Sunday, June 17, 2012

About Aequitas

Hi there, and welcome to my page!! As it says in the title, this is basically my page where I get to introduce myself to you all, and put in a little bit about me.

A little art-contest artwork of my animals by Snickerapu

I've been playing Animal Jam for around 5 years- since the beta days in 2010. I originally got into the game when a friend showed me some gameplay screenshots and encouraged me to make an account. I played for a while using my account Xe66X until 2011, when I sort of got a bit sick of the game. Scamming was on the rise and lots of rumors were circulating about hackers and other nasty stuff. I didn't think I'd be coming back, so I did a giveaway of almost all my items.

Later, in 2013, I ended up beginning to play Animal Jam again after one of my siblings started playing it. I'd forgotten the login details for Xe66X- and it appeared it had been wiped (items deleted, achievements cleared) as is with a lot of the other beta accounts I remembered. I made a new account called Kaiser, but unfortunately, AJHQ didn't seem to like that name and changed it to Jammer68TGR. A lot had changed since I last played the game- pets, new lands and a lot of new features had been added. I was pretty fascinated by all this change and growth in the game- in fact I mainly decided to stay and play the game again because of all the new things to discover. Not soon after rejoining the game, I discovered the Animal Jam Spirit when I was looking for information about the how the game had changed so much.

A little thumbnail-style picture I made of Xe66X, Jammer68TGR/Kaiser and my account PopsicleGT.

I played using Jammer68TGR for a while- 4-5 months or so, in 2014, made another account. This account was Nex145. I used this account very frequently- logging on every day, playing for a while. It was during this time in mid 2014 I started to collect rares and betas again. I started small, gathering RIMs from trading and adventures. I remember my first rare was a Leap Year party black Rare Shark Fin, from hard mode adventures.

A little random GIF I made of some of my "Mafia Fox" looks

In late 2014, I decided it was time for a change. My Nex145 account had become overladen with store items- I didn't know what to do with most of them. I decided to change accounts again- and only move the items which mattered. My new account- as you can probably guess was PopsicleGT. As you might know, memberships were given out to the Beta testers after beta ended. That was the only time I'd ever had membership, until in 2015, I bought a membership for PopsicleGT. This was also the time when I started moving into the higher tier(s) of rarity- first getting a Neon Bow, then elevating to a Black Long Spiked collar and other spikes.

Recently, I changed usernames from PopsicleGT to Aequitas, which is my current account.
My two accounts, PopsicleGT (storage) and Aequitas (main).

I also started working towards an author position on Animal Jam Spirit, first helping out Glowyy with her daily posts, then later talking to Snowyclaw about a position. I finally secured a weekly/fortnightly position for Spirit Snap in October 2015. (You can see my first post here!)

I currently don't play Animal Jam too often- I only log on now and then to check out new items, updates and all that. My buddy requests are usually(?) open, so feel free to flick me a request. If you're lucky, I might accept! My den is occasionally unlocked- I have a collection of Claw Machines, so go take a look if it's unlocked.

S'more Mafia Fox-ness and claw-machine-ness

My other interests include IDW Transformers, the Atelier 801 game Transformice, and occasional photo editing.

Aside from Animal Jam, I also moderate Snowyclaw's Animal Jam Community and some other communities on Google+. Feel free to check them out and even perhaps join!

Other places you can find me:

That's pretty much all you need to know about me! Feel free to leave any questions you'd like to ask about me in the comments, and I'll see if I can answer them!
Jam on!

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