Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Items

Tons of new items everywhere around Jamaa, jammers! What are some of your favorites? Plenty to shop for!
In Jam Mart Clothing...
In Jam Mart Furniture...
In the Animal Museum...
In the Hot Cocoa Hut...
In the Chamber of Knowledge...
WHY didn't they name the
horse shaman?! And all the
arcade games are removed!
In Bahari Bargains...
In Hidden Treasures...
In the Music shop...
In the AJ post box...
And in the New Year's Party Store...
Anything else you noticed around Jamaa guys? I hope you enjoy all these new items, hopefully you got all the Jamaaliday items you needed. Happy jamming!

Update: New artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!


  1. Hey snowy I just found a den glitch.
    When ever I put down the beta welcomemat I have it turns white! And not only that It wont turn!

  2. to walk on walls change animals really fast and then click its the same with the sky walk thing but a lot faster you have to do it like at the same time

  3. hey,that those tile and wallpapers aren't new!

  4. the arcade games are sold in sol arcade :P

  5. so much horse stuff

  6. awesome glitch! im gonna try it

  7. rlly? i didnt know there was a beta mat :O

  8. Hey snowy imma big fan ur the reason i make videos and do comedy

  9. OH MY GOD :O TAN CARPET :O :O :O :O hopefullu it comes this year

  10. Hi its Floam if your a fan great fuck peeps


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