Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wolves Only Skyway

Hey jammers. A few things in this post. First, I've gotten multiple requests for the Wolves Only Party skyway glitch, so here it is. Please notice the method, as it's easy to find these glitches on your own. Good luck, click here for more info on the glitches.

teacher - myself
Start here by the totem.
Click another jammer's tag.
Click Games.
Click the steam below.
Click any game in the menu.
Quickly click Cancel.
As you start running down, click
anywhere on the wall (careful, don't
click on the store).
Now you can climb the walls
of the party!

Here is another cool glitch, found by Alygator. The jammer, MoonlightKat, has a glitch in her new Lost Ruins den where only land items can be placed in it. Go check it out!
Strange, huh? That's about all for now, be sure to comment with new things you spot around Jamaa. Happy jamming!

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  1. When I got my ruins den I could place my land pets in it :D but no any more:(

  2. Ugh my stupid sunburn! It hurts so bad, I was riding horses all day, now Im crisped! So ya that was random.:D

  3. HELLLP! i got stuck in somebody's den even though everybody else saw me in jamaa township! and i didn't see my wolf infinity alienclaw! by the way my username is monsoonwind please buddy me

  4. I am personally sick of Skyways..

  5. wow! i went and checked that out! it was pretty cool!

  6. *Sigh* 3 month mem ship expired I will though renew my mem ship sometime else...

  7. They haven't found out Skyways...yet

  8. ARGH!! The Skyway won't work 4 me!! I click the games and click cancel but I don't run downwards! I don't move at all! -caracal100

  9. Land items in a underwater den? That is creepy!


  10. @caracal100
    The sky way glitchs work differently for every one. But it really isnt that big of a deal

  11. OMG i have that den glitch it is so awesome and now all of my firends are jeoulous and asking how to do it but i dont kbow how to!!

  12. I know the firepit glitch in the trading party! so all you have to do is stand on the little wall above the firepit and click the firepit and click again to stop-qwertypi303

  13. my friend used to have that glitch in her den but now it's gone it happend when she first bought it and switched dens

  14. This helps!! Thanks snowyclaw!! 😁 My blog is!!! Plz check it out

  15. Hi Snowyclaw!

    I found a way to do the Bunnies Only Party Glitch! It's not very difficult to do though :)

    ~Wolfinery~~Count Vine Spirit~
    (I don't Have A Google Account)

  16. i found a new weird glitch i had just come back from the horses only party (while i was glitching) anyway part of the horse only party was on my screen in jamaa township its pretty strange!

  17. and also i was in my castle den and when i was on the grass i saw the hopping around album right in front of me so weird!

  18. snowy whats a url?

  19. i had a glitch like that i had the items from my resturaunt den in my ocean den

  20. Wow, this is really cool!



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