Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Items

Here are all the new items around Jamaa for this update. Be sure to comment if I missed something.

Jam Mart Clothing...
Jam Mart Furniture...
Flag Shop...
Epic Wonders...
Chamber of Knowledge...
Bahari Bargains...
Hidden Treasures...
Dinner Party Shop...
Den Shop...
Letter Box...

How do you guys like the new items? Other new things will be in the next post, so be sure to check there as well!

They still haven't fixed the
elf cuffs yet,  isn't that strange?


  1. yay!!! me and WitchHatBunny were talking bout golden gloves!!! ayayayaya!

  2. golden gloves aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrre the most awesome st thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. guess wat guys i got a item from best dressed!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wats wrong with the elf cuffs?

  5. Cool! Golden gloves look awesome!!!!!! Reds565 is right, they rock!!!!!!!!!

  6. i cant find the new stuff in epic wonders its all old....

  7. The new stuff in epic wonders is old? Or if you mean you can't find the new stuff in the bottom orb you're looking in the wrong place. If you can't find the stuff in the bottom orb then they are in the top orb. I've checked and they're in the top orb, oh and this is to anonymous.

  8. Question is the golden glove worn underwater?!?

  9. Snowy can you post your pics of your animals whering the clothing from epic wonders that you have? That would be really cool!!!


  10. HAI KITTINS :PPPPPPPPPPPP (P.S WATS WRONG WITH THE ELF CUFFS?!)id like an answer...... i keep seeing witch hat bunny.......i waz a tiger underwater.......

  11. I have a golden glove :)

    I wished they would put more den slots and clothing slots cause I'm running out of room.

  12. Meh not being mean though i think aj wasn't as good at the graphics then.
    Meep :3


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