Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day jammers! AJHQ has sent us a Friendship Festival code. Get it before it expires!


Sadly, it only gives 100 gems.
AJHQ also posted on their blog new penguin facts. Strangely enough they say you can spot penguins in Jamaa right now, but they aren't available yet. Hmmm... Maybe guides will be on today and tomorrow? Or even a penguin shaman!
Hope this was an interesting post. Be sure to take a picture and send it to the blog email if you spot a penguin guide, shaman, or test account waddling around Jamaa. See you there!


  1. *raises head* Guides? Shamans?! Wow! I'd love to see one of those, I've never even seen them because they like never come out. I hope I get lucky! ^^

  2. i can give u some a have a ballon i should have a spare locket i have the roses the blanket...the underwater necklace i might have the heart antlers so i just don't have the treasure, heart rug or heart eye patch......i don't know when we can meet up though my user webkinzworld471 but some of the stuff is on mermaidglamma but don't go to her she won't know whats happening lol:3

  3. oh and the choclate in a heart box :3

  4. I SUGGESTED A SHAMAN DAY. I hope you are right about the shaman! D: I will e-mail u my Shaman Day thing cause it is supper exiting idea.


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