Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kani Cove Music

Hey jammers, Kani Cove music is now available for members.
What music should come out next in Jamaasian dens? Below, another weird party picture; this one is spotted by snowdog900, thanks for letting me use it! Could someone who knows give a detailed description of how to do this glitch?
Octopus at the Wolves Only Party? Wacky! Happy jamming everyone, be sure to keep testing this strange new glitch.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Awesome glitch! I'm going to try it straight away!

  3. @snowyclaw
    seems like the comeback of THE INSANITY GLITCH!So try to do it the same way you would for the insanity glitch.


  4. @anonymous

    Rude,immature words.
    (tut tut tut)-.-


  5. @snowyclaw

    I think cocoa hut and epic wonders music should come out next (if they haven't come out yet,it's hard to keep track of the AJ music coming out for dens).


  6. I Think Its From The INSANITY Glitch :l Idk Its Cool Though

  7. What is REALLY strange about it is:

    •It is WOLVES ONLY and it's an octopus I;

    •the party is ON LAND and octopus is a WATER ANIMAL.p:


  8. Omg Snowy!!!! I Just posted about this on I saw a Shark in a castle den, and a dolphin at crystal sands! x3


  9. livieloo6 on animal jamApril 11, 2012 at 5:46 AM


    @snowyclaw,Can you stop these inappropriate comments?plz they are annoying and just RUDE!

  10. Hmmm.... @ Snowyclaw
    I think you should investigate these glitches more.
    @ livieloo6
    Yes,that's funny. Sea animals!! Run for your lives!!!!! Also, I like these comments. If you don't have anything nice to say (or no imangination or randomness), don't say anything at all.

  11. ugh Some people are just so immature-.-.btw snowyclaw its the RETURN OF THE INSANITY GLITCH!!!!!!!!

  12. P.S:
    @ Everyone
    The seal in the wolf party said that you "Needed a water animal." Insanity glitch!!!

  13. @Jammers
    Whoa! Talk about crazy insanity glitches! ^.^ They are definitely making comeback indeed! I think they started in the water, then they turned to another ocean animal, and as it was still transforming... They clicked the party fast and ended up there. :) That's what I think occurred to have so many ocean animals in the Wolves and Horses only party.


  14. I think they should make a make your own
    Music sorta like on club penguin if you know what I mean...


  15. Wolves only party music would be cool!

  16. @Anonymous
    Yea! That would be so cool! Create your own music, or play your own music. That would be so awesome! :)

    Awesome! I love the music in the Wolves Only Party! :) It would be so awesome if they added it.


  17. Yeah!! Wacky indeed!! Hope you find out how to do it!! (I want to know too :D )

  18. @Anonymous At The 4th Comment

    Please don't use rude immature words on this blog!


    P.S It wrecks the fun for every1!

  19. Octopus in Wolves Party? That's weird, Maybe it should be called the "OctoWolves Only Party"!


  20. This is how the new glitch works:
    Go to any random area and click a port to another world (or a shop) then click a party. With the right timing you see yourself for 1 second at the party, then you see yourself at the land you clicked. After that, click your map and go to any sea area. Then switch into a LAND animal. If you did it right, you see yourself as a glowing white sea animal. Now you can go expirimenting by clicking land and sea area's and switching to land and sea animals. Ask people what they see on their screen. Sometimes they see you as a wolf underwater or a dolphin or land!

  21. @SpiritHowl
    True...true. Octo Wolves. There's a crafty idea. ^.^ Also, like SpiritHowl said, don't use inappropriate words Anonymous, it ruins the fun for everyne! :)

    Cool! Thank you for explaining this glitch! It is greatly appreciated! :)


  22. everyone* not everyne. Sorry for my spelling jammers.


  23. It's an "almost member-day" today! XD.


  24. @SpiritHowl
    Yea! XD Almost member day! Hopefully tomorrow it will be more equally shared. :)


  25. Cool Glitch! Snowyclaw, I am 1 of your biggest fans EVER!

  26. OMG I have not seen an octopus!

  27. Anyone else waiting for pottermore to open to public?

  28. @wolvesofbeyond

    I am!


  29. Wow! It looks as if the octopus can:
    a. Fly
    b. Levetate
    c. Float
    What a crazy glitch! Like you said, Knightofthewind, I think the insanity glitch is back, as it looks like this glitch only works with sea animals! How very strange!

  30. @wolvesofbeyond
    Me too! I can't wait for Pottermore too! XD

    Yes, I'm so excited for Pottermore to commence!

    Cool! Thank you for telling us! :)


  31. if i find out i will post it for my blog,

  32. I wish wolves only party music would come out...

  33. i found it!!!!!!go to my den tomorrow
    at 7;00 ajs time my user:Happiekitty

  34. New news snowyclaw!!! There is bunnys as pets and A atlantis party and a Duck game and the chat thing is finished! Also you can buy pet den items as well as a Den item compition! And monkey banners are now around not cat ones!-Ìå¬å≈¥∑ø¬ƒ A.K.A-My new secret user

  35. I need help! how do you change the password to your account if you forgot your parents email?!

  36. I Think That GLITCH IS CRAZIE

    I Want A New Pyramid Den!

  37. Hmm a good... Aha I found it what will I use for contest.,..a gold castle for contest

  38. Lol i was a dolphin at the wolves only party! It was so cool. Its an easy glitch and it might take a while to do it. NOT TELLING,!

  39. i know exactly how to do it. i dont have time right now snowy but i'll tel in another comment soon. from, cisabella

  40. I got idea for a new movie :Attack Of The Aquatic Animals In Jamaa:

  41. hey snowyclaw i saw a penguin at a wolf only party before you show this picture the glitch it was awesome hope to see you today!

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