Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pet Wash

The newest game in Jamaa: Pet Wash! Visit Crystal Sands to give your pet the care it deserves! To start the game just click the game icon in the pet washing building. The building is in the far right of Crystal Sands, near the entrance to the Canyon Pathway.
Here is how it goes:
Pet goes onto platform.
Is sprayed by water faucet.
Add bubbles (color of choice)!

Scrubbed down with brushes.
Rinsed off.
Towel dried, but is see-through...?
Is sparkly
Have fun with the newest Jamaa game! Other update posts are found below this one.


  1. I know about the invisible pet thing it happened 2 my duck and my frog. Coolio!

  2. Snowy's first posts were short, yet fun to read xD

  3. third


  4. .......................................


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