Sunday, February 19, 2012

Diner Stools and Flag

Hey jammers! New Diner Stools are out in the Jam Mart Furniture store, along with flags in the Sarepia Flag Shop.
Another rare penguin stuffie picture has been sent in by Magical Frozenclaws. Purple penguin with a pink bow!
And another owned by colorful68.
Another jammer, missflo2, experience a strange glitch in the Dinner Party when she was switching from her seal character.
Has it happened to anyone else? Be sure to comment with your ideas on how this crazy thing happened!

New: More artwork on the Spirit Art blog (wikabog).


  1. Well, with that glitch it's not very hard.You see, she changed animals and she didn't know she was clicking up there and she was so she went up there.It's like the Coral Canyons Path Way glitch.Thats all the could really have happened.It happened to me once.It's weird.I was walking by the wall, and it put me ON the wall.It was weird.

  2. Oh and,there is a penguin plushie with sun glasses on it too.I would have taken a screen shot,but my computer was acting funny.I didn't want it to freeze up and not work.Also, there is a black,blue, green and yellow penguin plushie.But,I found them when my computer was acting funny.

  3. OMG sis got her pic post so soon! she also experened sifferent switch animal glitches. really odd.

    P.S. change the sercurity back! i can bearly read these!

  4. I agree with missflo, I can't read these security words. I'm no robot (a gator, maybe) but I just can't read them without going through about ten.

    Maybe, with the stools, they'll release some sort of counter. I don't see the point of a diner stool if there's no place for the stool to actually go.

    Those penguin plushies are so cute - my favorite plushies, so far! I must say, though, maybe if they made the sea-only animals into plushies, the dolphin might be really cute.

    I'll try to see if I can re-create the wall glitch, there. Like TheHowler said, it seems extremely similar to the Canyons Pathway glitch. If I figure it out I'll be sure to tell you, and I'll put a video up on my blog.

  5. The new security words are just fine easy for me to read. I agree with Alygator, too, the new penguins are the cutest plushies so far (before horse was my favorite).

    The stools also look really cool! They sound interesting and look nice, rather then the other new items.. And the glitch.. I've never seen it happen to anyone, nor to me.

  6. Snowy I need my rares back but I need you to friend me on "LovesCheesey" because my account iamcool2c2 is not able to log in.So please friend me on it so I can get my rares back.


  7. MyStoareUser aka missflo2February 19, 2012 at 5:25 PM

    SNOWYCLAW POSTED THE PIC I SENT WHEN I WAS WEIRDLY GLITCHING! WOWEE! Wait till you see teh OTHEr glitch that happened that day a little after...

  8. MyStorageUser aka missflo2February 19, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    And also I was just changing from my seal to my bunny i was where I couldn't see that wall too! I had just entered the party!

  9. snowyclaw your blog is awesome i go on every day also i just tried that glitch its so annoying cuz once i did it 1 time, it made me do it every time i switched animals!

  10. i wish i could get the purple penguin with the pink bow
    it's so pretty


  11. snowyclaw u unadded me :( plz add me kenhen9


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