Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to get to Claws N' Paws

Hey Jammers! It may be useful for you all to know that there is a shortcut to get to Claws N' Paws, you can get there straight from the map! All you need to do is click on the Appondale Tree, if you want to go to mainland Appondale, click anywhere else. Maybe AJ HQ will do that for other shops. Happy Jamming!

Jamtastic Rares: Top Hats

A hard to get member rare that stand out anywhere! Many colors, but all are great for any outfit! One nonmember is the freedom hat, but is not rare anymore, not with Fourth of July coming up!
Freedom Hat
Founder's Hat

Dark Blue

Which, in your opinion, are the coolest colors?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Next Land in Animal Jam – River Delta?

What will the next land of Jamaa be? Maybe filled with rivers, and a huge waterfall! No one knows for sure (except AJHQ), but we can guess, the best hint is on the map.
Since Appondale didn't change when it joined, why would the Delta? What's interesting is the river that winds through Jamaa comes from those mountains, the source of all water in Jamaa. You can see where the river comes in Jamaa Township, but there is no view of the next land.
 Another thing to think about: will there be a mountain pathway? All evidence points to it. Many have noticed the cave in the corner of Appondale, but it can't lead directly to the next land, because it's blocked by mountains. Will it be like the Canyons Pathway?
 Hopefully we'll see soon! What are you ideas for the next land?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Next AJ Animal

The votes are in Jammers! Winning by a few votes, the crocodile won for the coolest next animal to join the AJ gang, lets hope AJ HQ sees this idea, and maybe thinks about it!

Claws 'N Paws or Appondale?

I was traveling through Jamaa, looking around, and then decided to go to Appondale. I clicked on the land in the map, and whala! Wait... i'm in Claws N' Paws, how did that happen? How come I was sent right to the pet shop?
AJ seems a bit confused on the difference between:
 Any other Jammers found this glitch? Has it happened to you a lot? See you in Jamaa!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shaman Focus: Greely

The mysterious wolf shaman, a legendary creature.
Greely, the reluctant wolf Shaman, puts his creepy cleverness to use in the study of animal magic. He is definitely on the side of good and righteousness, but he plays by his own rules. He speaks in to-the-point sentences, even to new animals, and has a certain amount of disdain for the other Shaman leaders. The only higher power that Greely respects is the Sky Mother, Mira. Greely is a powerful warrior against the phantoms in Animal Jam; they fear him most of all, because he is so much like them. He is the link to the darker side of the Animal Jam mythology. He has theories about where the phantoms came from and he may even know the location of a few undiscovered spirit stones. ~Ancient AJ Legend

Greely is a highly regarded shaman in Jamaa, and though no one has met him yet, there is great excitement toward his arrival. As many know, there is a carving of a wolf in Coral Canyons that looks strikingly like Greely himself. Is is possible that that carving marks the door to his lair? Are there other places he could live?
What could be in that cave?
Comment with your thoughts and ideas, Jammers! Check with me tomorrow for our wolf picture in Coral Canyons, and look for the story of what I think could have been Greely's beginning.

Friday, June 24, 2011

All New Elephant Plushie Comes to Animal Jam!

Visit the Juice Hut jammers, because the elephant plushie is here! Something is up with AJ HQ though, there are a few issues with this little guy. One, when you pull him out of the claw, he has no name.
Two, when you put him on the trade list, he takes the name of the nearest item (with no other items it's just "Trade List").
And three, when you go to recycle him, he is only worth one gem, not 15 like normal plushies.
But it doesn't really matter, he's still a collectable plushie, and will make a great addition to your collection. Have fun searching for one of your own!

Void Glitch

Hey Jammers! This is just a strange technical error on AJ's part, but I thought you'd like to know and test it out for yourself. The trick is, when you put more than 20 or so flags on one spot in your den, there is a grey  void spot, that slowly grows into a rectangle. I can't figure out why it's there, just an absence of anything, try it out for yourselves! Watch as the void grows bigger and bigger:

New Flags

For all those flag collectors out there: new flags in store! Go over to the Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest to get the newest additions to your collection. Happy decorating!

AJ Secrets: Crazy Typing!

A hot topic in Jamaa nowadays is how to do those crazy symbols in the chat box! Well, here's the secret, for most computers all you have to do is hold down alt/option, then click letters or numbers. Test them out, there are quite a few out there! `¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠ The problem is, only a few show up in the chat box, test it out for yourself!

Pets are Jamaa Wide

Because of how busy the pet shops have been there are now pet icons all over Jamaa!
I saw this as I was at the pet shop!

Here's a frog icon in Temple of Zios!

Crazy Money Glitch

So, I checked back to an old nonmember account, my first one, from the time of beta testing, and look what I found! I had over 1 million gems! I spent a bit before this picture, but it still looks good, don't you think? I wonder how this happened...
This is after I bought every flag!

Look at those gem achievements!!!

Pet Abilities

Your loyal pets will follow you anywhere! Remember to take them swimming, and make sure they know a few tricks. Ducks and frogs swim smoothly, while dogs and cats paddle their way around.

Second Forth of July Celebration in Jamaa

As we all know, the Forth of July is the celebration of the independence of the United States. Why do they not celebrate the other independence days? I don't know, I guess cause AJ first started in the U.S. Jamaa is certainly in the holiday mood though! There are firecrackers, exploding fountains, and banners all over!
Crystal Sands really great! There are even red, white, and blue blankets set out for sunbathing as well as fireworks high in the sky!
Along with the decorations come the new holiday items! Get them while they're here!! Luckily they're nonmember, so everyone can enjoy.
New Freedom hats and blankets to celebrate!! 
The fountain blows up with confetti and smoke, try it!
Who doesn't need some cute koi to decorate their den?

Pets Are Here!

Hey Jammers! I'm sure you all are overjoyed to see the pets in Jamaa, and they updated it on the right day too! Just very late last night. Sadly, the pets are for members only, we all regret that. AJ also thought of a cool way to show individuality in the pets, rare items!! After you choose your pets you have a chance to get a rare item, so far I have collected a wind-up duck and a crazy wigged puppy.
It's fun to hang out in the Appondale tree, at the pet shop Claws n' Paws. You can see all sorts of pets and show off their styles. See you there!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Copying Posts and PIctures

Hey Jammers, this may not apply to you, but it has shown up in a blog I visited, and I want to put an end to it. It is unacceptable for my posts and pictures to be copied to your blog. Please respect me and this blog by not copying!

Animal Jam Runaway Glich – Running in Place

Has any other Jammers randomly seen Runaway Jammers? They just run in place, not going anywhere, not talking; very spooky. I'm not sure if the person is even there. Just another glitch to add to the list!
This pic is of BRIANNA22469 as she runs in place by the furniture shop in the Township. I tried to talk to her but go no response. Strange...

Exclusive Rares: Gloves

Hey Jammers! As many already know, gloves are one of the most popular rare items in Jamaa. They're always in demand, popularity from the fact that they are for members and nonmembers, and go with almost any out fit! There seems to be seven colors in all:
Recently AJ created member gloves, sent to every member of Jamaa. There are four different kinds:
It's hard to say which gloves are the most valuable, and if we will ever have them for sale again, but one thing is certain. There are only three ways to get a glove: buying it, trading for it, or getting one for a gift. There is no cheat code, no glitch, and no way to get them in Coral Canyons or Mt. Shiveer.
 Sorry Jammers! The only way is the honest way!