Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oceans are Here!

Hey jammers! Is you probably know quite well, there are now oceans in Jamaa! This post is just a summary of what you can do in and around these awesome places. First of all, you need either a shark, dolphin, or seal to enter the oceans. Both the shark and dolphin are new (member) animals.
 You can enter the ocean in one of three spots; the map or the two docks in Crystal Sands.

 There are three different water lands; Bahari Bay, Crystal Reef, and Deep Blue. Bahari bay is the equivalent of Jamaa Township, even a Mira-like statue of a seahorse. You can find the clothes shop there, and the location of the future furniture shop (maybe) is in Crystal Reef
(I'm guessing...underwater dens?).
Additionally there is a likely spot in Bahira Bay for the water pets coming out on the 30th.
 There are two new games in this underwater world as well, Eat Em' Up, and Phantom Treasure.
Bahari Bay
Deep Blue
Plus there are new animations for the animal transformations, I especially like the underwater one, with all the bubbles. And new water actions too!
 That's it for now! I hope this helps with your underwater adventures. See you in Jamaa!


  1. hey snowy i have some things u can send to aj my friend who would rather not be mentioned says tht their should be ocean dens i think tht their should be ocean money cause its taking away from what i have to spend on clearance items

  2. I'm thinking there just might be underwater dens. Another thing I'm wondering is if there will be any secret things that a bunch of jammers have to do the same action to find. (Such as the Mira campfire, disco floor at Geoz, Coral Canyon bridge, etc.) Another suggestion I might add is to make the crocodile a water animal.

  3. Hi! in the new calendar it says that on 29 we will have a new animal or pet i think that is gonna be a new underwater pet a turtle i think so becouse on the new home page in aj ther is a little turtle !

  4. Thanks for posting about these things! I LOVE the new Seasonal trees, dont you? XD
    I couldnt find the Double Gems game till now- thanks for sharing!

  5. @Quavine-
    What happens when you dance at Geoz? I feel so stupid right now..

  6. I just love the oceans. Its soo sweet and awesome.

  7. I think I have discovered my new favorite game on AJ. I love Eat 'Em up. Reminds me a bit of Spore, like the cell stage. The oceans are just awesome!

  8. @Oranoo
    Yes it is. You can see the newest post about it. :(

  9. they march around moaning like a big wide smile

  10. Nobody really goes on the ocean anymore... It's so sad....


    1. I think the oceans should have a adventures and alphas people should go in them more


  11. Oceans are awesome !



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