Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hat and Curly Wig

Hey jammers! Last years nonmem Hat and Curly Wig has returned to the Jam Mart Clothing shop.
Four new colors are now sold of course. As a side note, a jammer (whom I don't know the user of) sent me an email about a void glitch with the new animal toys. If you put about 20 or so on the same spot a void box appears!
Strange huh? I'll leave this in my den so anyone can get a closer look if they'd like. Or you can try it out with your own toys!
As seen in the article by AJHQ above, you now get 500 gems when you recycle an animal. That way you can buy another to replace it! Fair trade, I'd say. I'd also like to mention I'm having trouble keeping up with the AJ Spiritlight page (so I think I'll change it to blogging tips since that subject is so popular).
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New: More artwork on the Spirit Art blog (Spino11).


  1. bubblestorm14\SodaPopFebruary 18, 2012 at 1:07 AM

    What nm hat?I only see the curly wig.

  2. The item is called "Hat and Curly Wig." ^.^

  3. Snowyclaw! Lookie on my list it's a penguin plushie with a top hat! :D

  4. Ugh. I still liked it the way before. I recycled all of my animals before the update, so I never got any gems. I was planning to get a new set of animals... oh well, I'm stuck with the four I got. :c

    Also, Snowy, would you happen to know how many gems you get when you recycle your animal?

  5. hi snow im that perso who talked to you about the black box

  6. MyStorageUser, aka missflo2February 18, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    I HAVE DONE THE WEIRDEST GLITCH! I was changing from seal to rabbit when i wss flung into air in a Dinner party. neat huh? I e-mailed u a pic

  7. @snowyclaw
    Ok, I know you are probably going to resent this, and so will your fans, but here goes, you know I once copied your look. Ok, several of times. Well, I tried taking your advice and coming up with my own "look" well, i tried and tried. However, i really like your look snowyclaw for your wolf. I mean, I can't find anything else that fits me. I hope no one yells at me, but snowy, can I just please use your look for my wolf? It is only one look, no big deal. But, if your fans don't want me too then I won't. I just thought I should bring this to your attention now.

    ~Junior Shydog
    P.S. Love the new, "Hat and Curly Wigs" ^.^

  8. I tried the glitch you mentioned in this post. I got as that in your pic.


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