Thursday, June 23, 2011

Animal Jam Runaway Glich – Running in Place

Has any other Jammers randomly seen Runaway Jammers? They just run in place, not going anywhere, not talking; very spooky. I'm not sure if the person is even there. Just another glitch to add to the list!
This pic is of BRIANNA22469 as she runs in place by the furniture shop in the Township. I tried to talk to her but go no response. Strange...


  1. what kind of glich is it????

  2. @hollyjolly199916
    I'm not sure, maybe it's just Jamaa acting strange. Wouldn't be a first.

    1. That happens a lot to me.. It's weird cause everyday is a different animal on my laptop.

    2. Ive seen like 3 ppl do that glitch... very creepy...

  3. wow i saw 2 monkeys dressed the saim and they both walked in the same place and sleeped

  4. wow thats super creepy i saw a elephant like that i tried 2 talk 2 her but she didnt say anything and i think her username was woly204 but i never saw her agian after that spooky

  5. Mumabean ( Minecraft and Animal Jam UserMay 11, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    It's your clone when your doing insane paralel glitch and if you run quickly When you come back your clone is there and if you go somewhere and come back it goes.


    ~ Mumabean

  6. I saw that happen 2 times, with the same user:Pouncepaw! Really weird

  7. It's the running clone glitch I was trying a glitch once and I found one of me

  8. That happened to me when | tried to go to the wolves only party as a underwater animal! It also happened when | tried it in the bunnies only party :\

  9. Snowy, how did some people go into land parties and come as underwater animals? Can you please tell me that glitch and all the steps to it?
    Thanks SO much!

    -akeho and xxteengraffitixx

  10. i know how it works! it happened to me. its so weird.
    i was going into epic wonders and it was loading and i was running on the spot. it had the swirly loading thing (you know what i mean) and i was running on the spot!


  11. That is a weird one! Better ad that to my blog! I wonder what is causing the glitches? Phantom attacks gone wild? Scamming jammers? I don't know!


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