Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spirit Authors: Dreamgirl365

Hey there Jammers! First of all thank you reading my bio, it means a lot! Anyways the next few paragraphs are about myself, as I'd love you all to get to know me better.

My Animal Jam Story

 I suppose a little on my AJ story; many years ago my friend showed me this one website and I really enjoyed it. Now, I had a tendency to go onto that website and eventually I started seeing more and more of these advertisements for this game called Animal Jam. So I guess I got tired of all the ads and decided to just try it out. When I created my account I started playing and I had fun but I figured I wasn't going to play again. But the next day I got quite bored so I decided to play again. Overtime I started playing it more and more. Fast forward about four years I still continue to play that game hehehe. But what has changed? Well, I used to spend my time on AJ decorating my den to look like restaurant and inviting Jammers over cause I had all the time in the world. Now I usually spend my time on the marvelous game making YouTube videos when I can (click here to check out my channel if you want) or taking pics to edit or searching up people on AJ to draw for my Animal Jam themed Instagram (click here to check it out) or taking Spirit Snaps for the blog. But I suppose it's crazy to try to squeeze all of that into my insanely busy schedule hehehe.

Explanation of My Username 

Well I know my user may be sending the wrong message hehehe. But what I originally intended was at times I can be more of a dreamer than a realist. Thus the dream part, and since I am a girl I created dreamgirl but that was already taken so I came up with dreamgirl365 cause I like to think that I chase my dreams 365 days a year. So yeah, hopefully that made sense!

More About Myself

Now I guess a little more about myself. I suppose I grew
Some lyrics from my favourite song of all time
up quite quickly cause I started working at a very young age, so I certainly would consider myself more mature and sophisticated then most people my age. Anyways, I have an obsession with words and phonetics. I just love the way certain words dance in my mouth or listening to people with such sweet honey like accents. I also have an obsession with music, some of my favorite artist include Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Lights, etc. I also have a passion for film, I am an actor myself but I love the idea of so many crazy talented people come together to make something so phenomenal. Another passion of mine is helping with third world countries. But that's enough about me hehehe. If you have any other questions, let me know and I would be more than happy to answer! Also never feel uncomfortable to talk to me, I love talking to everyone on this amazing blog! Contact me whenever you want, my email is or you can send me a Jam-a-Gram on AJ (my user is dreamgirl365) or feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading! Play Wild and Jam On!


  1. Also, really good bio. I am sort of like you myself. To me, words can mean anything according to you. Like ciphers.

  2. I daydream too much.

  3. Eyy nice page c:
    I finally understand your username, lol. 365... clever. xD

  4. what i have noticed is some spirit authors lack the spirit jammer icon on disqus....

  5. Yes it is true, I believe it has something to do with how many comments one contributes.

  6. Yee
    Bill Cipher
    The one amazing Cipher

  7. Nice page! I also like Lorde and Ellie Goulding! c:

  8. I like ur bio! It made me feel a
    Little bit better today!


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