Thursday, January 5, 2012

Upcoming Pet

Hey jammers! Seems I've missed a few things around Jamaa, I'd like to sum them up here. Be sure to mention any other fun things you find on your adventures. First up, the new pet! Two awesome jammers sent me the completed puzzle, goodall and imacooldude123! Thanks for the help guys. :)
... and after!

What do you guys think? Most agree it's a snake, but it could be anything from a worm to a centipede! Next order of buisness is the fact that the stone fire and the Mira statues will give you fireworks at a New Year's Party.
Don't forget there are
lots of new badges
The all powerful Mira!
Meanwhile, there is a strange glitch going on with the new welcome mats... Kayla1 and Lyssie6329 informed me of this strange phenomenon.
Wacky huh? Plus they won't rotate in some/all cases. Plus, another new item to collect, a horse plushie!
Adorable, isn't it? Thank you mariah3333 for the picture! These plushies are now available in all plushie machines, hope you can find one! And there is now this strange glitch, or mess-up, by AJHQ. There is an extra grey color in the selection of elf cuffs! 
 Strange mistake, huh? Anyway, if you want to see the missing color look at my horse. Happy jamming everyone, I hope you like the newest update!

Update: New artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!


  1. Um as I can see there's only ONE new badge for members

  2. I went to all the stores and most of the stuff they are selling are member stuff. :-(

  3. UGH I JUST MEET A MEAN NON MEMBER. He said horses are stupid and called everyone lame. I don't know his username :-( other wise i would of reported him.

  4. BTW: I am seeing a lot of worn blankets around lately....

  5. AKK i just got the Spin

  6. lyssie6329-my rugs finally work. that was weird though

  7. I think the pet's a snake


  8. For some reason my sister and I can't see the mat glitch. Her buddy was begging us to look, and when we got our mats out it looked normal.
    Could it be because they were beta mats? I don't know - my sister bought a new one just to see, and it didn't work. All the while, her buddy could appearently see them as white. (?)

  9. Oops, that thing up there by Hawk is by me, Alygator. xD It signed me in instead of going with name/url.

  10. How do you do the sky walk thing?

  11. how do you walk on the sky? some one pleas tell me!

  12. No Alygator your wrong. My mat was a beta mat and it was all white.

  13. Yeah my old mat also had that glitch. My sister made me trade some over to her (the shop ones are a weird color), and it didn't work in her den.

    Also whats your email? I have some pictures

  14. I got that welcome mat thing with my old mat! I wasn't quite for sure how to email it to you. I think I noticed the extra grey too. And I will be sure to get a horse plush.

  15. Hey Snowy I got the tan cuffs! They were available for me to buy them!
    JAM ON! :D

  16. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 6, 2012 at 6:27 PM

    the mat thing happened to me when i had a mat and when i when into the den with it it was black with white.

    i want the pet snake :I i think its a snake...

    BTW i dont understand but aj isnt as fun as it used to be...i miss old aj with no member animals :(
    im also kinda bored on horses already too...

    aj better get updates soon and make a day with no members but after that day a day with all members and then everything goes back to normal.people will then realize the fairness needed between non mems and mems.

    sorry its so long ^.^

  17. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 6, 2012 at 6:30 PM



    iiiitttttsss sooooooooooo loooonnnnnggggg!!!!!

    lol :3

  18. Sad tht top hats didn't come out :( anyway, I've been seeing a lot of worn blankets too....but also VIKING HATS! -.-


  19. I'm so sad. :(. My blog sucks. NO ONE looks at it even though I keep posting and stuff. I started last year! Oh, well. By the way, the glitch with the mats has been happening to me too! XD. What a coincidence.

    -Mythical Cottonpaw

    P.S. If anyone cares about my blog, just go here:

  20. About the cuffs I think AJhq was trying to make the blue cuffs. But idk. I guess those blue cuffs are rare. I have them. And I saw that happen to my welcome mat. Its weird. Happy jamming!

  21. Oranoo, I'm guessing you just remove all the coding you copied and pasted that made the snow appear.

    I have no idea what's up if my two computers are the only ones that can't see the mat glitch. ???

  22. Go to "Design" "Page Elements" and then click the gadget you used for the snow and remove it.

  23. Why don't we all make a Snowyclaw fan clan? We could decide a time to make it (no school days plz) and who's den every time we do it, and talk about the blog? And, Snowyclaw should also join.

  24. The new pet looks really cool.I'm gonna have to start brain storming rare features.

    ~Victory Shiverclaws

  25. I bought the welcome mat and it did not turn White !I guess it's one of those glitches where only certain people can see it! Lol



  27. hi!
    today when i went on everything was in slowmo...
    it was so weird!
    love the glitches post!

  28. cheak out

    hope you like it ;)

  29. Here is a list of the pets i know:


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