Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring In Jamaa

Hey jammers! Here are the new items...
In Jam Mart Clothing, Monkey Hats are back!
In the Horses Only Party...
In the Pet Den Item Shop...
You can find this new shop in Paws N' Claws on the top floor.
You can also access it from your pet menu.
Here is the article from the Jamaa Journal about it.
There is a new Jam-A-Gram...
The Jamaa Journal also has a new style.
Click here to see the complete newspaper. Bunnies are here! As said in the article above, they are a seasonal pet, just here for spring, so be sure to get one so you have it all year until they return! You can find bunny adoption spots all around Jamaa.
There is a new party, I'll post about it later.
There are some new videos in the Aquarium Theatre!
There is also a contest on who can design the next den item, be sure to enter your best ideas at Jamaa Central!
There is also a new pet game, Ducky Dash!
Monkey are now officially endangered. :(
There are lots of new banners around.
There are also lots of double gems game this update, I'll post them soon. Sorry for being late, I'll try harder next time! Happy jamming everyone. I'll post Clearance Items later as well.


  1. Snowy, Super Sort is actually TRIPLE gems! I played and got about 700 gems (i could be exaggerating, but still)

    ~Darling Wingebird

  2. Check you den - apparently some people have had a blue globe appear in their den. I didn't notice mine until I scrolled down my den item list! I am betting it is an Earth Day thing, but I do not know if it is something that everyone recieved or just a few people. Sorry I do not have a picture of it.

  3. Re: blue globe (my last comment).

    I just realized that my beta green globe is missing... I think AJHQ may have changed how it looks and instead of the old green one, it is now a giant blue one. I liked the old look personally, and I am sure that many people will not recognize it for the rare that it is. So when I said only some people got the blue globe, it was only people who had the old green one I think. I have to admit I am confused as to why AJHQ would change its appearance all of a sudden. LOL!

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  5. Hey snowy! I have found two clearence items! its the porthole and the surfboard! see ya later!


  6. The update ALWAYS has member items. :( but at least they put up nm items once Ina while. (very rare chances of having nm).

    1. whar is nm?
      and the rare mondays are being for members its unfair for non members right??

  7. It's like a GIGANTIC member day today!


  8. P.S I'm In madjaster's famous Thunder Clan now! (Don't take that Im bragging)


  9. snowyclaw! you are on right now! can we be buddies? my user is chu714.

  10. Wow! The horse saddle looked cool!

  11. I literally just wished we could ride horses in Jamaa. Nm or member! That'd be fun. Or ride birds or stuff.

  12. i really want a Nm sword



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