Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pets? Where?

All of Jamaa is waiting impatiently for the pets to arrive! Some argue about places the pet shop will be. It could be it's own thing, or it could be part of the shops already here.
The tree in Appondale?

Closed temple near Zios's idol?

A building in the Township?

A cave in Crystal Sands?

Out of nowhere? *poof*

A nook in Coral Canyons?
A hidden crevice in Mt. Shiveer?


  1. @Jammers
    Sadly, it seems to be a false alarm, there are no pets yet. Will it be later today? Or tomorrow?

    1. Wow, i have never seen that cave and i was playing that time..-_/)

  2. i think they said at the end of this month the pets will arrive:) i think i know what they are too.....puppy.kitty,frog,and duck.

  3. hey snowyclaw,
    i heard they would be out 6:00 tonight. because it is the exact mark of 2 weeks today. I found out they would be out a 6:00 because i talked to someone who said they had AJ contact. Well, thats all i heard lately. (PS i'm so excited!! cannot wait!!)

  4. oh and i forgot. someone else told me they would be in the tree in appondale!!! (still can't wait!)

  5. I think tomorrow they'll have the pets im so excited i hope theyll be in the apponadle tree!

  6. woops. i was on AJ today and i think pets today r a false alarm. there was a pop up message and it said pets were coming tomorrow.
    probably a problem going on. well
    i hope it doesn't get postponed AGAIN.

  7. @meowmeow0
    I've heard that rumor as well, I hope it's true!

    Please stop copying my posts!!! I'm really tired of it, please think of your own posts, or I'll take your comments off my site. Plagiarism is not called for on an AJ blog!

    It likely is a problem with the update, I hope they figure it out soon.


  8. Snowy? Question? How do you get a word to transport you to a location, like "Click HERE to go to their blog" and when you click HERE it takes you there?

  9. I come from the future. Pets are in the tree.

  10. Dude, Snowyclaw might be BUSY!! And I am also from the future. There are more than 4 pets!!!! I don't wanna be bratty, but there are:






    Hamster exc

  11. Whoops!! I forgot to say that there ARE NO NONMEMBER PETS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. the pets are out girls and boys and hamsters are non member!! hope u have fun with em

  13. this is a long time ago...


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