Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monkeys and New Den

Hey jammers, sorry for the late post, but I had a school activity. As you know, there are two new pages  on the front of the Jamaa Journal. One of which tells about the new den, the underwater Lost Ruins. Sadly, I don't have enough room for one.
Here are its two icons.
 AJHQ has also noticed the lack of monkeys in Jamaa (they aren't a very popular animal). For this reason they well soon be labeled endangered, making that one less animal for nonmembers. Sorry jammers, be sure to get one!
That's about it for now, be sure to comment with new things you spot around Jamaa. I see my sleep poll isn't doing to well jammers, just remember, I'm going on six hours of sleep every day. Can't I have some more? Happy jamming!


  1. You can sleep in however late you want snowy! We can find new items by ourselves till you post!

  2. dont worry snowy! sleep as long as you want! also, if you would like, i could gladly help with future updates and things like that (if it takes some time off ur hands XD)

    Keep on keeping on!
    ~Darling Wingedbird <3

  3. Koalas and Pandas might become endangered... AJ must get some stuff for non members... seriously and non members might become endangered too...
    P.S. PlantinumPhoenix is kinda my new name and I hope Graham stays (about the monkeys).

  4. It's sad that monkeys are endangered .They are cool animals!


  5. So what time do you put posts up in the morning?

  6. NO! Snowy is wrong on this one! AL HQ does care for us! they care about monkeys! I sent them a letter saying this:

    Animal Jam HQ!
    This is exactly Genuinedeal speaking and not her mom! My mother let me,
    myself and I only compose this letter so I will start it:
    Why are you deleting monkeys!? I am a non member and its unfair how you
    made that up! I know that they are The HQ but... we have rights too! If
    jammers start noticing this they will stop playing and other jammers will
    stop etc.
    That way Animal jam will go back to beta and loose money, that's the truth!

    Make Octopi (octopus) non member... please! Its not fair! Im a non
    member so are all of my friends... (well... 3/4 of them!) And to nonmembers
    thats not fair! Did you know some people can't aford memberships!? and HQ
    is making it worse! Like Petpet Park! everything for members! and only
    members play!
    Monkeys are one of the few non member animals! I remember the time when
    seals were member... then they become nonmember and i was leaping from top
    to bottom with these news! You've really made me happy and everyone else
    too! Non members have been getting fewer and fewer things! Now you're
    TAKING AWAY things?! I know you need money, but over three fourths the
    people in Jamaa are members! you can at least give non members some new
    animals! If you don't, you will be hearing many complaints, and my friends
    and other nonmembers' too!
    And No offence, but i think if you keep making membership stronger, Non
    mems will leave, members will lose member ship and leave, members friends
    will leave and the memebers leave because of it, members notice nobody is
    playing anymore and leave, and etc.
    Why is Animal jam sooo unfair to nonmems? And why are you taking away poor
    monkey?... leave monkeys alone!
    I mean seriously, their nat geo kids why would they need more money they
    already have like 1,000 or more members playing! and Member Ship already
    costs like $20.00 a month!
    Once again, no offence, but it is how i really how everybody feel, just
    look at Spirit claws website. This is an amazing website and kids game and
    I don't want to see it fall apart! You put 4 member things every update and
    only 1 for us!? AJ HQ please do something to stop this... please!

    I request a *personal* Letter back if you can!

    And they wrote me this (1/2 personal)

    Dear Jammer,

    Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Support HQ!

    We understand that you would like more information about why we will be taking the monkeys out of Jamaa. As you know, many different animal species live and thrive all over the world. But in some areas things like hunting, pollution, and disease can cause the numbers of a local animal population to dwindle. If we don't take a stand and help save these endangered species, they might become extinct, which means there are none left!

    National Geographic and Animal Jam are dedicated to stopping the decline of animal populations throughout the world. Conservationists and volunteers worldwide work hard to protect endangered species and move them to safer places if necessary. This is what we have done with Jamaa's monkeys, moved them to a safe place where they can be protected.

    Would you like to learn more about how National Geographic promotes conservation of endangered species around the world? Ask your parents if it's okay to visit, where you can read all about the WildlifeDirect network and find out about endangered apes throughout the world, like the Mountain Gorilla.

    It's great to hear from Jammers who care as much as we do about endangered animals. We hope you have found this helpful, and we look forward to seeing you in Jamaa very soon!

    All the best and Play Wild!

    Animal Jam HQ

    p.s. We'll see what we can do about getting another non member animal!

    So you see! they do care!

  7. I voted for no on your sleep poll. :)

  8. I sent AJ HQ a note about nm animals 2! Let me see if theyve replied... Wonder how many complaints they've got! Next endangered animals: panda, koala. (few have them, AND THEY'RE BOTH NON MEMBER ANIMALS! Soon we'll have only wolves and seals! :(

  9. Oh and also in sleep poll I answered not really. I like just laying in bed late. I like the comphyness of bed, and even sleeping in comfetors even though it's becoming hot!

  10. Today, I saw a wolf saying BOO MONKEYS.It was so mean!I know the user but i don't know if i want to tell it now.

  11. You can sleep don't worry!!!! You don't even have to post everyday. (Unless you want to of course)

  12. Wait a second does it mean that they are going to have rare animals?

  13. The Lost Ruins Den reminds me of The Lost City of Atlantica (whatever it's called)

  14. @genuinedeal

    That's a really long post!


  15. @genuinedeal

    That's a really long post!


  16. Sleep snowyclaw, just sleep! Take your time! AJ Is a fake life, you have a real life right now!


  17. Hey guys,I'd like to send AJHQ a letter

  18. It would say AJHQ ,I am a member but I'm on the nm side.its not fair cuz I have a hunch that pandas will be endangered too becuz in real life pandas are indangered

  19. I wish they would make non member only debs!


  20. Whoops! I meant den, not deb!


  21. OMG! Snowy, you REALLY need to get more sleep! Updates can wait, because health is more important than games and blogging! Just push some more into the 8 hour zone or nighttime.

  22. Some of u ppl r mean.Ppl need their sleep.How would u like it if u didn't get enough sleep?

  23. I agree GreenFun! Health is more important then blogging!


  24. Oh, and where do you find the sleep poll???!


  25. srry, I meant Atlantis, not Atlantica!!


  26. SnowyClaw, you at least need 8 hrs of sleep per day! WHy not take another 2 hrs of your day? Health is better then blogging? Maybe you should get some more authors to help you with the updates?



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