Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Knight Armor and items coming back
too much

Hey jammers! Sorry for the kinda late post, I'm having some problems. Today's new item is the Knight Armor for 550 gems Jam Mart clothing, with a total of 8 different colors.

I don't really think these colors are very good, AJ really needs to work on their colors.
It's the last day to get your Daffodil and Daffidil Bouquet.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Rare Horn Helmet & Enchanted Earth Toy Series

Herro, jammers!
How have you all been? I've missed ya'll C:
Anyways, today's RIM is the Rare Horn Helmet. Again, not one of the better RIM. Although, the color choice is better than most of the others.
Maybe just replace the yellow with a different shade of blue? Anyways, if you all remember from Tigerlypaw's post yesterday, there was a glitch where you see a bunny wearing a flower pattern. Well, I think Shinymewgal believes this is what AJHQ is up too...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rarity Ratings:
The Pirate Sword

"I'll try to post these every other week,"  Bon said.
Every other week.
Haaaaayyy jammers! Bonsaii here, with the next Rarity Ratings! Today's is about a popular nonmember item, the Pirate Sword! The Pirate Sword was said to have been seen in beta times, but is still a bit of a Jamaa mystery. It was reintroduced back around April 2012 (click here to see the post), but only existed in four colors.
 Despite being nonmember, this was simply the normal
sword. It became members-only after beta ended.
The Pirate Sword is often confused with its member version, the normal member Sword. Even AJHQ had a hard time identifying exactly where the sword originally came from back in 2012.

A Very Weird Glitch
"RIM – get it"

Hey Jammers! So I know it's not my day to be posting however this glitch couldn't wait! 
Thank you to "M" for sending this in! Anyways it is hard to see cause it got cut off but it had said 29, which is today. Perhaps a little odd of AJHQ? For one today is Sunday not Monday so what could they mean, I certainly don't "get it".

Diamond Challenge, Knights, and More!

Hey jammers! Smile here, with another post! ^-^ So first off, we have a returning item in Jam Mart Clothing!
The Knight Helmet is backkkkkkkk! I never really used this item on my outfits... I think it might look good on a bunny or a penguin? Idek xD Next up, we have another item leaving Jam Mart Clothing!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Flower Crown & Tiger = Flower Bunny Glitch

Hey jammers! Springtime has arrived in Jamaa and today's returning popular item is perfect for spring outfits! Today's returning item is the Flower Crown, sold at Jam Mart Furniture! Aww, these are my favorite item ever!! ^.^
After yesterday's Jamaa update which didn't go to plan, there's been a number of glitches spotted around Jamaa. If you open your animal panel and try to purchase a tiger, you'll see this cute little bunny with a flower pattern. Maybe this bunny will be on special offer during spring? Aww!

Spirit Artwork #22

Spring is coming. Indications of the coming season are everywhere. The warmer, longer days. The absence of snow. The vines coiling about the Mira statue in the Township, topped with little yellow flowers. In fact, the whole statue seems to have changed color, its material changing from an icy consistency to some sort of blue-green stone. Gazing at the statue, you ponder why you hadn't noticed that the statue changes to acknowledge the seasons earlier. Was it alive? A life form in some sort of suspended animation or hypersleep or something? You walk around the statue, examining its details. At its feet, you notice some crumpled papers, hidden among the vines.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lionfish Armor and Swoopy Eagle Challenge!

Hey jammers! Smile here, once again, posting for today's Spirit Author! Sorry that we've been posting late for the past few days, hopefully we'll get back on track soon! ^-^ Anyways, it's FRIDAY! Yaaaay time to catch up on all my homework .-. 
First up, we have the Lionfish Armor, which matches the lionfish helmet that came out yesterday! ^-^ Located in Bahari Bargains, get yours today! Speaking of which, we have another item leaving from the same shop... 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Underwater Items and Future Quote Contest?

Hey jammer! Smile here, and my apologies for the late post :P I haven't been posting on time lately, and I'm really sorry about that DX I am so done with school right now, like omg ;-; Anyway, there isn't much happening today (HEYYYY THAT RHYMES) 
The Lionfish Helmet has returned! It's located in Bahari Bargains, check it out! Next up, we have an underwater item leaving Jamaa! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Returning Koi Pond & Shark Hats?

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Koi Pond - sold at Jam Mart Furniture! This little pond is perfect for your spring den! I'm quite happy AJHQ decided to return this snazzy item. It's animated and kinda cute! ^.^
Have you ever wanted Shark Hats in Jamaa? Well, it looks like Shark Hats are coming to Jamaa's shops very soon. I can't wait, the item looks brilliant! Maybe jammerjamis is part of Animal Jam HQ? How exciting!

Spirit Snaps:

Hey Jammers! I had just realized it has been almost three months since I started writing on this lovely blog! My goodness time travels fast! Anyways, I figured I would kind of take a trip down memory lane by revisiting the topic that landed me an opportunity to join the AJS family! Mira's Spirit. 
Mira. Her elegance sweeps us all in aw. Perhaps just some silly legend some may argue, but then again you could say that to just about anyone, how do we even know this isn't some silly legend, life. I do suppose my words aren't coming together for such a meaning I intend, but all I know are crazy memories that nor too come together for a meaning 'til I look back once it is all over. Follow if you can, but to be honest I can barely make out the meaning and value between these words myself. Down to brass tacks, Mira is impeccable. Don't agree? Believe what you will and for I shall too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vanity and Mirror and Stone Vanity being twins?
& Pi items coming back

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Vanity and Mirror for 250 gems in Jam Mart Furniture. I'm surprised it's sold in only one color.

I'm pretty sure this is a returning item, I think I've seen it before, or maybe, that was the Stone Vanity! Aha!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Rare Clover Earmuffs!

Herro, Jammers! C:
Today is RIM! Yey :Blows noisemaker:
And for this Monday's rare, we have a lovely pair of clover earmuffs. The color choice isn't the best but, hey, at least AJ is making new items for us! C:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aviator Hat + Sunglasses Glitch

Hey jammers! Tigerlypaws here posting for today's spirit jammer. Today's returning item is the popular Aviator Hat - sold at Jam Mart Clothing! I'm happy AJHQ are finally returning items from previous years, last year we lost quite a lot of amazing items. ^.^
Have you read the latest animal minibook? Read the brand new Lion Minibook in the Camber of Knowlege to learn fun facts and cool information about lions!!! Don't forget to find all the discovery badges too. You can also learn how to draw a lion in this all-new minibook, how pawsome?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spirit Artwork #21

But you don't know. You linger on the split between the clear definitions of yes and no, wishing you could be neither... wishing you could be the epitome of neutrality. But it is impossible to be in perfect equilibrium here. That would beat the system, and no, that wouldn't do. The second you shift more weight onto one side, either the checkmark or the giant X light up, affirming an answer you never gave. Time runs painfully short. You must make a decision. But you don't know. Voices... dreadful, high-pitched, mocking voices, begin to count your last seconds. Beads of sweat form on your forehead and the palms of your paws. You look around; the amount of  animals on each side is evenly split. It's almost classic: two warring sides. And you have to pick. But you can't. You don't know. With a final sigh, you leave. You decide to do some research, to be better prepared, but, among your books, you discover some of your old favorites. Picture books...

Sun Visor + Lion Mania!

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Sun Visor, sold at Jam Mart Furniture in a variety of different colors. Sorry for no gifs today, I have quite a busy day, hehe! ^.^ This returning item is perfect for spring and summer in Jamaa!
Have you seen the ROARSOME lion video? It's so cute and guaranteed to make you go ROAR!!! What's a lion running a copy machine called? A copyright! Hehehe... ^.^

Yesterday was official the first day of the beautiful season of spring! Jamaa Township is filled with pretty flowers and bright colors. What are you hoping for this springtime? I can't wait for the Spring Egg Hunt in Jamaa this year! 
Spotlight Saturday:
This week's Spotlight Saturday is all about lions!!! Did you know lions are the second largest big cat species in the world? The roar of a lion can be heard from 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) away! Lions rest for around 20 hours per day in the wild. ROARSOME!!!
Over on the Daily Explorer, AJHQ have published some interesting articles! Have you spotted the April Fool's Party yet? Keep checking your party menu because the wackiest party of the year is about to start. Yay!! ^.^
*Click here*
Happy jamming!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Musketeer Boots, Minibook Update, Lion Video

Hey jammers! Today's returning is the little Musketeer Boots - now on sale at Jam Mart Clothing in a variety of different colors! The good news is you can also make a cute musketeer outfit with yesterday's returning item. 
Have you noticed the new update in the Chamber of Knowlege? Now each animal minibook has its own category collection; sea animals, land animals, and flying animals. It's now much easier to have a look through each amazing minibook in Jamaa. ^.^

Fashion Friday #6

    Hai Jammers, arthop here with the (late) 6th Fashion Friday! Today we're focusing on Jamaa's tinier citizens, otters and bunnies! Here are a few outfits that I made:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Ton of New Updates and Quote Contest Winners!

Hey jammers! Sorry for the late post, AJ wouldn't load for me... and then I fell asleep xD Today we have some jamtastic updates, starting off with Lions returning to Jamaa!
I can't wait to see more lions around Jamaa ^-^ I've always wondered why Jamaa only has male lions (Unless Jamaa actually has female lions and I've been in a cave all this time) xD What about the femalesssss, AJHQ?! They're actually the ones that hunt in a tribe, you know! (At least, that's what I heard :P) Next up, we have some updates on our TRADING SYSTEM! I actually really love this, it'll help decrease the amount of people getting scammed...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spirit Snaps:
Arrival of Spring!

Hey Jammers! Hope you have all been well lately! Anyways can you believe in just two days it will officially be spring!?! However where I am it sure doesn't feel like it hehehe. Any who, some very kind and patient Jammers came to my den to help celebrate the arrival of Spring with me!
Thank you whitfunny, fash9, and kraftykay for helping me with this!

A Lovely Spring Throne! And Important Matters...

Herro, Jammers! C:
Been a while, has it not? Anywho, today's new item is no longer in Lucky chic, we are now in the bloom of Spring! (Hehe, see what I did there X3) So, without further ado, here is the Spring Throne! Sold in Treetop Gardens for 850 gems! A bit pricey, don't you agree?
Silly GIF maker wasn't working today!
This item sure is neat! But, in my opinion, it's a bit wacky as well. But it's also quite lovely!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Clover Rug and Lucky Throne!

Hey jammers! Today we have two new awesome items. First the Clover Rug for 350 gems in Jam Mart Furniture, with a total of 10 amazing colors.

Oops! Looks like AJ forgot to put that pretty "New" sign. I don't know why, it just seems I'm in love with this item. Ahh, such relaxing colors, and those eyes.... Second we have the Lucky Throne with a surprizing price of 1,000 gems, in Epic Wonders.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Rare Leprechaun Hat + Steam Contest!

Ciao, Jammers! Today's item is the Rare Leprechaun Hat, found in Jam-Mart Clothing for a somewhat expensive 750 gems.

Well, expensive considering one of the colors of the normal Leprechaun Hat looks very similar to this RIM...
Read more about the normal Lep. Hat
in this article by Hungergamesrock19375!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clover Skirt and Black Out?

Hey jammers xD Sorry for the late post hehe... I was checking out AJS and figured that the back up author should be posting now, and I went to check the schedule, and then I realized that I'm the back up author for today :P Whooops c: Hope ya guys can forgive me for the slightly late post! Anyway, first up, we have a new Clover Skirt located in Bahari Bargains!
Erm, as much as I love to be in the Lucky spirit, this skirt's appearance isn't what I'd prefer, to say at the least xD Maybe the other colours look better? :P Moving on, next up, we have a last day heart necklace! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

s-PI-rit artwork #20

What a lovely PI-cnic!
...these are the first words to cross your mind as you rush towards the booths giving out small slices of pie, commemorating the fateful coincidence of month, date, and year to form the first few digits of pi. As you happily devour your pie, you notice an art exhibition, not far from the pie booths. You decide to go, but not before you grab a few more slices of pie.

Pi Day, Shamrock Vines, and the Last Day of Hearts

Hey jammers! Isa4322 Aj here, posting for TigerlyPaws. Today we have so many new items (based on the fact that it's 3/14/15, the sweetest of pi days for a long time!). Oh, my! Since this post is REALLY REALLY REALLY late, I will just make this super quick.

Remember, these items will only be available today and tomorrow!

First we have the Giant Stone Pi for 600 gems with 8 awesome colors in Jam Mart Furniture.

Second we have the Pi Decoration for 400 gems with 8 awesome colors in Jam Mart Furniture (check below the break for the rest!).

Friday, March 13, 2015

Leprechaun Shoes and a Shamrock Gate!

Herro, jammers! C:
Wow, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? But I'm glad to be back C: Today's new Lucky Themed items are the Shamrock Gate, sold in Jam Mart Furniter for 400 gems, and the Leprechaun Shoes, sold in your go-to clothing store, Jam Mart Clothing, for 500 gems!

Sorry for no GIF. I'm in sort of a hurry to wrap up this post (school).

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quote Contest, Shamrock Fence, and More!

Hey jammers! Smile here ^-^ It feels like a while since I've posted hehe. Anyway, there's isn't any updates today, or anything that different, so I'll be hosting a contest at the end of this post! First off, we have the new Shamrock Fence, located in Jam Mart Furniture!
I think it looks pretty cool, and the vines give it an extra.. er... lucky look? xD Next up, we have the underwater heart rug leaving Jamaa! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lucky Pinwheel & Ketchup To Mustard

Hey jammers! A lovely new item has been added to Jam Mart Furniture's Lucky Day item collection! Decorate your lucky den with today's new item, the Clover Pinwheel! Isn't it lucky that this item is for all jammers? ^.^
Some jammers criticized AJHQ's color choose for the incredible Paint Studio den set. I have to admit, the red color did look a lot like blood. AJHQ have listened to us jammers! The color has changed to a mustard like color. Thanks AJHQ!

Spirit Snaps:
Pi Day and Lions!

Hey Jammers! Dreamgirl here with another Spirit Snap! Since Pi Day is right around the corner, some Jammers came to my den to celebrate! Can you believe it only happens once a century? 

Thank you to bunbun32993, gabi0321, and saesaesee for helping me with this! Oh but sorry to Miss Cutewinner as I never got a chance to copy your username down.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Painter's Scaffolding and Clover Trident.

Hey jammers! Today we have two new awesome items. First we have the Painter's Scaffolding for  550 gems in Jam Mart Furniture, with nine awesome colors. And as our second item, we have the Clover Trident for 500 gems in Bahari Bargains.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rare Head Flower

Hey jammers! Apologies for the late post, it looks like today's spirit author is busy! This week's RIM is the Rare Head Flower, sold at Jam Mart Clothing! Hmm... 
On the brighter side, this week's RIM is a non member item and looks pretty with spring outfits! I think this week's RIM is way overpriced! The Rare Head Flower should 200 gems. That's it for today, jammers! Sorry for the quick post, but it's a busy day today for me! ^.^

Happy jamming!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lucky Top Hat & Rainbows

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Clover Top Hat, sold at Jam Mart Clothing for the Lucky Day celebrations in Jamaa! The beautiful Painted Rainbow has been added to the incredible Paint Studio den set, in Jam Mart Furniture. ^.^
How are you celebrating Jamaa's lucky celebrations this month? Have you been lucky yet? Maybe you can play Lucky Clovers to see if you're lucky enough to earn a RARE SPIKE from the epic chest? Hehe.. go green and be lucky!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spirit Artwork #19

He's mocking me...
You sift through the clover patches for the elusive keys. Their green color renders them nearly invisible within the clumps of vegetation that Patrick had advised you to search in. In your quest you bump your head against the ruins of a Celtic castle, stately even in its demise. You encounter multiple bees' nests, their inhabitants not so welcoming. You fall into swamps, the ribbiting of the frogs echoing in your head like spiteful laughter. What is this all for? Why, Patrick promised you the cherished and esteemed spiked collar, of course. You know you'd do anything for that item; you were desperate. Even if it meant looking for fifty keys over a hostile terrain, you were determined. Battered and bruised, you find the last key. But when you return to the center of the field, you find Patrick and the large chest floating far in the distance, as though riding on a rainbow. He never planned to give you anything. As you slump to the ground, ashamed at your gullibility, you find several papers on the floor. Perhaps they were Patrick's. You examine them.  

Lucky Glasses, Hearts & Play Wild Website

Click here to sign up for Play Wild Beta!
Click here to learn more about Play Wild Beta!

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Shamrock Glasses, sold at Jam Mart Clothing for the lucky celebrations. The Painted Heart has also been added to the incredible Paint Studio den set, in Jam Mart Furniture! ^.^
As new updates arrive in Jamaa, new changes come! AJHQ have made a few changes when you purchase a new animal from your animal panel! All diamond animals now have a special blue background, and you can now purchase diamond animals from your animal panel. Shiny!! ^.^

Friday, March 6, 2015

Lucky Clovers Adventure Guide – Map and Prizes

Ciao, Jammers! Bonsaii here,
with a Lucky Clovers adventure guide! When you start off your adventure, you are teleported here, next to Patrick the Koala!
The Epic Chest can carry Spiked items, and other rares!
He'll tell you about the adventure, stating you'll have to unlock all 50 chests to get the key to the big one you're standing next to:

Clover Bracelet, Paint Streaks, Fashion!

Herro, jammers! C:
Hungergamesrock19375, here! Today, we have two pawsome items! The first is a clover bracelet, located in Jam Mart Clothing for 350 gems. And the second item is a new addition to the Art Studio set. (Yay! I personally voted for the Art Studio :D) The Paint Marks are sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 350 gems. Yay, art! 

Doesn't the Clover Bracelet look somewhat like a Spiked Wristband?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lucky Adventure, Pi Day, Paint Studio, and More!

Woaaaaaahhhh! I come on to Animal Jam and see LOADS of updates ^-^ For those that disliked the past few weeks' updates (Me included), hopefully this can compensate it :) Oh, hehe, out of all the excitement, I forgot to say hi so hey jammers! (Well this is awkward...) Smile here, and let's get to it! First off, we have the new adventure, just like some jammers predicted!
I love the colours so much... Really vibrant and.. er... colourful xD Have any of you played it yet? Send some snaps of the prizes you get to spiritjammer@gmail.com! Next up, we have a NEW set of den items!