Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Can Make a Difference

Read the first movement post . . . click here.

Even though we're just kids, I honestly believe we can make a difference. We support Animal Jam with out memberships and our endless hours playing the game, so why shouldn't AJHQ listen? They even have places where we can send in our shout outs and ideas for items, which got me thinking. . .
If they want to know our thoughts, then I say we give them all we've got. It seems most of us agree that the three nameless statues in the Chamber of Knowledge deserve to be named. I don't think it'd be too hard for AJHQ to change that, they were able to edit the names in the beta globe incident. Do you agree?
 What's so worrying about the lack of names is the fact that AJHQ seems to be trying to erase all knowledge of Animal Jam Lore. They want to pretend it never existed, thus getting rid of extra work. I don't blame them, I'm sure it'd be lots of work, making a story for every animal that came out. But. . .
 Do you like the creativity put into the stories of Jamaa? Do you think they are a key element of the game? Well, I believe so. It's part of the reason I like it so much, the hidden depth of the game. Naming these shaman statues seem like the first step to achieving our goal of balance. And I've thought of something.
This may work, and it may not. But isn't anything worth a try? The key part of this is everyone doing it. The more jammers AJHQ hears from the more they'll realize we care for the stories and shamans of Jamaa. This means you need to tell all your buddies about this (if you like). Post it on your blogs.
Can you guess what I'm thinking? We go to every thought box in Jamaa, every single one, and type the following.


You can even copy and paste the whole message! Do you think they'll get our meaning? Now here comes the hard part.
 We have to wait. Who knows how long. AJHQ may not even review the ideas we send in, but it's worth a try.
We could make a difference. Only time, and effort, will tell. What we need is numbers, numbers to prove that we all agree. That we care. In that I need your help. Gather your buddies, submit to those thought boxes, and maybe we can change Jamaa.

Nonmember Silver Glove

Hey jammers! A sweet (and shiny) new item has been added to the Epic Wonders clothing shop, a nonmember Silver Glove!
There is also a Pet Igloo in the Penguins Only Party, just like I sort of predicted a little while back. Do you like it?
As a little side note, Pegasister825 noticed when she created a new account that it said she was in the Lost Temple of Zios! Isn't that strange? Maybe AJHQ is getting its lands mixed up.
Another random thing... Did you know that pets have these strange upgrades? If you play one of the pet games a lot you can get a button on your pet menu to activate them.
Bubbles, skulls, and bones! These are pets of multiple jammers, including sheesh4 and optey4875. All we know at the moment is that it takes a lot of game time to get these awesome upgrades! Happy jamming everyone.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Aviator Hat

Our second mission has begun . . . click here.

Hey jammers! So much has happened,  I don't know where to start. First, today's new item - the Aviator Hat!
There is also a Jellyfish Lamp in Sunken Treasures!
AJHQ also has an addition to their collection of home pages (should have posted this earlier). Do you like it?
They also made some posts on the Daily Explorer.
The second spirt contest has ended. I'm sorry if your answer wasn't counted; the requirements were that all the answers were correct, that it was on time (by 8pm AJS time), and that it included descriptions. Click here for the results.

Also, we've reached 500,000 thousand views! Should I wrap the next party in with my birthday this Sunday? I need some fun ideas for party activities too. ^.^ Happy jamming!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fireworks Fountain

Our second mission has begun . . . click here.

Hey jammers! The old Fireworks Fountain from last year is back. It's animated, it's nonmember, and it's festive, woohoo!
Also, Picturechamp told me about the mega firework!
Check it out at the bottom of Jamaa Township.
For some reason AJHQ has been having a hard time getting all the labels working properly. Here's an example. . .
First of all, that isn't a Tooltip. Second of all, what in Jamaa is a Tooltip? An secret item for the world beyond? Speaking of AJHQ, they sent a message yesterday, sadly not a shaman lead.
I assumed the new video was located here. . .
Is this video new? I certainly recommend watching it.
That's about all for now, happy jamming!

The second spirit contest is in progress . . . click here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AJS Contest #2

Hey jammers! Before you go off to play with your buds in Jamaa be sure to try Animal Jam Spirit's first ever Eye-Spy Jamaa contest! I hope it isn't too hard, but I don't want it too easy. The prizes this time will be some beta den items. . .
To win the prizes you must get drawn in the final raffle. To win a spot in the raffle you need to find all these items by tomorrow, 8pm AJS time. Click here to begin the contest.


Balloons and Chairs

Hey jammers! Two nifty items out today, the first is the Moon Balloon, sold in the Summer Carnival clothing shop.
Also, in Sunken Treasures, an Octopus Chair has arrived!
Hey, guess what?! I know many of you have told me about this, but all jammers should know - Peck statues now pop up when you hop on the Bunnies Only Party drum.
A bit spooky if you ask me! I wonder what's next, maybe Peck will visit in person? I certainly hope so. ^.^ I've been super busy latley, but hopefully I'll have this week's spirit contest up by the end of today. Happy jamming everyone, having a good summer?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Dresser

Our second mission has begun . . . click here.

Hey jammers, new icy item at the Penguins Only Party.
Did you know there was a random Apirl Fools' Party yesterday? How strange is that? Anyone have ideas on why?
AJHQ fixed the post on the Daily Explorer - changed the item.
Meanwhile, I forgot to post our Monday Mystery! Here goes. . . In the Temple of Zios chambers there is a set of armor. . .
To whom does it belong? Where in Jamaa did it come from? When in Jamaa did it appear? What battles has it seen?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Freedom Cape

Our second mission has begun . . . click here.

Hey jammers! The Freedom Cape has returned to Jamaa, you can find it for sale in Jam Mart Clothing, page 2.
Strange thing is Freedom Bands are announced as the returned rare on the Daily Explorer. Seems AJHQ is mixed up.
They also sent out a message about the RIDDLE in the Jamaa Journal, but I think we got it all figured out, right?
That's about all for now jammers, don't forget to look at the Jamaasian Movement post below. Happy jamming!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meaning of our History

Read the first movement post . . . click here.

Hey jammers. As you all know, the history of Jamaa is falling apart. It seems very few know about it anymore. We are the ones responsible for keeping it together. We need to remind everyone. We need to spread our knowledge to others. . . Otherwise the culture of Jamaa will truly die.

With this movement I'm not suggesting that we protest against all things modern, I'm just hoping we can create a balance between the new and the old. However, I need help with our goals. What small thing could we change? I need ideas. . . This movement isn't for just me, it's for all of us.

Animal Jam is, and always will be, human. Animals don't wear clothes, or have houses, I get that. I simply love the culture that it used to express. The clothing made out of nature. Masks with feathers instead of sun visors, leg items with leaves instead of flip flops. But really, all I want is a balance, how about you all? It matters more what you think.

If you don't agree with this movement, or don't really care, you really don't have to join in. I only thought many jammers cared about this. I've talked about it with so many it seemed like we all were thinking along the same lines

My sister was doing something interesting the other day. She was lying by Mira, and every time a jammer came up she asked "Do you know who this statue is of?" She would then go on with telling that jammer about Jamaa's history. She did it for fun, and it was just random. What if we all did that? Just once and a while, when you have the time, tell the story of Jamaa. It's actually pretty fun, and you'd be surprised with some jammer's reactions. Perhaps you can think about trying it this week.

Thanks jammers, I'm really happy you feel the same about the movement. As a side note, I think Leafpool really captured what inspired me to start the jamaasian movement. Thank you. :)

"The Jamaasian movement is not about abolishing humanity and bringing back beta. It's about bringing back the culture!" ~Leafpool

Rug and Mermaid Necklace

The Jamaasian Movement is in motion, click here.

Hey jammers! There's a fun new nonmember Star Rug in Jam Mart Furniture, seems AJHQ is listening to our complaints on their severe negligence of nonmember items.
Seems like a great Fourth of July item! There is also a Mermaid Necklace in Bahari Bargains. Similar to the Sand Dollar one, but on it is the first humanoid creature depicted in Animal Jam. . .
Notified of by GreenFun.
I feel like they should have done an mer-animal. . . AJHQ also posted a post on the Daily Explorer about the Jamaa Journal riddle. It looks like we generally agree that it refers to a fox.
I agree, although if they were talking about a pet I'd say it was a rat! ^.^ Meanwhile, a pawsome jammer sent in a picture of a advertisement for Animal Jam, shown on another website!
Wacky huh? I guess AJ is getting bigger! I hope AJHQ will still listen to our ideas though. Anyway, I'm sorry about not posting the weekly contest, I'm a bit behind on everything. Later today I'll post about the Jamaasian Movement, I have an idea on what we can do to tell others about the history of Jamaa.
Happy jamming!