Friday, March 2, 2012

New Friday Items

Hey jammers. Quite a few new items are out today. In the Jam Mart Furniture there is an cool Ice Torch!
In the Sol Arade . . . Eat Em' Up!
And in Epic Wonders, the Epic Wonders Orb!
 It even changes colors! Wacky huh?
You can try it out in my den if you aren't able to buy one. I also found this funny frozen mud glitch when at a jammer's den and I saw someone do it. Follow the steps below!

Go to Appondale and cover
yourself in mud! 
Go to the top of a ice fort
den and freeze the mud
(do it quickly).
Now you blend right into the ice!

Hopefully it's a fun little glitch to do. Next, another glitch! If you put on a skeleton suit (a rare item from Day of the Phantoms) as a penguin underwater you can blow BLACK bubbles! Just push play, it's really strange.  ^.^
Thanks for showing me wolfy553!
I'd also like to mention that AJHQ has yet to make a Tail Item category in the character edit. When will they add it?
Next post - Lucky Day Party! Happy jamming.

Update: Artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog (Trickertreee)!


  1. They used to have a tail item slot but I think they got rid of it near November? December? I don't remember but they used to. =3 Cool an ice torch! I also would love to go to the Lucky Day Party, but unfortunately I can't go to it (well this morning) because I have to go to school, or be there, at 9:00 A.M EST. Anyway I will try to see it for myself!


    1. snowy claw i saw a really cool glitch it took place in the wolves party, and there was a penguin there! i asked her how to do it she said she went to crystal sands and turned into her penguin and hit wolves party.
      My user is saphfirestar

  2. Yeah, they used to have a tail slot.
    They count items that go on tails as back items. ;3

  3. With that penguin thing, you can also do this:
    1) Get a penguin
    2) Have any color flame pattern
    3) Play underwater!
    Whatever color your flame pattern is, it'll be the same color as your bubbles!

  4. I noticed the no-tail item thing yesterday... I really don't like it. I'm used to finding all of my items by the Head, Neck, Back, and Legs categories.. they must have not made it yet because there aren't enough tail items. I hope they release skullies again; I dreamed of wearing one last night.. it was like a white ring around my tail with a skull with blue eyes ontop.. o3o'

  5. The flames make the bubbles. If there's pink flames the bubbles will be pink.

  6. I like the frozen mud glitch type thing. It's just no one notices. >.<

  7. Snowyclaw i have a blog its called My Blog Secretstar will you please add it

  8. WHAT!?! I showed you that glitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the skeleton suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The skeleton suit glitch looks really cool! Oh and the blending into the ice thing is also really cool too!


  10. Snowyclaw, wheres all your glitches!!! used to i was the first to know glitches... now i dont know any! oh well i guess ill have to go to another blog D,: oh well its not your fault you probably have school work or somethin,

  11. @supastar101
    I'm sorry, there just haven't been many glitches latley! When I find one I'll post it, I can't make them! >.<

  12. I am so sorry snowyclaw i really dont know what got into me now i feel stupid for saying that.... anyways there is a really cool glitch that a jammer is doing right now in jamaa township there literally ON the roof! feel free to add me and see

  13. ~lokithorrrrr's Birthday Party

    March 15 At 2:30am U.S Time Server: Aldan Room: Club Geoz Freebies Are Given Also Please come!

  14. You are so cool add me i'm Admiraltemplepuppy!


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