Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pile of Snowballs

Hey jammers! There is a Pile of Snowballs (members) being sold in Jam Mart Furniture for the Ice Fort den.
There is also a new den music!
The Scary Cat Hats have once again become rare. What are you hoping for next Monday? AJHQ also posted a hint about finding slate for the Journey Book page in Mt. Shiveer.
To find my hints for finding the facts in the Journey Book, click here. Or just click the Journey Book in the column on the left side of the blog! That's it for now, happy jamming.


  1. OMG OMG OMG! First comment sooooo cool!ok i'm not really this hyper but... still cool. OK Snowy this is my first time writing to u... i have a question... how did u advertise ur blog??? i made one i keep advertising it in jamma but... no on actually listened :C please tell me cuz'... well... i'm kinda bummed out about it
    Oh and one last question... how did u get the shamrock art i <3 it ^.^

    OK better go cuz' i can talk like this all day! But if u have the time to answer to me that will be amazing, if u don't... i can understand you are working on ur blog or answering questions or something else.

    OK that's the end of this letter
    thanks if u did write


  2. @Genuinedeal
    (I may not be SnowyClaw but anyone,anything can help.Just ask friends to check out your blog.)I'm sure they have seen your blog.Just give it a little time,you can even tell your friends.I'm sure they will check it out.Just keep trying.You could also ask SnowyClaw to put it on her blogs page.You could also make try to ask your friends to ask their friends to check it out(if they want to,that is).It will have a lot of people seeing it sooner or later.
    P.S. Good luck getting people for your blog.I'm sure it will get better.

  3. Awww thanks Howler, I guess i can try... it will help me and i will ask snowy to put it on her page, hopefully one day or another i will get views like snowy does... well i did tell my closest friends, maybe i will blog it on Facebook on my account, i'm sure that will help!
    Well.. the thing about advertising it on animal jam is that i'm not even sure if ppl check it... they just go "ugh" and walk off :C it makes me sad... they should put up this thing on animal jam that if you write an address for a website you can click on the name and it gets you there... that's only daydreams but still... will make it allot easier

    Once again thanks Howler for keeping my feelings and spirit's high! I guess i will try harder

    Thanks again (3rd time!)
    Genuinedeal ^.^

  4. P.S. My blog is:

    I took a break cuz' of the bad ratings and the drop of viewers ^.^'
    i will start it as soon as i get the time too... i stopped in march so it kinda' falling back on update but i will add more stuff...
    Please visit it ^.^ (u don't have too if you don't want to , but it would really be nice


  5. I'm so mad right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! May was hacked!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her last post! :( I am going to make a team on aj to find that hacker. Who ever wants to join go to my den tonight at nine clock pm eastern.
    P.s you might want to change your password for this!

  6. Hi Snowy Claw! I am sorry but I usually like to correct stuff. When you wrote Pile of Snowballs, you were talking about the snowballs.It is not "the Ice Fort den", it is "the Snow Fort den". This is one of my first time visiting your blog. But I have to say, this is they best blog I have ever seen (besides the Poptropica Blog and the Daily Explorer)!

  7. The Pile of Snowballs is pretty cool!, but again it's for MEMBERS!, Why everything for members!!!!!!!!!


    P.S Good Luck on finding your lost elf tail armor SnowyClaw!

  8. Hey snowy, I found out a new glitch. Its for coral canyons. Step 1: Stand anywhere you can click the best dressed game button. Step 2: click the best dressed door. Step 3: while running to the door,click the game button (if its still in reach),click the rules,exit (fast, and you'll be in the air.

  9. for me, slate was one of the easiest ones for me to find

    Keep on keeping on!
    ~Darling Wingedbird

  10. hi snowyclaw i have found new glitches and i dn't know how t contact u D: so yea if we could like make arangments that would be cool i found(idk if u have known this or not so yea)barn, castle, ice fort, gingerbread house, jamaa boat and sky, canyon thats all thanks my user is webkinzworld471

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Remember jammers, no swearing or bullying on the blog! You can leave your opinion on matters, but be sure to be polite and respect others'. Happy jamming! ~Snowyclaw