Friday, July 8, 2011

New Beach Items!

New items have come to Jamaa once again, as well as clearance items and closing stores. One of the most exciting is the Water Park den, available for members (I've gotten one already)!
For this new den there comes beach items: umbrellas and beach towels! Great for summer pool parties with your pals in Jamaa(I feel this is a new popular party theme). Firecrackers are on clearance, stock up to last you the year!
And for all those Jammers who need some cool accessories, head over to the shop to get a pair of Bat Glassed, a great item for the beachside. If you are wondering about the astronaut helmet I think it's there because of the shuttle that NASA is retiring.
For all you flag collectors it looks like AJ whipped up another page of flags from around the world, so hop on over to Sarepia Forest to work on your collection!
And 'Mira Says' that avid gamers should stop by Temple of Zios to add this new arcade game to their inventory! :D
But now the bad news, it appears that the shop in Coral Canyons is closing up. We'll miss you Coral Corners! After your mourning you can stop by to pick up furniture for half off, what a steal!
Enjoy the new items Jammers! See you in Jamaa!


  1. i wish they had never closed coral corners, i joined about a month after they did!

  2. i so want coral corners back, i joined animal jam like 6 months ago


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