Monday, February 20, 2012

Lion Fish Armor

Hey jammers, AJHQ seems to have forgotten the Monday rare, but here's the newest item in Bahari Bargains.
Hopefully they'll update with the Monday rare later on, comment if you discover what it is. Happy jamming, everyone!


  1. I think the lionfish armor is the rare monday item, the only thing is that is new -.-"

  2. Hi!
    (this is NOT on lion fish topic)
    I had a really wacky glitch. When I went down one of my slides it took me down an invisible slide and then I walked up a real slides!
    i'll send a picture on your emil.


  3. livieloo6 on animal jamFebruary 20, 2012 at 6:38 AM

    i just logged on and got a letter from AJ HQ saying i got rewarded 2500 gems!!! anyone else get this message???

  4. Appearently with all the 'new changes going on around Jamaa' (haven't seen any at all) they think they should give us money. I think they just want to say sorry for all the times the server went down, and the lags, the spins, the glitches... I think we actually liked most of those! xD

    That Lion Fish Armor is one of the very few underwater items I like. :3

  5. I got the message but not in a letter. I was online so I just got this weird pop-up message that said: Yay! You have received 2,500 gems! I thought maybe it was because my membership renewed but I checked and it doesn't renew for another 5 days. I asked some of my friends and other people and the same thing happened to them.

  6. Snowy....can I have my rares back...


  7. OMG i got the cool messaGE TOO THANKS ajhq 4 THE MONEY! nOW I HAVE 9291 GEMS!

  8. Ok i was first to comment -.-" i was wrong... the RARE MONDAY items is the 2500 GEMS!!!! Thats why you didnt found any rare -.-

  9. I JUST got it after I read this but I didn't get the gems.. just the letter..


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