Sunday, January 8, 2012

Letter to AJHQ

Hey jammers, much has happened recently in Jamaa. I'm sorry I haven't been posting very frequently. One of this biggest events is the discovery of the paths to the sky (and other places out-of-reach). I can't say much on this topic (I've been sworn to secrecy), but I'd like to say this glitch was named by me a while ago, and it is what I call the Skyway Glitch.
This glitch occurs everywhere, but I cannot release details at the moment. I'm terribly sorry, you'll have to hear it from someone else in Jamaa, be it a buddy, stranger, or discover it for yourself. Good luck, and have fun in your discoveries.
Next I'd like to discuss the fact that Anemone Head Bows have again been changed to member items. Why did AJHQ do this? Was it purposeful? I suggest someone address this in the comments for AJHQ's letter (more on that soon).
Now to the main event, the thing-a-ma-jig you've all been waiting for, the Jamaasian letter to AJHQ! I know we all have a lot to say so keep it pretty brief, thanks. Please follow the format below so everyone's feedback will be in the letter.

Subject #1
Your idea or response.
Subject #2
Your idea or response.
Subject #3
Your idea or response.

I think you get the idea, choose as many subjects to reply to as you like. I know this seems a little strange or strict, but I want to make sure I don't miss any ideas you guys have. P.S. Don't forget to tell with your username guys, I'll be sure to tell AJHQ!

What do you want fixed? Which do you want to stay?
What would make AJ safer from the "bad jammers"?
Update Ideas
What would you like to see in the future AJ?
Shamans and Guides
When should they come on? Where should they be?
Returning Rares
What should come back? What shouldn't?
Nonmember Rights
What should nonmems be able to do?
AJ Website Improvements
What should AJHQ add? Should AJ lore come back?
Map Additions
Should there be more maps? Where should they go?
New Animals
What would be a fun new animal?
New Pets/Accessories
What new pets should come out? What should snakes wear?
New Lands
What new lands should come out? What should their names be?
New Clothing
What would be a fun new clothing item?
New Furniture
What would be a fun new furniture item?
New Dens
What dens should come out? What should they do?

Sorry this post was so long jammers. Please send in your ideas, I love hearing your responses. Happy jamming, and have fun with the Skyway Glitch! See you in Jamaa.

Update: New photos on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!


  1. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 8, 2012 at 6:16 AM

    i know how to do skyway glitch so i can tell people on animal jam how to do it.

    i think anemone head bows are now members because they used to be nonmembers and now that they are rare (cuz some ppl werent there to get them)

    *so they made them members because they arent giving them out anymore.

    confusing? just read part with this star: *

    1. i have an nonmember anomone head bow so super rare if you want it trade me but it has to be amasing like A HEADRESS PREFER BLUE A SUPER RARE BOW ANY COLOR A MEMBERSHIP FOR A MONTH OR MORE OR A BETA PLANT ANY BETA PLANT BUT I PREFER A BLUE HEADRESS USER NAME Lexi3333

    2. These things aren’t worth betas. -.-

    3. i wish i was like you, cuz i was yeterday, but now, i have nothing

  2. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 8, 2012 at 6:18 AM


    now they are rare...

    picked up in second paragraph.

  3. i would like elf tail armor to come back and i would like snake to have a tira accessorie

    1. there never coming back. there member gifts

    2. No offense but... Dude. Elf tail armor was sold for a bit back in beta. -.- Plus, they posted in January 2012, Tail armor was a member gift in March 2012.

    3. please block and report morganpokemon for false advertising

  4. I'd like the tail armor to come back

    Maybe a fun new animal could be a type of bird since they fly...

    I think non members should be able to change the colors on the clothing if it hadn't happen.

    I think the glitches should be fixed because some people can't do it and then start a fight...

    Shamans maybe could come every update to see if everyone likes it and see if there are problems..

    Maybe gazzle horns should come back?

    A lizard could be a pet I guess :|

    A museum could be a den

    Hope you like the ideas :)


    1. I WOULD LOVE THE BIRD ANIMAL IDEA!!!!!! please let it be so I can look like Swordbird please ajhq! and also as I said above.... Elf Tail Armors are never coming back. they where a member gift

  5. new animal:

    new pet:

    from lyssie6329

  6. Ooh, got another idea, for a den: a park! only one floor, but it's really big, and comes with a couple of its own trees and benches

  7. Dear, Snowyclaw/AJ HQ

    One of the ideas I've been thinking about for a while are new dens and items, so here are my specific ideas.
    Spaceship den (alien like, strange lumanecent hyroglyphs on the walls, screens with vareiouse monologs.)
    cliff den (just a plane old cliff that over hangs a scenery, maby forest, and a sky that changed to match the time, moving clouds, maby a lean-to)
    river den (a two level den, one with an outside veiw of grassy feilds+rivers, AND a second level to it were water animals might swim)
    mira shrine (just a wide aria with tiles, grass peaking between stone walls, animated traps, carvings of mira/zios and in the center a large blue gem called "miras tear" kinda like an indeana jones theme)

    This is begginging to get long, feel free to edit, or cut anything out Snowyclaw...

    New lands: first off there is that path of land just above apondail covered with rivers, i think it should be called aquara. just a vally flowing with run-off water from the mountains above it with maby some cool animations of fish leaping out of the river and caves.

    my second idea is again (I re-quote) is the sky dens. you would get there from a cyclone or tunnle of dense clouds and it would be a land made of clouds, kinda inspired by the game sky high were you would jump (or in this case fly) around the clouds.

    And my final idea is for a cave land, acompied by some kind of trilabyte or a bat animal. just a cave that has high walls, snakes around other paths and dead ends, stalagmites, and flowing water on the bottom (maby water flows from here to aquara, another idea?)

    Anyways these are my ideas, sorry if it was two long.
    your blog fan, and friend, Cyborgwolfgirl

    P.S. snowy, it appears i am no longer on your friend list, was that an accident or did something happen?

  8. A little advice:


    Thanks :D

  9. sorry i was busy playing pokemon for weeks, but i'll catch up by sending a letter about the scaming on trades. :D

  10. Haha, Ive gotten the Skyward Glitch, did you get that from 'Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword'? xD Just wondering.~

    1. thats an awesome game. you must be a fellow zelda fan

  11. Aye it's hard to do the Skyway Glitches. Everyone's told me how, but I just can't nail it.
    On to my letter! (I'm really sorry about how long it is - I got really passionate. I'm sending it to AJ HQ now, too.)

    Dear Animal Jam Headquarters,
    We Jammers of Jamaa have been speaking of, complaining about, suggesting, and hoping for various things. Today I would like to point a few of these things out to you.
    Firstly, let me say that the lack of non-member items and animals has become quite outrageous. With all of the selection in items and creatures to embody, I would think there would be at least a few that non-members can take hold of. Sadly, this has become a disappointment. Though I am a member, I see many people saddened by the fact that they are oh-so-limited. 'Tis a sad thing to see many people complaining. Yes, I do realize that membership payments keep your division up-and-running, but for Myra's sake could you please let your rules up a little? Your Anemone Bows from Christmas - they were non-member, and now you've turned them to member-only after a month? Sorry, but that comes across me as wrong. It seems like non-members are getting the worst end of Jamaa, and I've seen many just plain quit because of this.

    Next, I would like to speak of the inventory slots. Recently you have added more slots to the den list, animal list, and pet list. But, you seem to have left out the furniture and clothing lists. I notice that you have updated the furniture list, but that had been ages ago and now people, with all of the new items about, have run out of space. I myself am one of those Jammers, for I am always in the predicament of having to recycle my favorite items to get some new ones. If only you could increase the slots to allow three hundred items, maybe the population would calm down about this subject.

    Lastly, I would like to ask you a question. Whatever has happened to our nigh Beta dens? The three-leveled den was the dream home of many Jammers, and every Beta tester I know (including myself, as such) have wondered why you took them from us. Were they too glithy? Were they just not practical? Did they not work with newer items? Whatever the case is, Beta testers everywhere would like to see them return, for they were and will be the best dens we've seen.

    I thank you for your time, as I know you are very busy people. I hope you can take my questions and suggestions into consideration, and I wish you a Happy New Year.

    Sincerely yours,

    1. Idc if your letter is long.
      Your so right!
      I used to be a non mem and I was the leader of ALL rants! Seriously, AJ is like... like.... PUTTING NON MEMBERS INTO SLAVERY IN A WAY THAT THEY CANT HAVE ANYTHING GOOD!

  12. New Animals
    I would love new animals! Can they make them nonmember though? The new animals I think are cool are:
    birds, fish, and so on.
    Is my AJ username. :)

  13. i want clans banned from animal jam and the new den i want to be a forest den like not the tree house but like bigger

    1. BAN CLANS R U CRAZY!!!! CLANS R THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES PEOPLE GO ON THE GAME!!!!! DO NOT BAN THE CLANS!!!! and i want a new ice land den or something like that because i love Mt. shivvr


    3. WHAT! BAN ALL CLANS? That ruins a leader and her clan! (Me) Plus the second anonymous above me ikr lets get a ice land den

  14. Please tell! Everyone I ask is "Sworn to secrecy" too! Some are even using their knowledge of the glitch to scam for rares! "Send me rares to get the special ability!" something like that. D:

  15. Username:awesomestacy321
    Dear AJ HQ,
    I would like to giveou some advice for the website.
    There is a land above Appondale,with rivers.It could be called Riveria,and when you step in it you can be so bright and clean(even your pet!).Mira should live in the rivers so she could guide them more often,especially for the newbies.
    NM Rights: I think nonmembers should have pets too,only 2 pets to make fair like nonmembers only can have 2 animals.They also need to have things more free to them,such as the anemone bows,it should be for the nonmembers too.
    Shamans and Guides:
    They should appear WAY more often,especially Greely.99.5% of jammers don't see Shamans.Usually new jammers only see Liza.Shamans could guide their way,and help them understand more!
    Thanks,and please submit my ideas!

  16. Glitches: I think the loading glitch should be fixed. I think the Sarepia glitch should stay.
    Safety: I think AJ should assign "patrollers" and everyone could be a patroller. just at different times.
    Update Ideas: A while ago I had thought the idea of a carnival land.
    Shamans & Guides: I think they should have a Shaman in each land that they "belong to".
    Nonmember rights: I think they should make the Meber animals availible to Nonmembers after 2 weeks. And maybe have at least one pet for NM's
    Website Improvement: I think they should have an "offline" game page (if you know what I mean).
    Map Additions: I think they should make a second map with many more lands
    New animals: they should make a Bird (that can fly off the paths =D) and an extinct animal, like a raptor or something.
    New lands: They should make a desert or swamp
    New Clothing: A tail item or earrings, sweater, maybe a lion's mane.
    New furniture: they should make a trampoline, or any excersise equipment.
    New dens: I think they should bringh back the beta dens!
    Returning rares: I think freedom items should come back along with top hats and leaf necklaces and gazelle horns. (Maybe tail armor too)


    1. also love the idea to bring back tail armor the freedom items and the top hats lol i also said leaf Neckless too :3

    2. I think there should be a Nonmembers are Members day. like once every year or maybe 3 months, Nonmembers should be turned into Members for a day. they can get member animals, new dens, change colors of items, have the member tag thing, get member gifts, buy member items, buy pets, get into member only parties and enter full servers. also raptors are still alive. like a Osprey is one. and also I agree that they should make bird animals that can fly. like an owl or hawk of falcon or bald eagle

  17. I think that AJ should make a air tank (nonmembers) so bunnies, wolves, etc. can go underwater.

    I wish they could find out if someone scams you because I was scammed for a bow and arrow.

    Also, I found out the skyway glitch (I don't know if this is the same glitch though, but I walked on the sky)in July, and it happened when I got on the computer, and I had to reload the page. All of your animal slots were "Princess Orangemountain" even though the animal I was using wasn't called that.

    AJHQ should make more things nonmember, because a bunch of people like me can't have membership.

    Do I sign with my Username or my Animal's name?

  18. I think that AJ should make a air tank (nonmembers) so bunnies, wolves, etc. can go underwater.

    I wish they could find out if someone scams you because I was scammed for a bow and arrow.

    Also, I found out the skyway glitch (I don't know if this is the same glitch though, but I walked on the sky)in July, and it happened when I got on the computer, and I had to reload the page. All of your animal slots were "Princess Orangemountain" even though the animal I was using wasn't called that.

    AJHQ should make more things nonmember, because a bunch of people like me can't have membership.

    Do I sign with my Username or my Animal's name?

  19. Dear AJHQ,

    I think the new den should either be a spaceship den or a cliff den (maybe look like Coral Canyons?). Also, nonmembers should have rights as well. For example, they should be able to change the color of clothing and den items like back then and should at least have 2 pets like they have 2 animals.

    Also, shamans should be around more often! I would suggest after a AJ update and maybe they can ask us any questions. Also, PLEASE bring back top hats and gazelle horns! Thanks!


  20. Woops, forgot my letter! ^-^;;

    Dear AJHQ,

    This may have been said many, many, times, but can you make a few things nonmember? When the horses came out, a few nonmember said, "Nonmember rights!" I myself, is a nonmember, it just bugs me that so many nonmembers do that, it happens all the time! And some people have been saying, "No more Clans/Packs!" To be honest- you shouldn't take them away from Jamaa. Roleplaying there with the Packs / Clans is my life! And, for den ideas, here they are. There should be a zoo den (because so many people are creating them), with a stand for entering, and little arches and rooms for the animals! And they should be a little bit big. Another den could be a shop! It could have its down tables and check out center for the items. Another one is just a normal house; it could have stairs,a kitchen, its down beds, and a TV! Anyway, you should also change Crystal Sands back. We liked the old one! Here are some animal ideas: You should cerate a Otter! It could be both land and sea, like the Seal!

    Your Player,


  21. Please don't report the SkyWay Glitch please! I love it so much! and if they take it away im going to be sad!

  22. Glitches: PLEASE FIX THE SPINS AND UNLOADING GLITCH! THEY BOTHER ME! But please don't take away the Skyway Glitch! Or the Item Duplicate Glitch!
    Safety: Maybe have a password characters minimum, like FeralHeart and Webkinz do? And maybe increase the security a little.
    Update Ideas: There should be a sky land where you can have birds and stuff and fly around and have sky pets ad things. Also, they should TOTALLY have these pets: Gecko and tarantula. Also, maybe they could have DINOSAURS! Like Pteranadon, and Stegosaurus, and Triceratops, and T.Rex, and Spinosaurus (Boy, would Spino11 love that).
    Shamans and Guides: Maybe Graham should come if you tell the story of the phantoms around the Zios campfire, and Greely if you break the bridge or tell the story of Jamaa /phantoms in front of the Spirit Stone. And y'know that hut in Jamaa Township where there's that little bamboo path that you can't go on? They should make that into Liza's house and then she could be there at certain times each day and you could see how the Shamans live. And Guides could send out an alert if a Guide is on and it could say where.
    Nonmember rights: Nonmembers should have at least two pets, maybe the cat and dog. They might be able to access a few pet rares, but not all of them. And there should be more nonmem items.
    AJ Website Improvements: They should bring back the download sites and AJ blogs. Those were so, so awesome...
    Map Additions: No comment...
    New Pets: There should be a Gecko and Tarantula! And maybe the snakes could have an Egyptian headdress and you could make it look like a cobra.
    New Lands: Well, that river land above Appondale should come soon. It could be called Aquaria or something, and it could be like ruins on a river.
    New Clothes: Totally add the Best Dressed stuff!
    New Furniture: I don't know, maybe like a Pet Wash for your den.
    New Dens: I agree with Cyborgwolfgirl, they should have all those dens, especially the Spaceship den!

  23. @Snowyclaw
    Hey! Awesome blog, you are truly the best blogger I have ever seen!
    I love to do the Sky Way glitch as well! :D I find it so cool, because I get to pretend by standing on top of the recycling can in Sarepia Forest, saying reduce, reuse, and recycle Jammers! Make Jamaa a better place! I love doing that. Do you do anything like that Snowy? I was just wondering.
    Also, in the letter to HQ, will there be a rainforest land coming out soon. (Hence, that is what it look like on the map) If so, maybe HQ could invent, Sloths, Tree frogs, or coyotes maybe... I hope so. Maybe for new dens, there could be a spaceship den, with space clothing and all. That would be AMAMZING on my part. XD Also, all sorts of neat things yuo would find in space for furniture maybe...
    I'm just a big Astronomy fan, so if AJ could add an outer space land, along with an outer space den, clothing, and furniture. I would be content. Well, I hope you would want to tell HQ this snowy, if not I understand. You don't HAVE to post my ideas on, it's ok. They are only suggestions.
    Well, I guess that's it. See you in Jamaa and Jam On!

  24. If anyone happens to figure out the Skyward Glitch, PLEASE TELL ME! I really want to know how to do it. Reach me at:
    AJ Account username: Catsrawesome02

  25. Well i just wanted to say that shamans should be seen more commonly .And also you should be able to see Mira.


    1. ya i do too i've never seen a guide before.:( yay first time i've ever left a comment on this :)


  26. mmm snowy that glitch has always been Walk On Walls Glitch even if its not done by manual

  27. After sending my letter to AJ HQ, they told me the Anemone Bow thing was a glitch! They say they were originally intended to be non-member items and they are working hard to fix it. Weird.
    If anybody else wants to see the rest of AJHW's reply, I am making a new AJ blog mainly for contacting AJ HQ. It's at:

  28. Thank goodness that anemone head bow was a glitch!

  29. BTW I am guessing in this comment....
    I think to do the Skyward Glitch u have to change animals really quickly and then when u change quickly click the sky and u might go up there
    *please notice this is a guess*

  30. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 9, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Todays my Brothers Birthday! he is 13!!!

    Happy Birthday Tanner!!!

  31. That's off-topic, but happy birthday to your brother!

  32. I think it would be amazing if Electric guitars came out for animals to wear And for a new animal there should be Falcons!-camden12345

  33. I think peinguins could be a cool new animal and an octopus or sea monster would be a cool new ocean animal

    I think we should have submarines for our land animals so they can go into the ocean (even though im a member they should be 4 nonmembers too cause it would not be fun because some of my friends at school r nonmembers) :)

    I also think we should have a boat system (since there r lots of rivers in jamaa), train staition or air port so we can travel to different worlds and have 2 or three maps!

    I think skullies, beta eyeball,
    pigtails,blanket,flag, and leaf necklace should return because they look cool and i really want them!:D

    I think as new clothes we should have bows or flowers to put in our fur (such as a hair bow),a jet pack,sunglasses,and other epic clothes

    last i think we should have more under water dens and a garden den, a farm den, a zoo den, or a woodland den!:)

    hope this works,
    jojoismygirl :)

    1. i really really agree with this won!!!!!!!!!!! especially the transportation systems!!!!


  34. @snowyclaw
    i dont mean to be mean but then whats the point of this blog if u wont tell us the secrets? I thought thats what this blog was about, but u wont tell us. U shouldnt have mentioned it if u weren't going to tell us cause now u just hert peoples feelings:(

  35. I think the Forever loading glitch should be fixed. If AJ HQ could make a little club or something and Jammers can talk about how people can make Jamaa a safer place and send their ideas of how to make Jamaa a safest place ever to AJ HQ! They should make Snake pets have a clown nose and other awesome accessories for them or a little sock for its tail and instead of AJ HQ choosing only one Flag for the contest they should pick six flags and put them in the shop! Shamans and Guides should come out more often and they should come on for B-Days or special events! Top Hats and Flags(not den item)should come back because I love those items they look so cool on people and some people really want to wear them. Non members should be able to change clothing colors and den colors and have four animal slots and get more awesome clothing and den items. I like the AJ website the way it is. There should be more awesome lands coming cause I see lots of open space that hasn't been discovered! And the one by Mt.Shiveer and Appondale should be a land cause it looks like it has waterfalls,swamps, and marshes! There should be Panthers,Lizards,Sting Ray, and Pigs! I'll talk about more ideas later ^-^

  36. Glitches:
    The glitch when the buddy list does not show up is very annoying. Please fix that. Also I think the glitch when it says you're in Jamaa Township or something but you are still in the previous place and you can't see yourself. I find it very annoying and makes me refresh....and keep the Skyway glitch! It's really fun. :3

    They should make a poll that you can type long answers telling AJ mods about bad jammers being mean instead of just reporting.

    Update Ideas:
    There should be a gambling game which you have to pay gems for, and you spin a wheel and there is a few sections; ''Buyable Item''{7 of}, ''Unbuyable Item''{5 of), ''Rare Item''(3 of}, ''Quite Rare Item''{2 of}, ''Ultra Rare Item'' {1 of, very skinny line} And it's called WIN FREE ITEMS! You have to pay 100 gems at the start. Lol, I think it would be fun. o.O

    Shamans and Guides:
    There really should be shamans and guides who come on. They should go to any land besides Jamaa Township and Coral Canyons. They would be on the less popular servers and rarely a popular server. They SHOULD be...

    Returning Rares:
    Top Hats and Viking Hats should NOT come back. There is already enough of these items, and there's no reason to. If a person tries they can just get one on there own. Also, I think Freedom Wings and Heart Cape and Heart Balloon should return for Valentines.

    Non-Member Rights:
    OK. IT ISN'T FAIR FOR NON-MEMBERS! NMs should be allowed to receive gifts and change non-member item colors AT LEAST! Seriously too much is for members these days. It isn't fair at all. Everything that is new is for members ONLY! Seriously Animal Jam HQ, you are being VERY mean to those many who are a non-member. They don't get to fully enjoy the game! And only one ocean animal? SERIOUSLY!!!!

    AJ Website Improvements:
    They should add a Animal Jam forum where you can talk about Animal Jam and mods can answer questions. And on the forum you should be able to chat with friends and the stuff that a forum has. :3

    Map Additions:
    ....No there shouldn't be any more maps. But they should mark the shops in the lands so you can zoom to the shops from the map.

    New Lands:
    A desert land would be awesome! A sandy area with cactuses around and it should be located in that space above Coral Canyons.

    New Animals:
    When the desert comes out, a fox should come out! I love foxes, and it would be awesome to have one. Maybe there should be a special editorial when you can make your fox have three tails, 2 tails, or 1!

    New Pets/Accessories:
    I would REALLY want a cute hedgehog pet! I can imagine how cute they would be. And maybe they could wear extra prickly spines and little paw armor... aw... it would be SO cute!

    New Clothing:
    I would love there to be a scarf item! I sometimes even dream of wearing a cool black scarf. I really like scarfs so I think this should be a good addition. Also Elf Tail Armor should be released! And for a new leg item, there should be socks! And when you change the color you change the pattern of the socks. Since there are shoes, there needs to be socks!

    New Furniture:
    I think there should be a bath and a toilet. I mean where do we go to the bathroom...? Lol...

    New Dens:
    A mountain den would be EPIC! Like the den is on the side of a mountain ridge or inside it, kinda like the volcano den.

    And yeah that's about it. The longest comment I ever posted. o_o


  37. animals: heron,cheetah,yak,okapi,lemur
    clothing: shirts, red hat
    pets: bird, lizard, rats
    dens: temple, cabin, future mansion
    furniture: crayons, chip bag(don't know why)
    lands: icy ocean called icaquarious, oasis named tropical palms

  38. *New clothing
    A fez. I've been asking a while for a fez. I even asked a Guide a long time ago and they considered it, but still no fez. :(

    *New Pets/Accessories
    I'd like to ask if the other rares for pets are coming back out? I was excited about the improvement, because I really wanted a robot bat. But it wasn't there. Maybe every week they can interchange the accessories?

    *New Animals
    A goat, warthog, or penguin.

    That's all I can think of right now. One thing I'm really happy about is the new space-themed items coming out. I am a total sci-fi geek. :) AJHQ is doing a great job as they are. They really listen to us.


  39. Dear AJ HQ,

    I would like it if you allow the glitch when you can fly in the air to stay.
    Jam On,

  40. i forgot some.
    nm rights: have two pets, change item colors, add one more animal and den slot (though another den slot is useless because there isn't a another nm den, a cabin would be a good addition)
    rares:the gloves and eyeball
    update ideas:an ocean splash party for the parties

    that's all i want.

  41. I've got some more new ideas:
    Improving: There are so many new items out,I think there should be room for 500 items.Like for example,the clothing,furniture,pets,and animals.
    Glitches: These are the glitches that should stay:Coral Canyon flying glitch,Coral Canyon bridge glitch,Sarepia Forest glitch,Temple of Zios glitch,Mt Shivveer tent glitch,Mt Shivveer slides glitch,Crystal Reef glitch.Yes,indeed there is many glitches,but those are the entertaining ones.The glitches they should get rid of is "The Spins","Sort Text","Change your Look caption","Not popping out buddies glitch".
    New Items/Old Items: The glove should DEFINTLEY come back!People are willing to trade everything for it,or even scam it!It should'nt be on clearence or a high price.Items that should come back are,:Mudasa mask,Haunted House,Pilgrim hat,gloves,Bat pet,Beta Nigh House(when AJ first started),cups,Fireplace,robot toy,Mira statue,Valentine chocolates box,Top Hat,fox hat,Heart locket.
    NM Rights: Since of so many items are coming up,nonmembers should get for rights,or,get more items.Like for example more animals.They should also get the sword too.Recently you made two unfair things for nonmembers:Not being able to change colors.Not being able to get a gift from a Jam-A-Gram.Maybe you could let get half of the cool items,so that way it is fair.I'm a member,but I feel very awful for the things NM's can't do.
    New Animals: A new animal should be a bird,and it should be NM too.You could fly it around everywhere,so that way you don't have to use a flying glitch.

    Hope u like my ideas,

  42. i think that there nonmembers (like myself) should be able to have more then one den. it takes soooooo long to change (at least for me ;p)them then as soon as your done you get more items and your den is full!!!
    also i think that the next animal to come out should be a Eagle!! FOR NONMEMBERS!!! they are my favorite bird and if they did come out for members i would be very sad.
    not mening to complain.. AJ is very nice to non members i used to play another game.. non members could only play games.. no items.. no clothes..
    but another thing thta would be nice is if NM could change the color of items and have at least 1 pet.

    well im of to play some more Animal Jam...

    ps. nonmembers shpould also be able to recieve gifts.
    p.p.s my user name is Lotie

  43. Glitches:
    I like the Skyway glitches and think they should keep them.
    Safety: Maybe they should encourage more Jammers to protect themselves....
    Update Ideas: There should be a way to change the time of day in your den! And the weather in your den!
    Shamans and Guides: I think they should have Wild Wednesdays again where the guides come on.
    Returning Rares: I want the torn blankets to come back!
    Non-member rights: Even though I am a member, I think the amount of things that are members only is RIDICULOUS. Non mems should at least be able to change clothes and furniture colors and accept gifts! And maybe even have pets!
    Map Additions: It would be nice to have a map where flying animals like birds could be.
    New animals: A WEASEL or FERRET!!
    New Lands: For pete's sake, open the river-y land north of appondale! I don't care WHAT you name it, just OPEN it!
    New Furniture: Make a bed.
    New dens: Hmmmm.... A riverside den would be fun. -caracal100

  44. Glitches:
    Keep ALL The Skyway Glitches
    Maybe Another Way To Ignore People?
    Update Ideas:
    Pet Geckos!
    Returning Rare:
    NM Bat wings
    Nonmember Rights:
    Let Non-Members Have MOST Of The Rare Monday Items
    AJ Website Improvement:
    Go Back To The beta Days For A Week :D
    Map Additions:
    New SPACE Land
    New Animal:
    New Clothing:
    Rist Bands With The AJ Sign On Them
    New furniture:
    More Houseplants!
    New Dens:
    Space Den, Forest Den, Den On A Cliff/Mountian

    1. BTW i like your idea go back to BETA for a week that would be great so we could get items that were in beta again like top hats and leaf neckless and plants and even the Cami frog OH and they should let the beta den be a den to buy ^^

  45. i was on aj and all of a sudden i had to relaod so i did and when i got back some of my buddies were gone. i need them back but i dont remember their names

  46. i was on aj and all of a sudden i had to relaod so i did and when i got back some of my buddies were gone. i need them back but i dont remember their names

  47. Hello my name is Bouncing Wackywolf and i'd LOVE if they brought back Rare Spiked collars and Rare spiked wristbands and bring in real mech angle wings so we can change the colors of them(and maybe even bring back the rare gloves which are mummy dragon and legendary glove)and headdress's why i ask this is because its a little unfair when someone wants a rare wristband for say and no one wants to make a reasonable trade for it everyone wants insane stuff for it =\ soo it'd be cool if they brought them back AND even non-members could wear it ^w^ im only trying to be fair for all jammers cause i hate seeing people on here bragging about all the stuff they have and can get and even me im STILL having issues getting a rare collar soo that's my idea for items too bring back =) i hope if you do this again that my idea goes into the note to AJHQ =3

  48. Oh and yeah bring back Tails armors and a new animals: Fox,Raptor,and i liked the idea i read earlier the Roadrunner that would be cool :3

  49. -bring back tail armors
    -hav a zoo den
    - more nonmember clothes
    - more patterns for the animals
    -more places to explore
    -birds as an animal
    -more nonmember sea animals
    -different dens for nonmembers


  50. Oh and i agree about the roadrunner too that would be pretty sweet XD.

  51. hi i know lots about how to get in the epic dens list and that is what i will tell you about.first you must have lots of den items in your den but a essyer way is that because most under water dens have hardly any den items in it you can buy a sea den and put a little less items in it.the second tip is that you need to have epic clothes and be a nice jammer and be rich like me. look at my under water den for example to give you the idea of what it should look like if you want friend me. later on in about 10 years from now i will start a blog called howl22851s animal jam rush so it is probily to early to say that now but keep a
    heads up on my posts it can really help out and my blog will be in the comets box of this only kind of of blog so keep reading my stuff secret: (i am in a legend and if you herd a roomer that once a king and his aprentice was in peace and became enemys i play the king not lieing and it teaches you how life can hurt and face the past and never give up no matter what happens)

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  53. my club pinguin account is legendary112 if you want to friend me

    your buddy,

  54. if you have any questions about jamaa then reply to me


    p.s. i know i talk a lot hehe

  55. Non member rights
    Dear hq please alow nm to be the newest animal the fox here my fav so please be kind and let no members be foxes

    1. Yeah! AJ is no fun if you're not a member. I get a bit upset when I want to trade or buy something and then I realise it's only for members. AJ be more kind and let us have something GOOD.


  56. A new land should be a magestic forest with a water fall and shinning sun or a dark cave world filled with gems and a stream of lava or a polar water with ice burgs and frozen surface and a spooky forerest with dead trees and mist with gooey swamp water and a full moon in the bacrond by zoooooo on Animal jam

  57. Safety
    AJHQ needs a better moderation system. Whenever people are mean to me and I report them about a gazillion times, nothing happens to them.
    Update Ideas
    Bring back the culture!
    Shamans and Guides
    Each Shaman should be found in their land. Guides should be found anywhere.
    Returning Rares
    For Rare Item Monday, they should have den items too.
    Nonmember Rights
    Non-Members should be able to buy more things.
    AJ Website Improvements
    Bring AJ lore back!
    Map Additions
    There should be more lands. There is enough room.
    New Animals
    Polar Bear!
    New Pets/Accessories
    I would like a mouse...
    New Lands
    There should be a marsh land at the upper left hand corner in that space.
    New Clothing
    Maybe pants...
    New Furniture
    Bring back plants!~
    New Dens
    A zoo den, with enclosure and everything.

  58. SomeoneWhoLikesCheeseAugust 3, 2012 at 12:20 AM

    Rares: The Top hats should be brought back but not worns and nm wings.
    New dens: maybe like a club geoz den with the dance floor and lights and dis co lights
    New clothing: maybe like a dimaond studded tail
    New furninture: Idk
    New animal: a bird and it can fly instead of doing glitches
    Nonmember rights: wow nms can barely do anything. They can't wear the good items and they cant have any pets. They can't recieve mail or change the color of items? It's really sad when they get scammed by members thinking they will get a membership and there's nothing you can do about it. I think that the members r sometimes spoiled way too much even though I'm a members I still believe that there is hope for nonmembers!! Oh yeah and they should be able to have one more den.

    1. I think your right. Even if I'm a member to. Non members aren't allowed to do ANYTHING! I'm glad they can at least BUY things. Because a lot of websites they can't. Any who I think they should be allowed to buy at least ONE pet. Like maybe a classic. A dog? Even a pets enough! I think they should be able to buy more furniture, and have a bigger den. Even change colors for goodness sake! But I do know why Animaljam did this.
      1. Because they want more people to buy memberships so they can get money
      2. the money DOES go to a cause, it helps to keep Animaljam alive. The equipment can become expensive!
      3. I really don't know...

    2. Thanks for understanding all us Non-Members!


  59. Hey Snowy! I have a question for Animaljam HQ. My friend (I will not give out her identity) told me that in fall of 2012 that beta days were coming back! Meaning, worns, top hats (founders hats), and non member bat wings were coming back. But that is only a few I can name from the beta days. I just wanted you to ask AJ if it was true. Thanks Snowy! Also there's one more question, will the deleted colors in items every come back to AJ? Thanks again Snow!

  60. Hey Snowy,

    I have a question for AJHQ. I wanna know,why have they suddenly made thing Member Items? It's not fair. Other virtual world have paid memberships, but it's fair. They haven't made it fair on AJ.

    I have one last plead:

    If you know how to get through to AJ workers, please make my plead come true!

    Thanks guys and you too Snowy,


  61. Also, if you need help with your AJ Journey Book please feel free to Reply to this.


  62. hi. I just notice the non member bow arrow are rare and I was really hoping for that the bows well come back for the December gift. And I don't believe that it will.

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  65. i really think animal jam needs to make less things member because there are so many cool things people reALly want and i know your probrably saying why dont you just trade well dont even try because its still gtoing to be member besides the fact they could at least make one animal non member because peis are really cool and a bet a lot more people are complaining because on ommercial it looks cool but on game cool stuff is member they better fix this sorry for making long

  66. animal jam should put more non-member monday rares cause seriously for like whole 3 months no non-member monday rare items!just member only rares!

  67. i would love a LOAD of golden mega rares like golden headress,spike and expecaily golden wings! a lot of poeple in aj like gold and all those types of rares! thanks AJHQ!

  68. YeA I think gold tail armor would be cool crazyei8ht

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    btw my aj user is rynnie12


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