Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Items

Hey jammers! Looks like the oceans are here, but first here are the new items and objects around Jamaa.
Guess what? They have added more options for reporting!
There are two new letters to be found with oceans as subjects.
There is an updated Jammer Central, with new pictures, shout-outs, video, and a calender.
And the main page is now entirley changed! Notice the turtle and octopus...
 In Jamaa Township there are two new items:
 Plus a new Wolf Topiary in Appondale.
 New flags in the Flag Hut of Sarepia...
And a new arcade game, Overflow, in Temple of Zios.
New items in the Township...
 There are new items in the Ocean Shop! Luckily they get their own item pouch, so we don't have to worry about running out of room.
 Meanwhile, there are two new eye styles as well as five new pattern styles to decorate your animal! Luckily the nonmembers get to use a seal in the ocean, so we all get to enjoy this new world.
Meanwhile, there are now more animal and den slots for members as well as a new den music from the game Sky High.
Plus there is two new double gem games! Phantom Fighter and Spider Zapper.
Have fun with these amazing new additions to Jamaa. I'll post about the oceans after school, until then, relax and collect all the items you can find! See you in Jamaa.


  1. I got on in the morning too. (While the traffic was wonderfully low.) I was pretty impressed. I love my new dolphin and shark. :) I was a little disappointed that you can't use all of your animals in the water nor can you use water animals on land. I also don't like that clothing you buy on land can't be used under water. Now my seal is bald! But all in all, it's a great start. Can't wait for more!

  2. I'm definitely impressed with AJH HQ to say the least!

    Oceans are amazing! Plus, Animal Jam fixed the grammar error in the rules and they added new options to report Jammers (including scamming, which was an idea I sent to them via e-mail). I'm glad they did it! :D

  3. Wow, the oceans are awesome. I'm been playing in them a bit now that the traffic's slowed down. I love the new games. I love this update!

  4. Snowyclaw are u a dolphin or shark because I have a good post for your blog but bad news. Sharks are attacking and eating seals! Jammers:please save those poor seals that have been hurt or badly injured. p.s. Some might think that I am lying but I saw about 10 seals get attacked.

    1. I don't mean to be mean but it IS just a game, it's not like sharks in real life are going crazy.

    2. I know right I want to a party and there was a shark going around not just attacking seals but all the other animals around it 2! that shark was like going around crayz attacking every1!oh and hey add me I am foxluv14725!:) :p

  5. have you guys ever heard the music of Phantom Fighter? I noticed it when the 2X gems was on... it's very calm and soothing... it should be the next den music X3


  7. hey snowy just so you know i have 200000 den items! no joke i have stuff on trade and stuff waiting to get on trade!ps it is underwater

  8. wow. its weird reading old posts...

  9. awesome post i love you website snowyclaw!!!!!!

  10. please be my friend on animal jam im lulu16

  11. Im a arctic wolf so is my friend.
    i got it today

    My user name is Alpha760

  12. How do u get the music with ta zebra and tiger print music notes? i love that music! it makes meh wanna cry happiness :')


  13. I love this website so much! x3


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