Friday, January 13, 2012

Temple Treehouse Skyway

Hey jammers, two new exciting glitches to add to your collection. The first of which is by request of multiple jammers. Hope you enjoy the adventures!

Start about here, near the entrance to the chamber.
Click the top right
hand corner to begin
you running.
About here you should do the sameswitch, but it
depends on you and your computers speed.
switch animals...
... to the same animal!
When you're around the middle of those
base rocks, click up on the wall.
(click immediately after the sameswitch). 
This glitch is a bit difficult, I wish you luck. Are
there any lands you wish to learn next?
I'd like to mention that I found this treehouse glitch a little while ago, but other bloggers have been posting it as well.

Start around the bottom of the Treehouse
staircase. Make sure you can see the river.
Click around the far
corner to find a spot
that makes you run.
Do a quick sameswitch as you are running
around this area (or a bit before).
A sameswitch is
switching animals...
... to the same animal. Quickly.
Then click the tree trunk. Have fun
with adventuring around the treehouse.
If nonmems will like to use mine, feel free.
Hope you like the glitches. As a side note I'd like to mention that AJ has released a new banner (on Facebook). I hope you like it!
To find more banners and fun things from AJ's past, go to the Animal Jam Archive. Plus, there is now a new poll on the right side of the blog. What I'm asking is if you'd like to have the comments as the following...
In the pop-up window, as normal.
In an embedded box after post...
In it's own huge page...
Or no comments at all!
Happy jamming everyone, I hope you're having fun around Jamaa. What glitch should I post next?


  1. LOL i remember the pi u took of u when u were dancing and i was watcin u and i was in da way XD
    i wish i was in the pic .3.

  2. Please embed the comments after the blog. it's SOOO much easier that way! (i wish i could vote more than once)

  3. I prefer the pop-ups. It makes it easier if I have multiple windows up at once so I can switch back and forth easier, and also so I don't have to search for the type box.

    I hope you don't them out entirely. Though some can be rude or unnecessary, it's certainly the quickest way to send feedback.


  4. I agree with Quavine on the topic of Comments.
    I, for some reason, can't get the Treehouse glitch to work. Is there a certain place on the trunk we click? I was going to make a Jamaa Visual video for it, but I can't do it. :p
    I'll probably figure it out, but tips are highly appreciated.

  5. Be my friend snowyclaw because you look like a fun, kind, awesome person

    And I like the comment thing the way it is.

    And I made a new page called "About Tornadoes" it tells how they are formed and how to be safe and awesome facts about tornadoes! :)

  6. I did the Zios glitch correctly, but it will not work no matter how much I try. :(

    YGF (Your Good Friend),

  7. I tryed this and it was super cool! Thank for letting us use your tree house! I am workingon being in the club so you are going to here more from me soon! Ps when i did it i danced on the elephants head! LOL

  8. LOL I went into Brady Barr's lab on accident trying to do the first one XD

  9. where did u find this horse skating picture

  10. I would like to know the Crystal Sands one and the Appondale one XD THANKS

  11. in the temple of zios glitcch, i know an easier way to do it! you click on the monkey window and then click the right door! and.. wa-la your flying!have any questions? my username in aj is lindsey70881.

  12. how come every time ajhq makes the monday rare it all the time its usaly for members i hate it ajhq should let everyone become a member without paying for itit just sucks

  13. Pretty37676animaljamAugust 6, 2014 at 3:21 AM

    Omg! A yearrr ago.. I am from the future.. 2022!

  14. i think ajhq should make mcdonald toys that come with a day of membership code!!!!!


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