasure

Hey there jammers! First of all, I missed a new item in the Sol Arcade, the Phantoms Treasure game for your own den!
And next, a new way to get the Animal Jam three month membership cards (the one with a lion!). Anyone getting it?
Go to the Daily Explorer AJHQ blog to read the article. Sadly, it's only sold in the U.S.and Canada, sorry everyone. You can buy yours (for a limited time?) at the AJ Outfitters shop.
Happy jamming everyone. Don't forget about Leap Year festivities starting this Tuesday, the 28th.


  1. Hey this is totally of subject, but I'm stuck loading on AJ right now and I can see people in the place I was going to! and now it just stopped loading and I'm still in the same place but different people!

    Isn't this odd?Has anyone else seen this?

  2. Added to that comment: I can't move or talk though either, although other people are moving and talking!

  3. THAT'S HAPPENED WITH ME BEFORE! LIKE, FOUR TIMES! It is SOOOOO annoying! Just refresh the page.

  4. Hey SnowyClaw! Pikachu333 here! On topic. Ok so the Lion gift card! Im going to get one! If my mom will let me spend $15 on it! But she probably will. Cuz it is my money! Any ways * Off topic * Could you happen to follow my blog if you get time? It's ok if you don't or can't. I get it you always have alot to work to do so it's fine! Pikachu333 Out!

  5. Sorry, ignore this comment! I'm just experenting with commenting on my iPod :P

  6. I wish that they have a code and you get like 1 month of membership. That would be nice.

  7. livieloo6 on animal jamFebruary 25, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    thanks for posting this!im sooooooooooooooo getting it!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant wait!!!

  8. Snowy claw I think I saw a imposter of you! He has the same wolf as you, the same name tag and name...But he was the dark brown for both top and bottom fur. He has the same clothes to. I hope you find him and report him! P.S-I forgot his username.

  9. @Anoymous,

    I know another way people could imposter you, it's for usernames with the letter "l" in it, all you do is use a capital "I" because it looks like an "l" on ANimal Jam!


  10. Can someone help me? I had 100 friends and one day when I logged on I had 0. Now I have 17 but i need more! Can people friend me? I am acutemonkey

    1. Add me my username is Satyaenjoy

    2. Ok my username is petalpond. And I am not a member...


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