Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lucky Day is a Comin'

Hey jammers! Here's the second post of the update. First thing's first, the long awaited Elf Tail Armor! Most jammers have not gotten it in the mail yet, don't worry.
It appears on the trade list like this.
 Some more excitement, the new Journey Book page!
Click here to see hints on the locations of all the facts in the Journey Book. Look at the bottom of that post for the more recent pages. Meanwhile, Lucky Day is on the way! The items are just starting, soon all of Jamaa will be green.
Don't worry, there are still some Leap Year Parties, at least for a little while. Be sure to get all the items you need!
And guess what! Crystal Sands is undergoing ANOTHER renovation. What do you guys think it'll be this time?
And now there are more ways to decorate your den, with pets! Sorry nonmembers, AJHQ doesn't have enough in this update for you guys. At least we have the Journey Book!
Just like items your pets can be placed in your den! I believe someone sent this idea in a letter to AJHQ a while back.
There is also another puzzle about the next animal(s)/pet(s). What do you think they'll be, jammers?
I'm guessing a octopus as the new animal, and a jellyfish as the new pet. Could be anything though! The new calender is up in the Jamaa Township Jammer Central.
And the new Double Gems game is River Race!
Tell me what you'd like me to post next, or what I've missed. Enjoy the update. Happy jamming, everyone!


  1. livieloo6 on animal jamMarch 1, 2012 at 5:59 AM

    snowy can you find out where these jammers are getting these like red panda plushies???


    1. They're the Journey Book prize for Mt. Shiveer.

  2. Y g!!!happy spring to everybody!!! It's my most favorite season of the year !! I love the green in jamaa!

  3. NOT FAIR NOT NOT FAIR THEY NEVER GIVE US NM'S GOOD THINGS I THOUGHT SEW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!11 D:< SO ANNOYED AND GAGGED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Grr!I have been trying for like,2 days to play,but it just won't let me load into AJ!I have restarted like,3 times today,and 10 for the little restart thingy.Lol,thingy.

  5. Are any of you havin' trouble getting into AJ?I was just wondering.Cuz' it keeps happening to me.Anyways,please tell me if it's happening to any of you.It would be helpful to know.Just in case it's doing to alot of people and my computer doesn't have a viris or anything like that.

  6. @TheHowler

    Yes, many people, including me, have had issues connecting with the server. It's hard to say who's side of the wire is cut, metaphorically speaking, so just keep trying for now. :P

    I haven't seen tail armour since beta! I was so excited to see this. Oh man, I'm glad they are bringing back beta items. I wonder if skullies are next.

    One of the people who worked with AJHQ gave me a skully...right before they were deleted from the game. -u- Clever clever.

    Anyway, can't wait to have fun on lucky day.


    P.S. me and my friends were joking about how St. Patricks day would be named Lucky day last year... and they came out with that name the next month. XD *coughcalleditcough*

  7. My friend, Molly sent a letter about having pets as "decoration."
    I think her email might have influenced their answer.


    P.S how do you get the anonymous tag for the "choose an identity?" Is it just there, or is it something you have to do?

  8. bubblestorm14\SodaPopMarch 2, 2012 at 11:10 PM


  9. I can't wait to see what Crystal Sands looks like after the update!


  10. @ Liveloo6

    People are getting the plushies for the Mt Shiveer Journey Book thing


  11. urgh i wish crystal sand was a real beach not a water slide


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