Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog Bowl and Atlantis Party

Hey jammers! In the Pet Den Item Shop there is a new item, the Dog Bowl! What do you guys think of it?
Don't forget, I'm not able to check most parties, so the new items may pop up later today. Don't trade for items not known to you! Speaking of parties, here is the info on the Atlantis Party!
There are two stores, both are simply called the Atlantis Party Shop. First, the underwater clothing stand...
Perhaps future items shown there? Anyway, here are the items they sell. I'm so glad there is one for nonmembers!
Here is the furniture shop, located at the top of the den.
Sold are bubbled versions of land items, pretty creative!
There are also bubble circles around. If you spin in them (or around them) you create your own whirlpool!
There are also items to click on to get your own starfish and anchor. Can you spot all or the crazy starfish?
 And now, as promised, the surprise from AJHQ. Gems for purchase at AJ Outfitters! T-shirts on sale! Although expensive (it might be better to just get a membership) you can now purchase 4,000 gems or 10,000 gems with real $$$.
As a side note, there is also a sale on the Animal Jam t-shirts in AJ Outfitters, be sure to grab your favorite!
I'd like to mention I'm not told/sponsored/paid by AJHQ in any form for this "advertising" or blogging or anything. I just do it to have fun and help keep you all up-to-date on the Jamaasian news. Am I doing ok? I'd also like to mention the new endangerment facts all over Jamaa on the monkey banners.
Happy jamming everyone, be sure to comment on the things I've missed around Jamaa. Hoppy spring! ^.^


  1. First comment!I'd rather pay for membership to get gems than buy gems only.:)

    1. Ikr! Me 2!!!!! Getting like 25, 000 gems is like getting 1 yearound membership.

      ~♡ foxluv14725

  2. dude come check the wiered glitch
    when i dance my necklas becomes almost full white! im in nile server and in jakewolf3607 den

  3. There is no such person as Jakewolf3607 I searched.

  4. @Lava Star
    Really? Cool! I can't wait to try it out for myself. ^.^ Happy Friday the 13th Jammers!

    Hmm... Maybe he copied it down wrong? I know it can happen because I recall seeing something really similar to it once. Happy Jamming!


  5. Thanks for un-commenting the page it was making my computer slow.

  6. Supastar101 (user on AJ)April 13, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    hey snowy! your doing awesome and thanks for the items at the party!! There is one thing i would like to mention though your leaving out a glitch that a found yesterday.... Ok so it starts like this: go somewhere (preferably coral canyons) and stand right next to a door to another area or shop then click open party (dont go to it yet) then click the doorway to the other world/or another place with a door then click the party. Now when your at ur destination, go to the ocean and switch to a land animal and u should see other wolves/land animals in water!!!! I tried it and it works! :D

  7. Supastar101 (user on AJ)April 13, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    Also when u do thatyou can go to different places then go to the ocean and switch and you will be at the place u were before you switched!!! :D
    (it all depends on luck though if ur a land animal or an ocean animal)

  8. Rediculous! I could always get gems with games. That's just CRAZY with buying gems. I can't beleive National Geographic Kids would do this to us! Sincerly, missflo2, a non member who is very mad at National Geographic for doing this to us.

  9. In reply to missflo2.

    Yes. Its pretty low of ng to make us buy gems. But i guess they want all the money they can get. Their game. Their rules.


  10. Snowyclaw, you missed that you can now buy the horses only party music, Train Trottin'...I just found out too...there for, it isn't on my blog.

  11. Phoebe69021 said hi

  12. They now have a pink baseball hat for nm

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    I hope you like it! :)

  14. Re: Anonymous,
    Actually National Geo. Isn't "making" us buy gems. They are just putting it as an option if you NEED or WANT more gems you can just buy some with real money. Actually I would of thought it would be a bit lower though. They don't just WANT the money, They NEED the money to pay for the fees to run a website. That't why they made the members thing in the first place, to earn money to pay for the website fees. That's MY opinion of the buying gems thing. I think they should be left alone about it.

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