Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Dressed and Skyways

Hey jammers, today's item is; the Best Dressed arcade game! Just like we thought (do you think we can read the future? I think so). Members can purchase this in the Sol Arcade.
Don't forget, it's also Double Gems!
AJHQ also made a short post about Wolves Only Parties on the Daily Explorer. There is even a hint of more animal parties that may (or may not) come out in the near future.
More fun stuff in Jamaa, I can't wait!
And guess what everyone? The dearly missed skyways of Jamaa. . . are back in action! In AJHQ's glitch fix they forgot all about buddy games. So basically you do the exact same thing as before, except instead of an arcade game all you use is someone's name card! Good luck.

teacher - unknown
Click someone's name.
Click "Games."
Click the place indicated in all the
skyway glitch posts (such as below
the Best Dressed game, ect.). Click
any of the games in the Games menu.
Click cancel right away! There you
are, it works just like the game
icon method, maybe even easier!

Hey jammers. Hopefully that was a good enough explanation for the glitch. If you'd like me to post a better explanation please say so. Linked below are all the skyway glitches I've posted as of now, all you need to do is replace the game icon instructions (game-rules-x) with the new jammer game method (jammer, games, click, game, cancel). Happy jamming!



  1. OMG Thank you Snowyclaw!!! I don't think anyone would of thought of that! Your a genius!!!

  2. I totally agree with quazar!!! Btw I was that pink wolf saying thank you this morning.

  3. I saw this guy doing it two days ago in coral canyons! This is hwo he was doing it!!!!! Woo hoo! I'm getting on tonight to do it for sure!

  4. I am SOOOO thankful for you!!!! you rock, girl! the only one i have problems with is appondale because of the namecard placement covers the chimes LOL!!!! thanks again!!!!!

  5. umm snowyclaw just saying when you click the link to Coral Canyons (2) it comes up with the jama township glitch. just wanted to point this out because i wanted to know how to get in the sky and when i clicked on the link i was taken to jamaa township. if u could fix this it would be great.(you are already great this would just make you greater)

  6. Ah, I know Lokithorrrrr.
    Thanks for posting this! It's these glitches that make Jamaa so fun. =)

  7. Whoa that was random I just got a message that said to go to the aquarium it was weird. But there is nothing new here.

  8. oh my gosh! i got the same message! nothing new though.....:(

  9. @1123hp
    It's there, just lower in the post. Sorry for the confusion!

  10. I would've definitely got that if I was still a member!



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