Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Giant Phantom

Hey jammers! One of celebration's most popular furniture item is back, the Giant Phantom! Buy one today in Jam Mart Furniture.
Also, new Plushie Mania post on the Daily Explorer.
Happy jamming!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scary Antlers

Hey jammers! Seems to be only one new item today, Scary Antlers, sold for 200 gems in Jam Mart Clothing.
Also, AJHQ posted about the new nonmember animal coming soon. I think we're all in agreement, it's the turtle!
Also Animalgirl58943 sent in pictures of what you are given if you purchase an Arctic Wolf membership.
And then, of course, you receive membership.
That's about all the news for today. I noticed we're getting close to 1million views, wacky huh? o.o Well, if anyone sends a picture (to my email) of the counter at exactly 1,000,000 views I may just give a little prize! Happy jamming, see you around Jamaa!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rare Clover Blanket

Hey jammers! Today's "rare" item is the Rare Clover Blanket, getting us ready for St. Patrick's Day I guess (wait, isn't that in March or something?). What do you think of the color combo?
You know, the only thing that I dislike about Monday "rares" is how expensive they are. I can never afford them! Oh well, doesn't matter, just an item. Here's AJHQ post on the Daily Explorer!
Meanwhile, I totally forgot the last two days' posts!
 Plus, AJHQ fixed the Arctic Wolves article. It seems many of you guys think AJHQ reads the blog, I wonder. . .
Well, if you're there, hi AJHQ! ^.^ I guess that's about it today guys, see you on your crazy fun journeys in Jamaa.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky Items Galore

Hey jammers! Sorry for missing Saturday's update, I had a busy day! The items from today and yesterday are new colors of the Witch and Spider Masks sold in Jam Mart Clothing.
 In Bahari Bargains there are new colors of Airplane Wings!
My goodness, I won't be able to get all these items by the next update. Oh well, one can try! There is also a cool new Phantom Cannon, sold only in Kani Cove's Sunken Treasures furniture.
For those interested, lillyfasthorse sent in a picture of how Arctic Wolves jump on the Sky High game. What do you think?
Lukia26 found a glitch with Winter Jackets when they are worn by an Arctic Wolf. It's like flying a kite!
 Meanwhile citruscove265 found a funny octopus clothing glitch! Look at how the clover cape kind of just stops.
And finally, a promotional email from National Geographic Animal Jam about the new Arctic Wolf gift card.
Sorry for my irregular posting, happy jamming!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Demons and Clowns

Hey jammers! Two new items today; the first is the Demon Mask for sale in Jam Mart Clothing. All new colors!
Meanwhile, in Bahari Bargains the Clown Mask has returned in a bunch of new snazzy colors. Buy a few and see!
Also, a new News Crew post on the Daily Explorer.
Seems like it was posted too early because there are a bunch of mistakes, mismatched paragraphs, and sentences that drop off, well, mid-sentence. Hopefully they'll correct this soon! Otherwise I'd just suggest you start writing your Arctic Wolves articles.

New art is posted on the Spirit Art mini blog!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Alphas' Stories

Click here for the full Jamaa Journal!
Click here for the current clearance items!

Hey jammers! Lots of things going on with this update, but first, the new items. In Jam Mart Clothing there are two new items.
New colors for the Yeti Mask, and totally new Monster Teeth! Down in Bahari Bay are two new items as well.
New colors for the Nessie Mask and a new item, the Skull Necklace! Finally, two new/newish items in Sunken Treasures.
Coral Phantoms and Scary Barrel Sponge. Now the update! First few pages are about the new Arctic Wolves at Walmart.
Night of the Phantoms items are leaving soon, get your favorites! Dang, I've gotten only a few, time sure does fly!
There also seems to be a new animal being released to nonmembers, coming in the next few updates. What is it?
There is also a new game in the shallows of Bahari Bay.
It's just like an underwater Jamaa Durby.
More wildlife videos will be coming to Jamaa and I've hear that if your question is chosen you'll get a AJHQ plaque. . .
The most exciting part of this update (in my opinion) is the fact that shamans/alphas are being reintroduced into jamaasian culture! The first redesigned alpha to be released is Liza.
Is that amazing guys? We helped make this happen! Though it's a change from the past it's better than the way we were before, and I find the new backgrounds of the alphas to be very interesting!
 I'm still leaving our past culture page up though. There are some new alpha themed loading pages, check 'em out!
Hey, is that me the funny antler wolf in Graham's story? Hehe. ^.^ Here's the current double gems game!
And lastly, this update's calender!
Happy jamming everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Neck Bolts

Hey Jammers!
Today's new item is the Neck Bolts in Bahari Bargains.
Cool! They remind me of Frankenstein, he has some kind of bolts on his neck, too!
What do you think of these? Would you wear them?
Also, the Daily Explorer posted about Phantoms.
Cool! But again, it seems all the 'Plushie Mania' posts say the same thing, over and over again >.<
There might be another new item in the Haunted Forest Party, but I can't get in yet. 
If there is, please send in a picture!

That's all I have time for now, See you later!