Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sol Arcade Skyway

Hey jammers! Good news, the glitches are still around Jamaa, and here is the most recent one I've found. Look at the bottom of this post to links to all the other posts for this update.

teacher - myself
Start here in the Sol Arcade.
Click the base of the
pill bug machine.
Click the edge of the
River Race machine.
Repeat, staying in this
general area as you click.
If you do it correctly you'll slowly move
upwards until *POP*you're under the rocks!
Click the top of the stone, now
you're all the way up!
Now you can sit on the meteorite.
Or take a snooze on the mysterious
tarp! Lot's of exploring to do.

Hope you like the new glitch! Here are the other currently working skyway glitches, click the links below. 
For the posts about the most recent (penguin) update click the various links below. Or just turn the pages of the blog.
As a side note those returned Epic Wonders
are officially gone, same with the
Medusa Mask and the Gloves.
What do you guys think of the update? Are the penguins cute? Are they awkward? And, just wondering, how do you like the blog background that I've brought back?

New: More artwork on the Spirit Art blog (lucykate651).


  1. I've did it before it's sooooo cool!

  2. hey snowyclaw it was so cool to see you at the trade party then at the sol arcade! i have a question for you how do you get on the tarp at the sol arcade? please respond back if you can! happy jamming!!

  3. Hi snow! This is snowy82889 here, just as "Anonymous" thanks for everything on your blog!!!! I hope we meet again!


  4. Hi snowyclaw! Do you mind if I put the sol arcade skyway glitch on my blog? I'll be sure to give you credit, but you may just not want me to. Thanks!! :)

  5. snow i know how get a big black hole you have to get 23 spiral lamp(or other item) and put them one above the other

    1. It works with strobe lights 2!

  6. Yess, finally, the weird thing with the returning clearance and R.I.M is gone... how irritating that was.

    Oooh, I gotta check out the new glitch; looks fun.

  7. thnx so much snowyclaw!
    I am gonna mention your name in my vids.... you're awesome! thnx for the glitch!

  8. what do u mean by the base of the pill bugs machine?

  9. Ya Right that glitch is a scam you just phto shoped it!

  10. These kind take a long time and is hard...

  11. its real i did it!

  12. This is 2015! Pill Bugs isn't popular anymore... It's all the way to the back. Try to update this please.


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