Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Appondale and Hut Skyways

Hey jammers! Here are two more skyway glitches, I hope you enjoy them. The Crystal Sands juice hut one was discovered by tech66 I believe, but I'm not sure who told me the Appondale.

Start in the top left hand corner of
Appondale, on the mountain path.
Click on the yellow fruit.
You need to do/complete the sameswitch
in this general area.
To sameswitch-
click "Switch Animals"
Click the animal you already are.
Click the shrub on the rocks.
Now you can fly around in the skies
of Appondale! Enjoy.  ^.^

Start around here next to the hut.
Click the slide in the right hand corner
of your screen. 
When you're about here you need to
sameswitch, as explained in
the above glitch.
Click the slide closest to the juice hut.
Now you can run around on the
slides and the hut roof!
I hope you like these glitches! Tell me what ones you'd like to know next, here is a linked list of all skyway glitches I've previously posted, just in case you missed some.


  1. First comment and nice job snowyclaw :)

  2. y one comment?

  3. i am gonna try these glitches soon

  4. I think they fixed this one :(

  5. ok now i couldn't do these ones but i did discorver another appondale one in case some peopel can't do your way but it's harder but thats just how it works lol

  6. Snowyclaw! I love you! Anyway, this is one thing you should know about me and glitches. My brother and I wanted to find easier glitches to do(we already knew tons of glitches thanks to you!). So we created a group called the glitch busters. The glitch busters goal is to discover new glitches that are easier to do than the original glitches. My brother was boss and (unfortunately) I was just supposed to write new glitches down. Another unfortunate thing is that the rule is that any member of the glitch busters are ONLY allowed to tell new glitches to members of the glitchbusters. I broke this rule twice and I will try not to do it again. Anyway, the places where we found NEW glitches(not old ones) were: Appondale, Club Geoz, Jamaa township, coral canyons(below the bridge), sarepia forest(the middle part where you cannot go to using other glitches), NM den, dinner party, heat wave party(which sadly doesn't work anymore for me! ): ), volcano(which somehow only works on my brother), tree house den, princess castle, sarepia slide, restaurant den(the same as the dinner party glitch we discovered!), and another princess castle glitch. If you want to know the glitches, join the glitch busters by sending a jam a gram telling who you are and why to DukeJammer(my brother). And if you do join, remember the rule: you can't tell others. So don't even post our new glitches on your blog. (sorry for being so pushy, but that's the rule)

  7. Oh yeah. The glitch busters comment. My user is chu714.

  8. I don't know how, but now some people in Jamaa are doing our glitches. Maybe someone from glitch busters told them! And then we will get accused for lying when we say that we discovered the glitches, so be honest!

  9. The last three anonymouses were me! Chu714.

  10. I heard you told the insanity glitch that you and a commenter kept a secret. I don't believe you could tell MY secret glitches( look at glitch busters comment) based on that single comment. (sorry fans of snowyclaw and snowyclaw herself!) and the commenter said : WHY DID YOU TELL?!?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!? If you can tell me a good reason why, then I forgive you.

  11. Read this glitch busters rule ten times:on,y tell new glitches to glitch busters only tell new glitches to glitch busters only tell new glitches to glitch busters only tell new glitches to glitch busters only tell new glitches to g,itch busters only tell new glitches to glitch users. You cannot join unless you read this rule!

  12. Hello, I am zebrasavvy, and am a big fan of The AJ Spirit, and will post here regularly. I like the glitch busters idea, uh oh. Gtg.. I need to get some "fresh air" according to my mom.. :T See Yah later!
    Add me!

  13. Snowyclaw please reply, are you supposed to stop on the appondle 1???

  14. i want to no when snowy is on please help me i am her biggest fan ????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  15. it said i am a boy but i am realy a girl i use my dads


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