Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cannon and Phantom

Hey jammers! Looks like it's gonna be another member day, although I must say, they are pretty cool items. First is the Snow Canon in Jam Mart Furniture. Cool, huh?
 It even shoots snow! Try it out in my den.
The next item is the Giant Trapped Phantom in the furniture globe at Epic Wonders in Coral Canyons.
It is of the blue electricity type. I'd also like to mention the strange occurrences of land-sea horses and land based angler fish. Ever notice that Sea Horses and Angler Fish appear on land in their owner's boxes? Kinda weird AJHQ overlooked that.
AJHQ also posted a new screensaver/download on their blog, the Daily Explorer. It's the lion!
Happy jamming! Oh, and I was wondering, how do you like the new "You may also like..." gadget underneath the post? Is it useful and interesting? Please comment with your opinion


  1. NEW GLITCH! An unknown usernamed jammer taought me. IT'S SIMPLE! all you need to do is go to coral canyons, go to steps near rive waterfall thing, and click below best dressed then click best dressed game simble and about two five seconds click rules and then close the thing and VIOLA! -MyStorageUser

  2. There is alot of scamming and rude people... In real life and on AJ..... curse them....

  3. Why is there Commenter and no one underneath?

  4. I think it's okay, some people might like to see some old posts of yours. For my thoughts, I just don't read those. Anyway, weird sea animal thingamajig!

  5. hi ima one of ur biggest vans and i was woundering if u wanna be friends


  6. The phantom is way to awesome but i wimter431 do not have enough gems i like it cuz well it is alive

  7. Hey I love yore blog I have an AJ account my User name is greatdanelover4 and I will get back to you on my wolf's name


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