Saturday, October 6, 2012

Phantom Mask

Hi Jammers! - I finally got a chance to post early!
Today seems to be all about phantoms.
First off, the new item today is the one and only - Phantom Mask!
This is yet another returning rare, but I'm glad that it came out, so everyone can have it! The phantom mask is personally one of my favorite masks, and it seems to be one of the more popular masks. Do you like it?
Yikes! Looks like I need to get some gems >.<
Secondly, the Daily Explorer posted on the Night of the Phantoms. For those of you who don't know, Jamaa's Night of Phantoms is our present day Halloween.
I don't know about you, but the Witch, Robot, and Colonel tricker-treaters sure creep me out! Do you think these will come to Jamaa? Are they.. shamans dressed up in costumes? Who knows!

Thirdly, a few of you have been commenting about the new ads at the top of the blog. Snowy, nor I, can control these ads. They were made by blogger, and can be seen on a lot of blogs. Please do your best to ignore them, because I know if we could, we would remove them. >.<

That's all I have time for, bye everyone!


  1. The Phantom Hat is cool. for approaching Helloween, AJHQ give to jammers stuffs of Helloween. Be lucky at school Snowy!


  2. 2nd comment! XD Hey, I know why there are adds up and not everyone sees 'em. Firstly it generally happens if you have a HTML code gadget up. Secondly only people in some countries (like France) see 'em.


    1. Yeah, I'm like "Hey? What ads are they talking about, there's nothing there!"

    2. Yeah, I don't see any adds. :P

  3. i think those witch robot pirates are ghosts cause they look so hollow. Maybe thats the big suprise. Ghosts as pets would be awesome XD

    1. they already have a ghost accessory for bats at the pet stop, but otherwise it would be cool :3

  4. Phantom Hats. :D

    I NEED WITCH HATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dude, witch hats are probably gonna come out, like one of the number 1 Night of the Phantoms clothing item!! Im gonna buy it in all colors!!

    2. Yeah Witch Hats probably will come out. I still feel kind of sad to see all these rares slipping away. D:

  5. Ya those customs are really creepy.


  6. i lost meh member ship D8 thay take away all the member shuff you had and keep it in your storage and same goes for your den D; i have to start over

  7. Snowy please friend me. I'm meateater4233 oh and yeah it cool that phantom hats are back=) but it sucks that I'm not a member and do you think scary bat wings will come out again? Please answer

    1. hi bi zheng

      sorry if you were talking to snowy but i think i could awnser im so happy phantoms hat are back :3 oh and snowyclaws member account her buddy list is full but you can friend her on her storage account her snowyclaw55 account thank you -winter431 feel free to buddy me!!!!!

    2. Thanks for letting me know:)

    3. If that storage account is full, too, go to Snowyclaw1. That's another storage account, btw.

    4. Another storage account of Snowy's is snowyclawtoys or snowyclawplushies or something.

  8. Hey snowyclaw guess what people are using your den for parties!!

    1. Thats not right! Snowyclaw should have her or his den locked when he or she leaves. People shouldn't use another persons den for their own parties or use unless the ask first!

  9. hi jammers snowyclaw and goldy
    so when i was on animal jam today some one got mad at me because i did not give them my bow and arrow and sometimes i have items that other jammmers want and if i say no they will shout out my name and how i did not accept there trades i bet that happened to you guys before and it is so annoying and goldy and snowy how do you wake up so early yo blog i could not do it because i sleep a lot and it would be hard for me to wake up early and concentrate you guys are the best team!!!! and this blog is tottaly my favorite blog in the whole world you guys rock!!!!!!!!!! also @ anonymous yeah i went through losing a membership before just work hard to get the money do chores around you house then you miight have money to get a new membership!!!!! -winter431

    p.s this is the longest comment i ever typed:3

  10. ads i understand i really dont care

  11. Hey winter431 I had the same problem where everybody wanted my stuff I usually hide in a disguise when I'm in trading parties so peeps won't ask for my stuff and do you think scary bat wings are going to come back? Please answer

    1. i think on halloween they will return for 1 day thats my guess

    2. please buddy me im winter431 your super nice!!!!!!1 :)

    3. K I'll do it as soon as I go on animal jam by the way, when are you going to go on aj

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. bi zheng

      Yes, Worns Blankets and Wings Non Member will be back on 11 October.


    7. I'm frickin excited and how do you know?

    8. I know that because all jammers say that. Go in Jamaa and stay 1-2 hours. And you will see.

    9. Do you know if it's true or if it's a rumor

    10. Well ask yourself...where else know that?

    11. im super rare, so people are like, "Why did you decline that?" Soem trades are fair, but some items we JUST DON'T WANT.

    12. I'm kind of rare. My only rares are a blue legendary, a red lava glove, a green lava glove, a blue lava gloves, a few heart lockets, three or four tail armors, and a few den rares.

    13. I am rare. I have two worn blankets, one is purple and the others yellow, tons of gloves, tons of fox hats, tons of heart lockets, two indian feather hats, one is blue and the other ones pink, tons of clover blankets and I have a bird feeder, tea cups, basket of candy and other things.


  12. guyz here is tip to earn gems so i have 11000 gems everyday get 1000 gems then it will keep on adding up it is like a daily rountine!! i play falling phantoms best dressed that hidden objects game and gem ball to get my gems those games get you the most gems oh and i f you play gem ball and light all the zios up you get a 75 gem bonous i bet you already knew that -winter431

  13. Snowyclaw, that one doesn't look like a colonel. He looks more likena captain to me. My dad was in the infintry so I would know.

    1. uh ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuude

    2. you are just rude. they do this website out of their way just for us and you say that?????

    3. Rude. And this post was by goldfishypuppy, not Snowyclaw.

    4. Not rude. It was true! I have seen the colonels that bus around our neighborhood. Jeez. BTW sorry that I mixed up Snowy and Goldfishypuppy.

  14. I only play falling phantoms I have 8700 gems but I don do a daily routine and I think falling phantoms is the quickest way to earn gems. In best dressed you have to wat for a min then you can pick who looks the best. And some people might win in stead of you.

    1. I have 15,282 gems. I do no know how I get it. I played much games. ( like Falling Phantoms ).


    2. I always go on this blog so you will see me tomarrow

    3. I heart falling phantoms. That game is finally bringing back the culture of JAMAA!!

      Sorry for the space, XD.
      So, anyways, Im really excited for the Night of the Phantoms, so it can bring back the culture and the spirit!

    4. My two favorite games are Best Dressed and Falling Phantoms. I like them because they give a lot of gems and they're lots of fun. ^.^ Falling Phantoms has culture, and Best Dressed has fashion! xD

    5. OMG I agree. I love that game, and it is the perfect way to earn a lot

  15. yeah it is kinda freaky and people think my image is LOL

  16. I like the phantom hat :D. Speaking of phantoms, I have a phantom legend to tell you Goldy and Jammers! :D Here it is:
    One day, Father sky, father of zios, disappeared. Mira, Mother sky, burst into complete sadness. Her tears, mixed with the elements, created phantoms. And they haunt us, today, everyday. Who knows if they will leave forever, or stay forever.
    Happy Jamming!! Dont let the phantoms get you :P!

  17. Ohhh man...That spammer hates meh?-cries-Why???Just becuz I said I wish my daddy or step daddy was a police doesn't mean he shoukld hate meh!Meh need pat on the back...Meh going outside to freeze and crie now...see yea...

    -julysweet(the very sad 5th grader)

    1. It's okay :). That spammer hates everyone .-. . He or she probably doesn't even hate us, he/she probably just wants to be mean. It's sad what some people do to get attention. D: . I don't like it, either. :(

    2. I hope you feel better soon c:!

    3. -sniffs-Thanks!I kinda do feel better.Thanks for trying to cheer meh up!Can we talk about what we want from Santa for Christmas?I want McKenna the American girl doll(GOTY)!What do you want?

      -julysweet(the almost cheered up 5th grader)

    4. Julysweet...
      We've had moments.
      Oh, I think American Girl dolls are kind of, eh, pricy! Plus, usually girls treat them like a trophy instead of a toy. Anyways, dolls shouldn't cost over thirty bucks. Why can't anyone be satisfied with a Barbie doll?!

    5. I have one American Girl doll. I got it last Christmas, and it was Marie-Grace.

    6. Eh. Dolls are way overrated and so cliche. I stick with a notepad and a pen. Just the way I work you know? I have never liked dolls my whole childhood life. I am now an artist instead, and i sell my art too.

    7. I don't like AG girls, ya they're very expensive. At Target I found similar 18inch dolls that look just like AG for only 20$. But I like another kind of dolls that people might laugh at me if I said it so I won't :$

  18. Hey Jammers! Please check out my blog!

  19. I see no ads XD I'm on mobile :)

  20. Those ghost things are very creepy!

  21. i do not know if you will see this snowy but it is not a phantom mask it is a phantom hat sorry :(

  22. I don't see any ad's ever :). I love the Phantom mask :D!

  23. Thank goodness! I was so scared it was going to be NM wings!!! They're still safe.. for now XD


    1. Those will come back...BOO!
      Actually, all the items will come back on the Night of the Phantoms!!!! Then they will be another epic item, after October, don't worry, lol.

  24. what ads? i don't really see any ads at the top

  25. The costumes I have seen many times before. They use that almost every year in the National Geographic for Kids Magazine when they advertise Animal Jam. They use the same old costumes, just every year they might add one more picture of a animal in the photo and spice up the outfits with usually just a glow.

  26. Hey i got the skyway for Aj Birthday party
    Stand on the cake floor one above the plate the first floor of cake
    Open Usertab
    Open game tab
    Click Plate
    Open game quickly and exit quickly
    You should go to the cake wall
    It takes at least two tries
    Sneak across the cake wall untill you get to the frosting
    When you get to the frosting slowly sneak across it
    You up in the yummy sky
    Eat Up :D

    By Phoebe69021
    Discoveror :Unknown

  27. Please join in my blog.

    Is not in english but down of page it is an translator and you can select any language. Please join my blog.


    1. I'll join it :D

    2. How do I join it?

    3. Down of the page you have: Join on the google. You click there how you login here on The Animal Jam Spirit Blog for Jammers. Good luck!


  28. Ok I need something that looks cool on your leg that is not a glove and is a non member. plus the item has to be somewhat rare. Please answer to this comment

    1. Freedom Bands are somewhat rare. So are leg spikes aka leg pads C; (Hope this helped!)

    2. A Pink Purse is rare! That is what I use.
      Hope I helped!

  29. Bi zheng are you speak with me?

  30. If you speak with me...I need rares for the glove and a Black Worn Blanket for my Cream one.

  31. I hope they don't bring back ALL of the halloween items.
    And I haven't had any trouble with adds. =)

    1. Same. What adds?! Idk honestly (I want to be top commenter) O:


  32. Actually, I think they will bring back all of the items. After the Night of The Phantoms, all of that stuff will become rare again until next October.

  33. Hi everyone, Ducier here! Please check my blog, The Daily Howl. I feel like the views are dropping. D: (Sorry if that came out rude or snobby).

    1. Not at all ;) and sure i will check it out :)

    2. The blog has been removed! Why??

  34. Hey guys, Zebrasavvy here! Check out! I have noticed the views dropping down. i am improving my blog by the minute! Top commenters just might become authors! And if you have any tips or reccomendations, i always read my comments.. even if i dont reply!

  35. Hey gold fishy puppy/ Snowyclaw!I really love you're blog it's always so exciting to see whats new and you guys always post it! And I really like how Aj's bringing out all the halloween items.
    - Rivercla

  36. The blog has been removed! Why??

  37. Wait- are those human skulls? They could have done an animal skull! But it doesn't matter. Human Jam will never happen and humans will never come to AJ, and I know thats true because NGK is mostly about animals :D
    ~Yoshi0018 (who LOVES Cheez-its and crocodiles :)
    P.S: I am once again lazy, so look up Count Desertstone AJ and go to my wiki.. blah blah blah old news... Oh, and the update is Thursday!!!

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