Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Panda Firework & Feathered Bird Hat, Leaving Roses & Pearl Birthstone

Hey jammers! Today we have two new pawsome items! Let's start by my personal favorite; the new Feathered Bird Hat! The Feathered Bird Hat is sold in the Summer Carnival for 2250 tickets and has a total of 8 pawsome colors. They appear to be peacock feathers!
I just really love the style of this new item (it looks kinda old beta).
Moving on, our next new item of the day is located in the Freedom Party; the Panda Firework! It is sold for 400 gems and it has 5 pawsome colors, but still, only five?
And of course, once you place it in your den, and click it, a wonderful new surprise of fireworks will go off, mostly panda fireworks.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rare Eagle Hat

Konnichiwa. Sorry for the late-ish post. But anyways, today being a Monday, we have a new rare in store; the Rare Eagle Hat. Sold on the 6th page of Jam Mart Clothing for 750 gems.
Over on the Daily Explorer, AJ has posted a reminder of today's rare. I wouldn't buy this rare, but I like the color choices.
I think they blend well together.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Parasol, Glitched Freedom Mohawk, Freedom Hula Skirt, & the Jammer Wall

Hey jammers! Apologies again for late posts – it's lovely having family visit me, but it is so tiring too. I fell asleep without posting last night. Anywho, what kinds of items do we have today??
It's sold for gems, not tickets? In the
Summer Carnival?? How very strange... 
My favorite of the recent items to emerge from AJHQ is the Parasol. It's so cute and ruffly, and I heard they can make you fly. Although that might just be Mary Poppins... Anywho, check below the little page break for almost twenty new items you can find around Jamaa!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spirit Artwork #27

It seems as though a lot of these pretty fountains have been popping up around Jamaa lately. There must have been a sudden surge in enthusiasm for the mysterious entity known across the land as Mira. The semi-transparent and jade-like material with its various blue-green hues as well as the delicate, detailed carving (...each feather is painstakingly etched) draw you in. Bright lights hidden inside the clump of rocks that serve as the base illuminate the water, giving it the appearance of being imbued with a magical aura. Though it is quite expensive, you decide to purchase one, fascinated by the prospect of such a well thought-out and artful piece of den decor. As you unpack the box in which it came, searching for the assembly instructions, you instead come across some mysterious pieces of paper that seemed to have been slipped in by mistake.

The Jammer Wall

Hey jammers! Welp, there was a little news leak on AJHQ's part, soooooo I made a little AJS BREAKING NEWS coverage of the event.

What do you think of this future addition to Jamaa? Will it be like our very own Animal Jam Facebook, or even an Animal Jam Forum?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Freedom Hood with Feather

Hey Jammers, I'm 8io, your new author for Friday's! I'm ecstatic to get this opportunity, so thank you Snowy! Anyways, over in the Freedom Party, we have the new Freedom Hood with Feather!

I absolutely love it! But it could have the white stand out somewhere like the prominent red and blue.. But that's a personal opinion! Haha!
Next on the agenda, we have the departure of a member of the Paint set..

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Llamas Arrive, Pets Compete, Freedom Comes & MIRA LIVES

Hey jammers! So sorry to be delayed in this update exploration – AJHQ updated many hours later than usual, and I had a full day working as an intern at my local wildlife shelter. Hope you'll still enjoy a little post after a day of llama shenanigans! First off, the new animals...
Llamas are officially here; after leaks, rumors, clues and announcements, they have finally arrived! Sadly, you must hitail it over to the diamond shop to purchase these fuzzy deer giraffes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Carousel Hat, Rabbit Plushie
& Clearanced Bamboo!

Hey Jammers! Wackywolf81 here! I'll be posting every Wednesday from now on. Isn't that cool? I'm so happy to be a part of the team. Anyway - enough about me. Today's new item is the returning Carousel Hat, sold in the clothing booth of the Summer Carnival for 3,500 tickets.
Over in the plushie booth, the super-cute Rabbit Plushie has returned, and is being sold for 750 tickets. I'm sure we'll see the larger version soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sun Hat, Giant Octopus, & Leafing Cactus

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the lovely returning Sun Hat, found on the first page (and the fifth slot) of the Summer Carnival clothing booth. Why AJHQ keeps adding out of order, we may never know.
Over in the fourth slot (on the first page) of the plushie booth we have the mighty Giant Octopus Plushie's welcome appearance...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Rare Shutter Shades & Octopus Plushie

Hey jammers! Apologies for the late post once more. Sleep seems to be a habit of mine. ^-^ Anywho, I was taking proven, my little sis, to her dance class, so I requested a few jammers to fill in the blanks...

Also, be sure to comment what you think of the new navigation bar (seen at the top of the blog). Does the format work with your screen?

" Shutter shades: A cool pair of shutter shades to
look great at Jamaa's summer parties ^.^ " - 5yoyo5
" And at Jam Mart Clothing, on the ninth page, is a very beautiful RIM of an item we all know and love, the Shutter Shades! They come in nice shades of blue and purple, which are perfect for chillaxing at parties with your buddies! " - Gemmarocks112

" Octupus plushie: The cute octupus plushie has arrived,
bound to be followed by it's larger twin..." - 5yoyo5

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Moon Hat Returns & Lifeguard Whistle Departs

Hey jammers!! Sorry for the terribly late posting, it's a rather full Father's Day. ^-^ Today's we have a pawsome guest author making the post. She may even be one of the new Spirit Authors to join AJS!
Let's give a warm welcome to WackyWolf81

Hey jammers! Wackywolf81 here. Today’s item is the returning Moon Hat, sold in the Summer Carnival for 2,000 tickets. 
I’ve always liked the Moon Hat, quite a cute little hat, don’t you think? In other news, the ol’ Lifeguard Whistle is on it’s last day...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spirit Artwork #26

Light filters slowly through the green-tinged glass of the domed roof and patterned door. The walls and floors are comprised of tiny bits of tile, forming an intricate mosaic. The atmosphere is leisurely and languid, and for some reason you can't shake the feeling that everything seems to be swimming in a thick fluid of some sort. A bright gleam catches your eye, snapping you out of your stupor. You approach the donation box in the Appondale Conservation Museum, looking mournfully through its plastic casing at the glittering, colorful gems within. It's useless. These few gems can do absolutely nothing to help an entire species. Like throwing coins into fountain, this is only wishful thinking. The scornful voice almost involuntarily echoes through your head. You give the box another doubtful look, but deposit a few gems anyway (as this little of a deficit could never put a considerable dent into your savings). After having leaned over the box, you notice a few mysterious pieces of paper tucked neatly behind it.

Star Hat Returns & Clearanced High Heels!

Hey jammers! AJHQ is being silly once more, and has added today's new item in the third slot of the Summer Carnival shop.
The returning Star Hat, for all jammers! Do you like some of the goofy new items this year, or are the classics really your style? In other news, the High Heels are on their way out the door! Say farewell...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fashion Friday #14

    Heya Jammers ^-^ I'm really sorry for not posting for awhile, my account has been suspended! But here is some delicious pizza to make up for it <3

Stegosaurus Armor & Departing Big Skulls

Hey jammers! Who called it?? We got a Stegosaurus Armor shipment sent to the Summer Carnival. ^-^ Perfect addition to the collection. Will we ever get Stegosaurus Helmets? I'd be happy to go with a little "Land Before Time" theme. Triceratops mask. Pterodactyl wings?
Over on the Daily Explorer we have the announcement of the latest News Crew winner, this article about Crystal Reef...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stegosaurus Tail, Sand Toy Box, & Leaving Samurai

Hey jammers! So sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. My work at the wildlife shelter really tires me out! Would you believe I fell asleep at 9PM? It blew my mind. I don't know the last time I fell asleep that early.
In the news today, we have a new returning item in the Summer Carnival clothing booth – the Stegosaurus Tail! I'm sure the Stegosaurus Armor (back piece?) isn't far behind.
Yesterday's new item had been the Sand Toy Box, which is actually rather cute. I wouldn't mind having that on the beach, might come in handy. ^-^ Over on the Daily Explorer we have some pawsome...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sand Rugs & Window, Porch Swing, and AJS Applications

Hey jammers! Snowy here with a little update for today. And yesterday! Because AJHQ is silly and making it difficult for everyone to tell what sandy items are new. They are fun new additions though!
 For some reason I believed this to by some funny shaped Sand Dollar. Then I got confused with the heart. I guess this makes more sense? I always assumed one doesn't want sand in a rug. Hehe, silly me...
Would you put glass in your sand window? I feel that would be an important decision to make. In other news I have a little comparison of old and new Porch Swings as well as author applications...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Rare Hula Skirt & Un-Flying Animals in Cloud Party

Konnichiwa. It has been a while since I've done a post, has it not? Anyways, today's new item is the Rare Hula Skirt, located on the third page of Jam Mart Clothing for 600 gems.
AJHQ has begun a new challenge; a den contest. Although, I don't think this is the contest where your den turns into a real one, but you still have the chance to win 3 diamonds. You can enter here.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

SandMan, Sand Armoire, & Rare Long Summer Spiked Collar Giveaway

Hey jammers! Snowy here, back for another little post. First, I'm a tad confuzzeled on the way AJHQ is adding their new item as of late. The newest items appear to be additions to the sand theme den, but not in any particular order. One is likely from a different day...
But then which one was posted when?? I am bamboozeled. But in older news, I'm doing a Summer Spike Giveaway. See below to enter!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sand Oasis, Elegant Curtains, & Cloud Party Tour

Hey jammers! Snowy here with today's little catch up post – apologies on being so busy. If you'd like to see some of my crazy patients at the wildlife shelter I volunteer at, be sure to check out my little Instagram.
It seems that one of the newest items in Jamaa is the Sand Oasis! I'm so excited to add this to my beach house den (though if I were doing it I may have made it a tide pool and added little sea creatures).
And over in the furniture orb of Epic Wonders we can find the new set of Elegant Curtains! I'm so tempted to go crazy with this style in my den. Is that silly? What color should I pick? So many choices. >..<

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Porky Pet Piglets, Cloud Party Rainbow Items & Armor, Sand Castle Den, Topiary Shop & Llama News

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with today's (and yesterday's) post. AJHQ caught me by surprise with this crazy little update. Sorry to bring you this update so late, I intern at a wildlife shelter all day, remember. ^-^ First off we have some lovely little surprise pets!
And so pigs shall fly.
To purchase these crazy cute little things you'll have to make a stop at the (very crowded) Diamond Shop in the Township.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Elegant Hanging Rug & Floating tempAvt Glitch

Hey jammers! Isa4322 here, today we have our Elegant Hanging Rug at Epic Wonders, with a total of 9 colors, 1250 gems each.
*I could see one making a rug-tiled wall with such marvelous colors – the theme of my Beach House may be changing soon... ~snowy*
Do you like these new elegant items? I personally like them very much! More classic, natural items are on their way out though. It's your last day to get your own Mailbox before it runs away from all that tiresome mail holding we subject the poor things to...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rare Tie-Dye Shirt & Wild Explorer Magazine

Hey jammers! Oh deary, I'm hopeless. Fell asleep all over again! Today's "Rare Item Monday" is located on the eighth page of the Jam Mart Clothing shop – the Rare Tie-Dye Shirt! Isn't it colorful?
Tie-Dye Shirts first came out on the 3rd of August, 2013, and have been a colorful fashion statement in Jamaa ever since. AJHQ did post a rather cute outfit idea over on the Daily Explorer...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ring Of Fire and Final Episode of Jamaa Legends?

Hey jammers! Apologies for the crazy late post, I fell asleep right in the middle of it. It wouldn't be good to fall asleep in the middle of this new item. Always pay attention when playing with fire.
It BURNS BURNS BURNS, the ring of fire.
Sometimes I wish that our animals could interact with some of these den items! Perhaps a certain animal would cause a "play" button to present, and the tiger would jump through the ring in a blaze of glory.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Elegant Table Clock and Leaving Pizza Prep Station!

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Elegant Table Clock sold in Epic Wonders for 1500 gems with 9 pawesome colors.

It's strange how AJ is making alot of new items with 9 colors and not 8, well, at least it's more creative.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Varying Den Items, Quote Contest, and More!

Hey jammers! Smile here, it's been a while since I posted, hasn't it? We all have such busy lives ^-^ School's ending for me soon, and summer is coming along! Speaking of summer, over at the Summer Carnival, we have another new prizeee! 
Ooooh, that looks really cool xD I'm slightly disturbed by some clowns IRL, so I'm not a huge fan of circuses and such :P What about you guys? Have you been to a circus before? I have, and it's really sad to see the animals whipped and such when performing... ): I haven't been to a circus ever since. Moving on, next, we have a new elegant item from Epic Wonders!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bumper Cars

Konnichiwa. Today's new item is located in the Summer Carnival, and sold for 1,000 gems; the Bumper Car.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Rose, Rose Bouquet, Elegant Coffee Table
and Carnival Flags!

(It's been 4 months since my first post! :D)

Hey jammers! Today we have several new items. First we have our new Rose Bouquet sold in Treetop Gardens for 700 gems with 8 awesome colors!

And our awesome new Rose, with only 1 color (only one!?) for 350 gems also in Treetop Gardens!

Aww, I just find roses so awesome. What about you?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rare Woven Hat, Pearl Birthstone, and Den Item Challenge!

 Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here. Today's RIM is the Rare Woven Hat! It's avalable in Jam-Mart Clothing!
Eeeeee. My fab-ometers have gone to a record low. Gosh darnit, AJ. Everytime I come back from a break/hiatus. Every. Single. Time.
omg this gif is so perfect i can't