Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mansion and Volcano

Hey jammers! The Haunted (Day of the Phantom) Mansion and the volcano seem to be taking the lead in our glitch vote, so that's what I'll be posting today. But first, I'd like to thank you guys for helping me out with the viking hats, I couldn't have been able to collect them without you. And, I was amazed to find, the blog now has over 200,000 views! I think this calls for a huge Animal Jam party, any ideas jammers?

teacher - myself
Start here in the Haunted Mansion.
Click to the left so you start running.
Quickly click a conveniently placed
arcade game below.
Click rules.
Click "x"
You need to do this pretty quick, finish
before you get to the stairs.
You'll then travel down onto the
wall, click anywhere on the wall.
Now you're up, enjoy!

teacher - myself
Start here in the Volcano den.
Click the lower wall below.
Click a nearby arcade machine.
Click rules.
Click "x"
Click the wall when you start
walking down it, be quick!
Now you can fly throughout
the volcano den, enjoy!

Hopefully you guys like the glitches, and I hope I explained them well. I left the Haunted Mansion up as my den if you'd like to try out the glitch. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE SKYWAYS!



  1. Yay! I did the glitches! Thanks, Snowyclaw. ^^

  2. Woot woot!!!! I love skyway glitches!!!!

  3. These glitches mostly all require arcade games! XD


    P.S cool glitches!

  4. Grrrr, someone took the name SpiritHowl on Everloop, so I'll be SpiritHowl1!!!!!!!!! (or SpiritHowl2 etc.)

    The Real SpiritHowl

  5. NVM, I don't have a Everloop account, Imposter....... Whoever took that username... Ok, if someone you don't know sends you a friend request on Everloop, and has the username SpiritHowl, do NOT think that is me, kk? Do NOT. Only If that's someone you don't know...

    The REAL, 1 and Only SpiritHowl

  6. hey why dont u do the easy way-spirithowl

  7. There's another way to do the volcano den...
    And you don't need the arcade games you just need to click on a game on a player card then cancel

  8. I do it the EASY way


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