Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clover Tubes and Owl Facts!

Herro, jammers!
 Hungergamesrock19375, here! Today's new St. Patricks - er, sorry - Lucky Party themed item is the Clover Tubes! Sold in Sunken Treasures for only 300 gems!
They're quite pretty, are they not?

Last Friday, I had a poetry contest for my Friendship Friday post. Again, I'm sorry I couldn't put the winners on a document for you guys. But I have them here! 
(Not in any particular order)
Shattered Dreams
You all did great! Winners or not, you all are very poetic! 

Next up, a video from Brady...
:Clears throat:
Sorry 'bout that o3o
But, yes, Brady's new video today is titled 
"How do owls see at night?"
Can't wait to watch! C:

So cute <3
And while we are in the topic of owls, how about an owl themed Written Wednesday? C:
About a month ago, owls had entered our little town known as Jamaa.
I'm sure Mira doesn't just sort through a list of animals to find one!
(Eenie meenie...this one)
Why were they sent to Jamaa?
To protect us?
Do they have some kind of hidden power?
Or do the gods of Jamaa just enjoy birds of prey? (I know I do o3o)
Comment your ideas/stories below!
I can't wait to hear from you guys! (Ya'll never disappoint with your stories! C:)
Happy Jamming!


  1. "How do owls see at night?"
    According to Dr. Brady:
    "With really, really, REALLY big eyes."

  2. ( everybody probably knows this one ) Owls eyes are actually bigger than their brains. ( And the Cupid's Bow and Arrows has 5 days left! go get your arrows of forced love upon two animals before they are gone )

  3. Thank you!~ ^-^

  4. Stay tuned im writing a WW right now, buts its sorta long so its tking awaile

  5. Owls came like any other animals, with heartstones. Heartstones are special gems which the phantoms trapped most species of jamaa in when they first came. The reason the alphas travel so much is that they are searching for these special stone to release the animals from them and bring them to jamaa. The shards in the forgotten desert work much the same way, except the phantoms trapped the deserts life instead of the animals. SO now let me tell the story of HOW the owls heartstone was discovered:

    Valentina was a fairly new alpha, she had only arrived in jamaa at the same time as the other eagles. But she was eager to prove she was as capable as any other alpha. So she announced to the other alphas that she was going to venture out and search for something to benefit jamaa. This, naturally, made the other alphas very excited, they did not doubt that Valentina would and could find something. They wished her luck and she took to the sky. She traveled for days, searching in places where strange grew and were created, things you couldn't find in jamaa. She traveled in caves with glowing stones and colorful, poisonous fungi. She traveled through barren, but beautiful desserts full of rainbow colored stones. Through forests and oceans she flew, never stopping, never resting. After a long while the poor eagle was forced to land out of sheer exhaustion. Luckily she was able to land in a wonderful rainforest, full of tropical birds and exotic plants. She preened her feathers and rested a bit, getting herself back into shape. When fell it was completely dark...Or so she thought, after a while she realized that a faint glow was coming from the heart of the jungle, without hesitating she swept of her branch and headed to light. It was calling her, pulling her. As she flapped by a tree, she heart a hoot and a shower branches rained to the ground as an owl took flight. She pondered this, owls were in jamaa, but not with the size and intelligence of the residents of jamaa, they were just regular wild animals. But this one, this one seems more like the animals from home. They glow was very close now, bathing all of the surrounding area in a golden glow. Valentina approached very carefully, knowing that anything could be causing the glow. She came to a clearing, but the glow was so powerful that i created almost a barrier of light. Without thinking she instinctively pushed her way through the barrier and instantly found herself in a different world. Golden beams of light arced over her, creating a done of light, slightly;y fainter gold light filled the gap in between the beams. The grass was gold, and the trees were a wonderful sparkling silver. And Valentina couldn't help but feel as if they were pure gold and silver, even though she knew it was just the light. In the very center of the circular chamber, was a pedestal, gold but designed with swirls and patterns of silver. She could tell that the pedestal was actually a tree stump, but that didn't matter. On the pedestal was a beautiful, sparkling golden gem. She could tell it was the source of the light, and she knew that she had found what she was looking for. She approached cautiously, and as she grew nearer she could see it was shaped life a feather. She reached out and touched it with one talon, an image raced through her mind on contact. Owls. She had discovered the heartstone for owls. She had discovered a new animal for jamaa. She carefully picked it up, instantly the light died and the gold and silver forest returned to normal. She wrapped the still shining gem, but not was bright, in some large, soft leaves and carried it home. With the help of Liza they released the owls and soon owls had m,moved into jamaa.

    My AJ Username is myfuzzykins, I hoped you liked my WW!

  6. Hmm I still want a new land, not just animals

  7. Omg guys I asked Bradley how owls see at night!!!

  8. Маленький кролик 24March 4, 2015 at 8:40 AM


  9. Well fanfic writing for me! Later will be added ^_^

    Oh and owls! everyone is fond of owls!

    regret nothing

  10. i COMPLETELY agree, why does aj not get lands, but they get animals.

  11. We need a rainforest Biome and a Great Plains Biome

  12. the owls know Brady was was going to test them and observe and research them, most of them didn't like being tested, observed or researched so they took flight to find a new land.

    They came across the eagles who they explained about there troubles to, at the time eagles and owls bonded, so the eagles told the owls about Jamaa. The owls, glad that they will live among their old friends if they chose they options, knowing that no humans ever entered the realm, chose it.

    Then the owls came.

    This also explains why owls play the forgotten desert, because they are friends with the eagles and decided to come along with them.

    this also explains they're head spinning (sorta) owls are so new they look around a lot, and they observe a lot too.

    Some of the owls stayed, because they liked being tested, observed and studied, in fact, they knew that whatever Brady tested, observed or studied,he put on CAMERA and the owls that stayed are the camera mob owls, they love being filmed. That's why Brady has still made owl videos.

    (btw i think it was smile but when is someone going to announce the winners for how stuff was created?)

  13. I just wanted to say that I was just looking around on my blogspot and checked on the AJS and it seems you forgot to put the labels/tag things on your post. :D

  14. Brilliant post!

  15. Thanks! It's short, sharp and sweet! One of my faves!

  16. LERL

    Me: I did a safety test earlier
    Mum: Cool, did you pass?
    Me: No. I failed on the question "WHAT STEPS WOULD YOU TAKE IN THE CASE OF A FIRE?"
    Mum: Why, what did you put?
    Me: I put freekkin' large ones but apparently that wasn't the correct answer.

  17. I adore owls! They are my favorite animal in Jamaa and in real life! Here is a theory I have on how they might've came to be :D

    It had been a year or so now, since the eagles had left the desert, making it forgotten to some,but not to others, for when the sun went down and the stars shone above, they flew. The owls, they had not left their home, their quiet desert that was now such a dangerous place.
    Phantoms had overrun the desert, breaking the sacred gems that guarded when the eagles,the protectors,left. The owls tried to recover them, but the risk was too great, the owls were far too small compared to the phantoms. So they waited, alone, wondering how it got to be this way. They knew the phantoms would come even if the eagles were there, but they didn't want to leave, so they didn't reveal themselves, not yet.
    One day an owl flew over the desert, after getting news of the panda alpha visiting their lands he went off to investigate, the alpha was indeed there, walking along below, she looked worried, the phantoms were not far. She heard the extremely silent and faint flaps of wings and looked up, the owl was startled.
    She lifted her hand and a bright flash came from an object, a camera. She smiled at the owl but then saw the phantoms, they came quickly, she raised her staff and a forcefield rose, but not high enough, the owl dove down and helped her on a high rock, it rose above the oncoming horde, the forcefield rose, and she handed the owl a message.

    "Eagles of Jamaa, you are needed on an important mission! The phantoms are overrunning your home! Please gather your friends and come as soon as possible, further instructions will be given when you arrive!"

    The owl flew, the message clasped in its talons, but fear was in its feathers, it flew fast though, not wanting to be seen, by wanting to give the message, it arrived in Jamaa at night, and deposited the letter in the mailbox of a tree whom belonged to an eagle, it returned to the desert, and Liza thanked him.
    The owl asked Liza to not reveal their existence until the owls felt ready, and because Liza wanted to repay him, she agreed and the bird departed. Long after Liza returned, and the owl met her once again. They were ready to prepare to join the others in Jamaa, and with this confrontation Liza released the image of the owl, as they prepared for the flight.
    Soon after the announcement, The owls arrived to Jamaa and joined, continuing to return to the desert with eagles to ensure any pieces that were broken from the gems were found and fixed, but eventually some owls and eagles decided they woukd remain in the desert to proctect it, and inform jammers of any trouble, a man named brady came one day, and filmed the curious owls,along with the other animals of Jamaa, the owls are now happy, and fly through the night.

  18. Oh!
    Well, um, I don't exactly know how.

  19. SnowyClaw told all of us how in the author guide........ She sent all of us an email with it.

  20. A metaphorical "test" I invented, just then, and the test is: if you are a good author who comments regularly and posts regularly and includes lots of competitions and snaps and keeps the Jammers interested, you will get Jammer votes, and in that case you deserve a Spirit Jammer tag and I say you have passed the "test". No worries!


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