Thursday, February 16, 2012

Penguins and Much More!

Hey jammers! Of course, the biggest even of this update is the release of the penguins. They are, like we thought, member and a mix of land/ocean. Here is their article in the JJ.
And a new badge for member tags.
They are fairly awkward walkers (and swimmers), but I guess they are the same in real life. ^.^ Some funny attributes of these new animals are their sleeping action on land (with top hats?).
And their play/sneeze in the oceans!
Lot's to cover, so we'll have to move on. If you'd like more info on the penguins be sure to comment. To view AJHQ's article on the new animal click here. Next, congrats to the Jam-a-Gram artist winner, and all the amazing runners-up!
You can view a good sized collection of amazing art on the Jammer Central board in Jamaa Township. New items will continue to come every day, and the Monday rares as well, so says this article. Same as the one in the past newspaper.
There is also a new party, I'll be doing a post about it later on today. It appears that the Friendship and New Years Parties have gone for good now, but you can never be totally sure. The new party, on the other hand, is the Heat Wave Party!
I guess it's a tropical vacation for us jammers until summertime. Wishful thinking maybe? Much like the Claw Machine (which is stocked with little penguin plushies) the Phantom Invasion game has expanded to include different outfits for the animals (similar to different colors) and gold-based rare toy animals (similar to accessorized plushies).
Here is what a penguin plushie looks like.
So much more to collect, and all of it nonmember! I'm guessing this will be a big deal for a while, have fun collecting everyjammer. Two smaller things I should mention are the reorg. of animal slots (sorting and ending or pre-paid slots) as well as the upcoming events on February 28th, 29th, and March 1st. What will it be? Shamans, guides, rares, parties?
 Be sure to check by the Jammer Central calender for a layout of important events. Such as the double gems game!
 Winter (and the Friendship Fetival?) is still apparent in Jamaa,
but Animal Jam is as full of spirit as ever, see you there!


    not fair!


  2. ik stink im a member but i dont like the new each time you get an animal its 1000 coins that is alot wo i hate it!!!! stink for all the nonmembers this musit really stink wow there turning in to club penguin more than just the penguins well inleast you guys get items unlike club penguin poor poor people well this is how they keep the game going by getting people to get member ships its cheepest just to get a gift card there awesome and give you lots of coins so ya long comment ik love, imacooldude123

  3. I'm so disappointed that they're giving us tons more items, and yet leaving the item slots at the very low numbers of 100 and 200. It's killing me! I want to buy everything, but I have 0 slots open! I even suggested it to them (didn't get a pre-written response!) and they told me they'd pass the suggestion along to the developers. :p Right...

    I'm getting an Adelie Penguin and naming it Adele. xD

  4. Are the new animal slots for non members if you payfor them? if so, i'm glad that at least i can get new animals... even though it takes a while. i think it might be an okay idea as long as its for nonmembs as well, because then getting another animal is special

  5. If u guys can guess it I am gonna leave AJ for a while....Check on this blog....Stuff like that
    i totally agree

  6. I have no clue if non members can have the new slots. My main was buggy and it said I could buy two slots (I recycled one before the update). But when I try to use any of them, it says I have to be a member. :I

    Does this mean I am forever a rhino on my main? @A@


  7. livieloo6 on animal jamFebruary 16, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    the leap year thing im guessing by the looks of the background is that its that new land,the one thats undiscovered

    <3 the penguin plushies!!!

  8. I think the picture with snowyclaw and the penguin plush is adorable :3
    Omg!? That's so weird... And terrible... Maybe it's a glitch..? Hope you get ur slot back...


  9. I hope they make penguins non member animals, just like when seals were member and they made them into non members too!!


  10. when are penguins becoming non-member animals? the news paper says they are, but not when they are!!! that is sooo annoying!!! ^.^

  11. wolfypaws456 on AJJune 8, 2013 at 8:36 PM

    Hey! Love your blog snowy. And I am wolfypaws456 on Animal Jam! tigerlilycoke is now a stolen account. wolfypaws789 stole it. I know wolfypaws789 in real life. She stole it. I am kinda dissapointed in her. So, Snowy, please buddy me on AJ and see ya!

  12. Hey!
    It's wolfypaws456 on Animal Jam!
    I have a blog too!
    I just made it today :D

  13. you spelled festival wrong XD

  14. cool! whats he link?

  15. yeah penguins are adorbs


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