Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aquarius or Aquaria?

Hey jammers! I'm sure many of you noticed that the most resent poll has ended. And guess which name won? Aquarius! This poll was originally made for the new land, but what if it was for the new WORLD? There could be Jamaa and Aquaria, awesome!
Aquarius or ...
... Aquaria?
What do you think guys? Who's looking forward to the new world? Don't forget I need more volunteers for the blog writing, commenting, and artwork. If you'd like to help more around the blog contact me at
See you in Jamaa!

Note: Thank you HollyJolly for the monkey plushie and katie for the rhino plushie. Thank you to all fans for all your amazing support to the blog!


  1. Hey Snowyclaw! I JUST got my blog today, and I'd love it if you'd come look at it. I'm also an AnimalJam player, I'm Oranoo, and I'd love it if you could some how make room to add me, thank you! I really like to look at your blog!

  2. @Oranoo
    You've got an amazing start to your blog! I hope you have tons of fun working on it, and good luck for the future! I'll add you to the "More Blogs" list, but I don't have any buddy slots left. You can friend AJSprizes or snowyclaw1 so I can see you more often!

  3. I don't know whitch name but I have a better name it is Atlantis.

  4. Hi Snowyclaw. Im having trouble spreading word about my blog. Can you help me advertize it? Its Http://



  5. @Rubin99
    I'm sorry, it'd be unfair to everyone else if I advertised only one blog. I corrected the name of yours on the More Blogs page, though. I suggest commenting often on other blogs, this will get more people to see your profile and blog, plus you can ask to put on that blog's blog list.

  6. I don't like that name it sounds weird!

  7. I think Aquaria is a good name. Aquarius is an astrological sign and I think AJ likes to be unique. Interesting blog. By sister, Oranoo, led me here and I might hang around.

  8. Hiya Snowyclaw! My friend, Oranoo, told me about adding my blog to the "Other Blogs List". I have a blog and I would like to know if you could at it! Here's my blog link: Thanks, and happy exploring!

  9. May I suggest somethingelse?Well I thinaed aqueria ocean.
    Anyway I like this blog you could add me if you want anyone can I'm nicky67,thanx for readiing and jam on jammers!!!!

  10. @luis2235
    It is a bit strange, but Jamaa is also a strange word, right?

    Exactly! Thanks, I'm glad you came!

    Alright, I'll do it right away.

    Of course! I'll add them both. :)

    I should have thought of this, but I can't edit polls after they're up. Could you choose Aqueria, since it's close?


  11. Well it doesnt matter anymore its great anyway.I hope that snowyclaw may have a great time doing this blog which is a great blog.nicky67

  12. you know you can add the tiny tm sign on AJ you can e mail me and i will tell you how to do it XD

  13. **************** about this and i think ******* about it

  14. a pretty way to make margins is like:
    Bunnies () () love emotes ~jzale314 :D
    (^.^) <3 x3


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