Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Corn + Rare Bow Giveaway

Hey jammers! Today's new item is Corn for the garden; you can buy some on the first page of Jam Mart Furniture.
As you may have noticed, Fox Hats were sold as the rare item Monday yesterday, hopefully not everyone was too heartbroken. >.< Remember, there's more to Jamaa than just rares!
Collecting rares is fun and a challenge, but in the end, where would you be without your buddies? And haven't you learned so much for this land? I know I have! Did you know the word "jamaa" means "family" in Swahili? Thanks for telling me Mister Chunkybuddy! Other words around Jamaa with special meaning? "Mira" means "sight" in Spanish. "Bahari" means "nautical" in Indonesian. And "kani" means "anger" in Swahili. What does that have to do with anything? Well, there is a sunken ship there, someone got angry...

Moving on, as promised, I have started another giveaway!
To enter on YouTube click here, and to enter on a mini blog (anonymous options) click here! Enter every day for an increased probability of winning. That's all for now, happy jamming!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fox Hats Return

Hey jammers! Well, I'm not sure I ever expected this to happen (again), but Rare Fox Hats have returned to Jamaa's stores.
Sixth page of Jam Mart Clothing.
The only other uber hyped up rare I can think of are Beards, maybe those should come out next? Ask AJHQ. ^.^ Also, don't forget to enter the Photo Booth Contest by Wednesday!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crystal Peck Statue

Hey jammers! Today's new item is another glowing alpha at the Epic Wonders furniture globe. The Crystal Peck Statue!
I'm happy to see Peck, she's a fun alpha, quirky and creative. ^.^ On a random note, here's a funny glitch that happens when giraffes wear Eyeball Hats (you should never let a giraffe wear an eyeball).
Send in by chu714!
 Speaking of giraffes, here is an article on them, elephants, and rhinos. I wonder where these animals are traveling...
I'm so curious whether or not these travels and adventures coming up have to do with the Elf Tail Armor states.
I've also heard rumors of Tunnel Town coming to the US in a bit, and that if AJHQ gets enough requests they might make the app available for Android users. Click here to learn more! Anywho, that's it for today jammers. I was too tired for videos yesterday, maybe today. Happy jamming!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Underwater Top Hat

Hey jammers! Today's newest item is member and underwater, the Top Hat! Sold on the first page of Bahari Bargains.
How very much like the Fancy Top Hats from the Trading Party! On a random note, look at this neat little ad that AJHQ is using.
Submitted by luckylittlekoalacat!
I must say I like this ad more than the pet ones, but I still wish it included some sort of "adventure" or jamaasian aspect. Good thing there are those neat alpha ads everywhere! Also, here is a funny layering glitch that happens with the Tuxedo Jacket,
Spikes and Member Gloves go behind, whoops! Thanks for sending in the pictures whatwhat500! I have not gotten to my "Who am I?" video, I'm very sorry. >.< I got distracted by an art project I wanted to work on. Here is a snippet of it, nothing fancy though.
What do you think? I'm hoping to start a info series on my YouTube channel about rares and such. This art has something to do with it. Sound like something anyone might be interested in, jammers? 

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gilbert and Jam Session

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the pawsome Crystal Sir Gilbert statue sold in the Epic Wonders furniture orb. 
Now for the the Jam Session! You can find the party every five hours or so, located on you Party List of course!
 At the party there is an instrument shop!
There are some pretty neat colors and designs to wear!
I'm glad there's a nonmember instrument.
There is also another booth, maybe a music store sometime? Here is a short video tour if you'd like to see the layout!
There is also another News Crew article and a Jam Session post on the Daily Explorer! Click the picture below to read.
I'll also do a "who am I?" video, since you guys wanted one. What kind of things would you like me to include? What would you like to know about me? Anywho, happy jamming everyone!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jam Session Party

Click here for full Jamaa Journal.
Click here for clearance item list.

Hey jammers! Lots of new things with this update, sorry for posting late! New items today are Tomatoes and a Graden Plot.
It's an interesting idea, and nonmember, thank Zios!
The biggest part of this update is the Jam Session Party.
Hopefully I'll have a post/tour of that later on. Looks pretty interesting though, lots of different  kinds of instruments and such. 
There is a neat photo contest going on, enter soon!
Rhinos, elephants, and giraffes are all heading out!
I wonder where they're going... Maybe to help out the koalas a bit? Double gems right now is Wind Rider, up in Sarepia.
There is an article for the Spirit Armor this month, and even an article for the Summer Carnival, maybe it'll be here next update!

Here is the update-ly calendar.
And now AJHQ messages are called the Jammer Chatter?
And a new News Crew Article on the Daily Explorer!
Happy jamming everyone!

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A winged wolf for HollandRoad.
Click here to order an art commission.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Four Square and Paradise

Hey jammers! Today's new outdoor den item is the Four Square Court, sold on the first page of Jam Mart Furniture.
I like the idea of outdoor games, but what's the point of having them if you can't play them? It'd be neat if they created a four player buddy game of four square and you could all connect by standing in the boxes. ^.^ Also, I have a little topic today, introduced to me by hayluc. Have you ever just sat around wondering, why'd AJHQ make the Paradise Party? Of course you have!
Well, it's to reflect the National Geographic's Avian Evolution tour!
Isn't that neat? AJHQ is really bringing the outside world to Jamaa!
Looks like the outside world is getting a little does of Jamaa as well! Isn't it pawsome to know the money memberships give goes to causes like this? Education and funding are important ways to help a species, and AJHQ is doing an amazing job. Happy jamming!

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Here's a fun music video from Djnobody.
Feature my channel on yours and you can get your music vid posted on AJS! Is this a fun thing to add after a post or no?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recycling Bin

Hey jammers! Yet again I have fallen asleep before posting. Silly me. /).(\ Anyhoo, the new item today is the Recycling Bin.
These are sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
There are also two new posts on the Daily Explorer. One of which is the first Going Green News Crew winner. Congrats!
I had a random den party just the other day, if you'd like to see. ^.^
And an ink drawing of two dragons for princesslove.
I hope you like it! To request an art commission click here.
Happy jamming all!

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Also, I'll be featuring a music video every day now, all you need to do to enter a video is feature my channel on yours. :D

 This video is from my friend HollandRoad. Enjoy!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rare Winter Blanket

Hey jammers! Today's rare colored item can be found on the second page of the Shiveer Shoppe. The Rare Winter Blanket!
Member and pretty pricy though. >.< There are a few mew Earth Day posts on the Daily Explorer. Egg shells and more...
And of course a rare monday post! 
Also, here's a fun new vid from Julian2!
Speaking of music videos, I'm having a tough time with audio for Once Upon a December, so I think we're going to put that on hold. I was thinking of possibly doing Human by the Killers, does anyone enjoy that song? I wonder how to get permission to use it...

No time for mystery Monday, I'm sorry everyone (I feel asleep again /).(\ sorry!). Here is an art commission for chorus2010.
I hope you like it, you can send items whenever you like. If you'd like to request for an art commission click here. :)
Happy jamming!

New art is posted on the Spirit Art mini blog!