Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Member Gift

Hey jammers! AJHQ has finally made the party hats available for all members, I hope you all like yours.
These are the colors I have found so far.
 The coolest part is that the hat spray confetti everywhere!
What do you guys think of the gift? Happy New Year!


  1. livieloo6 on animal jam wishes you a happy new year!!!January 1, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    its awesome i luv it! i got yellow hat!

    btw,i like your bat lololololololol

  2. livieloo6 on animal jam wishes you a happy new year!!!January 1, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    oh and be ready for thursday thats when horses come out! (finaly :P)

    1st and second 2 comment!

  3. I got purple but i didn't want purple and my buddy didn't like her green one she wanted purple so we traded and I'm happy now!!

  4. i got the orange one and i dont really like it... i want silver really bad!

  5. I got a purple hat and then someone traded me a orange one :D So now I'm giving my purple hat to my little sister because its her favorite color :) Also I love how it shoots out confetti!!

  6. you forgot yellow one but its ok people make some misakes :) I had a yellow one but I traded it for a blue one.

  7. When you sit the confetti freezes!

  8. I like them but I was hoping for something else... Oh well :) They are still cute!

  9. I'm trading a pink & green new Years Party hat for a silver one!

    ~More On Topic~
    The gift is VERY cool. It's my favorite gift, other than the claw maschiene and spike bracelt. What did we get for Decemember again? LOL I forgot. :P

    Happy New Years to you too!

  10. can someone trade me a red or blue leaf necklace, i have a green one but i want red or blue. =D

  11. ~so cool wish i got meh one lucky them hey search seal80616!~

  12. i haven't got mine yet i think i get one tomorrow

  13. I HAVE A LIGHT BLUE ONE!!!!! (from last year) Also Anonymous, it's for LAST year, so you wont get one, no offense. The January 2013 member gifts are an owl pet.


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