Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Flag & Ending Contest

Hey jammers! As far as I know of there is three new items today, you can find two in the Sarepia Flag Shop.
And the third is in Hidden Treasures.
 Good day for all you flag collectors! Next, don't forget about the Jam-A-Gram Contest, all entires are due TODAY.
All-in-all, a fairly short post. Hopefully it's a good reminder for all you card artists. Good luck with your submissions and happy jamming. See you in Jamaa!

Note: I apologize to all my Spirit Artists, I'm way behind in my artwork posting, sorry!


  1. Ohh , I just wanted to put a postcard....but I'll enter in the next contest!

  2. Cool!! A New flag!! I haven't made one for the jam a gram contest though. I didn't really want too.

  3. I'll stop by the ocean den shop later, :D

  4. Sorry Jammers,
    I forgot to mention there is actually two new flags, Latvia and Jordon. There is also a new treasure chest in Hidden Treasures. Sorry for missing it, I won't be able to fix it until 8:00 pm AJS time.

  5. Did you know that penguins will be able to swim the oceans? when they come out?

  6. everyone, e-mail aj with this email!

    "Dear AJHQ:
    We would like it if you could make pengins non-member. Non members only have the seal for underwater right now, and we would like it if you could give them a new animal.
    thanks, The Jammers."
    *edit it however you want*

  7. Whouldn't that be a waste of time?Alot of nonmems have sent that.My friend even made like 50 nonmem accs just to send that letter it was soo totally weird.I think she's a bit crazy.Heh heh not that I don't like her as a friend but she IS kinda crazy.
    P.S. I don't even think they had time to send all of them back so far heh.

  8. And,NO.It was NOT me who made ALL those accs.I'm happy wit my 1 acc.

  9. I told AJ to make penguins nonmember! maybe they will be....


    Michelle, Feb 10 08:44 (MST):

    "Hello Fellow Jammer,

    It's super wild to hear from you, and might we add, it's great to hear you're enjoying all of your awesome adventures in Jamaa!

    Penguins for non members? That is a good idea! We can't make any promises, but we will definitely consider it.

    Here at Animal Jam HQ, we are always hard at work making sure Jamaa is a fun, exciting, and safe place for all our Jammers. We love listening to your suggestions on how we can make it an even wilder place for all Jammers to enjoy. Thanks for the awesome ideas! Rest assured, we will pass along your feedback.

    In the meantime, if you want to stay on top of all the latest news, be sure to check out the Jamaa Journal newspaper which is updated every other week!

    Have fun, be safe, and thanks for helping us make Jamaa THE place to be!


    Animal Jam HQ"

  11. I have sent numerous emails to AJ HQ, asking for nonmember animals and rights. I always get that same robot reply, probably because they get so many emails that they just copy and paste a script.

  12. i have never ever been on a blog my user name is Indians on my animal jam account

  13. Hey
    didn't know if u saw it snowyclaw, but u can buy the pink stones in the friendship party, just saying!

  14. Hey jammers this is braddy bar! I Think penguins for non members would be great. i'll tell ajHQ and i might make a new video bye Animal jammers.

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