Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jamaasian Spring Update

Hey jammers! Lots of new stuff has come with the update. Here are the new items, the first is the new dresser, designed by a jammer, now sold in Jam Mart Furniture. And it's nonmember!
And in Pet Den Item Shop...
 If you'd like to see the complete Jamaa Journal click here. If you'd like to see this update's clearance items, click here. The big part of the update is the new snake pet game, Sssssnake! You can find it up in Coral Canyons, be sure to try it members!
As a side note, click the snake to go to Coral Canyons.
It's a fun arcade game, you eat mice and avoid the walls and your tail, there are also gold mice worth 10 gems.
Also notice that the Pet Games icons have changed, now they're a strange shade of green. Plus, a new Double Gems game.
Mira Says (likely the most un-played game in Jamaa) is now on Double Gems. The biggest game event of all is the new underwater Best Dressed game.
Directly above Bahari Bargains.
Here are some preview pictures...
The only unreleased item I can find is this.
 Maybe it'll come out soon. There also seems to be issues with labeling, these items certainly don't look like they're for legs!
There is also a report button now located in our typed JAG mail. This is good for if you get a nasty letter!
 Letter typing is still being "tested" by members only.
There's a new Spooky Party, which I will post about later on, same goes for the Appondale Journey Book guide.
There also is a future new animal in Jamaa.
Pieced together the letters become the word GIRAFFE. Looks like AJHQ has been listening to our ideas! Also worth mentioning, next month's member item is a Phantom Invasion machine! Maybe we'll have phantom toys now, just like phantom plushies in the den Plushie Machines (they'll be for members only though).
There is a new calender as well!
The bad news; Globes have now returned to their normal, strange, beta shape. I'm gonna miss my blue one.
 That's about it for now jammers, enjoy the update, and happy jamming. I hope I get to see you all in Jamaa!


  1. OMG awesome updates! I love all there new things!

    - QAZAR

  2. I do too!I'm on my phone right now...
    so I cant get on AJ I'll do it after school.I REALLY like the spooky party!Wonder what u can get there!

  3. SNOWY!!!!!!!!! THERE IS A BAT PET FINDER!!! In the party!!! I dont know where i clicked i'll try to find out! I clicked a bat and this came up!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Also,when you click a branch of a tree on the upper left floor(a tree you see there!)bats come out ... first as small and as they come closer, they get bigger and fade away.....

  5. NO no no no!!! The bats come when you click the moon you see on the upper left floor!!!! And snowy, i found out where you get the bat's pet finder!!! Click the wall above the candles which is next to the ghost window and when you click it... up comes the bat's pet finder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. snowy the hot coaco hut has no music :'( and i heard you can get phantom balloons at the spooky party!Can't wait for giraffes

  7. or there is a problem with my speakers...and im basically getting phantom invasion for my b-day!my b-day is on may 2nd!!!! X"D

  8. OMG AWESOME! Can't wait for the Spooky Party! :D


  9. Snowy i found something out of my own curosity xD i spelt it wrong oh well BTW When you click your little animal button to customize. All yours old items are at the top and new ones at bottom. Happy jamming everybody!!!


  10. Aww man my picture didn't even get on the gallery!

  11. Snowy there's this one person who's sitting on one of the items in Appondale! She won't move and she's really mean, yelling stuff at us. Now she's saying she'll only move if we send her a rare. And the worst part is: someone sent her a rare! Such a bad scam...


  12. OMG! Some Halloween items are back!
    Like skull tombstone(non member)
    Appondale is full! DX

  13. Oh wow.That looks like a new way of scamming maybe you should go to another server?

  14. Yea I'm gonna.


  15. wow i can't wait!!!! i was trying to trade for cake and bake but now i can just buy it! and im SO getting the pet tree!

  16. Spooky Party Items: Skull helmet, Phantom Balloon, Scary Mask, Skull Tombstone, Scary Organ, Flouting Lantern,Scary bell hat & Spooky Old Bones. And it isn't even halloween LOL

  17. Supastar101 (user on AJ)April 26, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    :( the party seems so fun but i can't get on AJ because my computer says there updating! D:

  18. You should send in a letter inquiring about the ever-changing globe.
    Maybe it was a test model for something. They have done it before with the "beta" eyeball. But I don't know for sure. For some reason I think they were gonna bring back a second globe.

    I hope they have more contests for items and whatnot. I wish I entered my thing in on time. ;u;

    I have a feeling that giraffes will be like tigers and lions. It may just be another horse with a longer neck.
    AJ, y u no have anatomy? < n >

  19. hey it's me powerpuff3, and i noticed that each paper in the news has a random letter and i think thoes are hints for what the animal might be!Because it had a G,A,F,F,I,E,R=Giraffe OMG GIRAFFES ARE COMEING TO JAMAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what the Giraffe Shamans name will be.....? Georgia? George? It should be a girl! they're are like no girl shamans only 3!

  21. Hi evryone!!!!! I am Blossom Daisyjammer! I just wanted to say I made a blog, and i want you guys to see it, if you want, and leave a comment if you don't like something, and my username is madie05641, just incase you want to find me, and my email is
    Thanks evryone!

  22. Come to my den if you want to be in a movie! My username for animal jam is madie05641. you can search the username where the buddy list is and it says search on the bottom right.

  23. It's 2013 and letter writing in Jam-A-Grams are STILL being "tested" by members!! Did AJHQ abandon the fact that nonmembers can write to people I the future, or do they respect members like some kind of royalty?! It's kind of unfair because for 3 reasons:

    1: nonmembers spam my mailbox and its annoying
    2: I'm a member but people say at parties "MEMBERS write to your friends!!" And it makes me wanna punch them in the gut
    3: I hate how there is a limit to how many cards you can send

    Kiki51772 peace love spiders XD

  24. It's also unfair that nonmembers can only have 1 den and members get like 10!!

    1. well no offence,
      But think of it this way: AJ needs money to survive, if they don't make money buy selling merchandise and memberships. AJ wouldn't grow, and shut down because there giving everything that the game has to offer without paying!.
      If your complaining so much, you can maybe just buy a membership :).

      Do, I do agree with the letter "testing". I think they should at least let non members maybe write on jam a grams do (if there really even "testing" anything, hopefully soon that writing for non members will come out soon ^^)

    2. Correction: I didn't read you were a member >-<
      and reason two on your list Ms. D: Its not loyalty, they need money so there selling memberships.

      Hope I answered your question without being rude! :3



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