Monday, April 30, 2012

Rare Purple Pigtails

Hey jammers, today's "rare" is quite crazy - Rare (purple) Pigtails! You can purchase yours on the sixth page of Jam Mart Clothing. I'm sorry that it isn't nonmember, everyone.
Be sure to buy a few before they go rare for a while. Now, the weekly mystery. Today's is more like a test, since there is a correct answer, but I'd like to see who can come up with the coolest explanation! In the Chamber of Knowledge. . .

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Compass and Necklace

Hey jammers! Sorry for posting so late, I had no computer where I was. Anyway, there is a Compass in Sunken Treasures.
And also a Phantom Necklace in the Spooky Party.
That's it for now, sorry for the short and late post.
Happy jamming!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pillows, Windows and More

Hey jammers! So first of all, one of today's new items is the Ghost Window, sold in the Spooky Party.
Someone (can't remember who) also commented that the Bat Finder is in fact found by clicking the bat.
Can you spot the
mysterious bat?
And the Duck Pillow, sold in the Pet Den Shop of Appondale.
Speaking of Appondale, I have finally finished the Journey Guide page! Just click the name in the blog pages bar for every Journey page explained in full. Also, AJHQ recently posted:
They've also been trying to raise the awareness of the new Best Dressed. Lots of these messages have gone out.
In my Journey Guide and blog updating quests I ran into a few strange things. One, a double door in Bahari.
I feel like there should be a few less doors there, or is it just me? ^.^ I also noticed that Eat 'Em Up has been moved into Crystal Reef (I apologize, I should've mention this sooner).
Meanwhile, while checking for items in Jam Mart Furniture, I discovered a hidden Pet Finder. . . in the floor.
I just click the center of that carpet, and the Pet Finder popped up. If that isn't strange, I don't know what is! Anyway, that's about all I can find in Jamaa. Have you all spotted anything?

Pottermore: Do you play it? Friend me, I'm DawnAsh3.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Royal Tiara

Hey jammers! There is a new item, the Royal Tiara, now sold in Epic Wonders of Coral Canyons. Sparkles galore!
I'm sure more items have come to the Spooky Party, send me a screenshot if possible! As a warning, be careful of easily traded Day of the Phantom rares, they may have returned to shop. Happy jamming!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spooky Party

Hey jammers! There's a fun new party, themed just for Day of the Phantoms (Halloween). Why is it here? Who knows. Anyway, here are some fun aspects of the party.
First, the spooky graveyard...
The hall of lost souls where you fade away...
The earth ghost (and its little ghost babies).
Click the moon to see a colony of colorful bats.
Speaking of bats, there is a strange bat shape on the wallpaper to the left of the top floor ghostly window. I clicked it on accident, and found the new bat store! Sneaky spot AJHQ.
There are three shops, here's the music one.
 The furniture shop...
And finally the clothing shop.
Notice some items are back from the rarity hold. Nothing seems to stay rare these days. There is also a skyway glitch at the party, here are the quick instructions, just where to click.
Start here... Click another jammer's
name tag... Click games...
Click on the lower part of the wall...
Click a game... Cancel...
Click the phantom
picture quickly...
I'll get the Journey Book guide done soon if I can, but I don't know when I'll have time. Happy jamming!

Jamaasian Spring Update

Hey jammers! Lots of new stuff has come with the update. Here are the new items, the first is the new dresser, designed by a jammer, now sold in Jam Mart Furniture. And it's nonmember!
And in Pet Den Item Shop...
 If you'd like to see the complete Jamaa Journal click here. If you'd like to see this update's clearance items, click here. The big part of the update is the new snake pet game, Sssssnake! You can find it up in Coral Canyons, be sure to try it members!
As a side note, click the snake to go to Coral Canyons.
It's a fun arcade game, you eat mice and avoid the walls and your tail, there are also gold mice worth 10 gems.
Also notice that the Pet Games icons have changed, now they're a strange shade of green. Plus, a new Double Gems game.
Mira Says (likely the most un-played game in Jamaa) is now on Double Gems. The biggest game event of all is the new underwater Best Dressed game.
Directly above Bahari Bargains.
Here are some preview pictures...
The only unreleased item I can find is this.
 Maybe it'll come out soon. There also seems to be issues with labeling, these items certainly don't look like they're for legs!
There is also a report button now located in our typed JAG mail. This is good for if you get a nasty letter!
 Letter typing is still being "tested" by members only.
There's a new Spooky Party, which I will post about later on, same goes for the Appondale Journey Book guide.
There also is a future new animal in Jamaa.
Pieced together the letters become the word GIRAFFE. Looks like AJHQ has been listening to our ideas! Also worth mentioning, next month's member item is a Phantom Invasion machine! Maybe we'll have phantom toys now, just like phantom plushies in the den Plushie Machines (they'll be for members only though).
There is a new calender as well!
The bad news; Globes have now returned to their normal, strange, beta shape. I'm gonna miss my blue one.
 That's about it for now jammers, enjoy the update, and happy jamming. I hope I get to see you all in Jamaa!