Monday, January 16, 2012

Sand and Flag Skyways

Hey jammers! Two new skyway glitches to report, hope you enjoy them! The Crystal Sands glitch, I'm not sure who told me, I hope they don't mind I share it. >.< The second slide part I found myself. As for the Flag Shop glitch, I think the founder may be Pangaea. Enjoy the skyways!

Start about here on the net bridge...
Click in the top right
hand corner of the
When you're about here complete the sameswitch...
Switch animals...
To the same animal...
Then click the rock next to the
waterfall, remember, quick.
Now you can wander through the
skies of Crystal Sands!

Start inside the pet wash, using
the glitch above.
Move downward until you start
running left (or click the slide).
When running over the slide
click it again.
Now you can run around on the
slide! Kinda fun, right?

Start about here in the Flag Shop.
Click this flag, you'll start running.
When about here sameswitch
(as explained in glitch above).
Click the globe.
You'll run up it near the "?"
Now you can enjoy the Flag Shop!
Hope you liked the glitches so far everyone, which ones would you like to see next? Don't forget to get your holiday and clearance items soon, the update will be this Thursday!


  1. Are there any other skyways, snowyclaw?
    If there are, could you please tell them to us?
    Thank you Snowyclaw for telling us all those other Skyways.... You are the best!!!!

    Your fan~

  2. Could you post the volcano glitch? It looks pretty cool.

  3. can you please list the places we can do the skyway? since i really want to figure out how to do it myself, i just want to know where to look.

    please, snowy, i want to figure it out myself, so list the places there is a skyway glitch.
    -animal jammer

  4. I already know the flag shop glitch and thanks for giving me the Crystal Sands one snowyclaw!

  5. Oooo I found a new way to get in the skies of Crystal Sands.

  6. snowlyclaw guess wta! i figured out juice hut sky lgitch i was the very 1st 1 do do it!

  7. Could you show us the other glitches you know? And do you know the one for brady Barr lab and clothing shop? And since you know how to do the jamma township one do you know how to get onto club geo roof?

  8. Hey jammers have you always waited to know the cruise ship party glitch well il tell you! just add me i am kittymoooo okay plz dont tell to many ppl this glitch thanks! =3

  9. Cool! I need to try those! I don't think they work anymore...But it wouldn't hurt to try! :)

  10. I have came up with a glitch it is rlly cool cuz at some place i think im at this unreachable place

  11. You know when Animal jam should start the updates? At night! Then people can play in the day, and when they go to sleep, Animal jam updates, then in the morning they can have even more fun!
    I'm not sure if my logic is TOTALY correct some how.... but it was just a thought.
    (o) (o)
    _ _
    ---- ----
    ----- ----
    (Sorry about the comment being so big, but have an awesome summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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