Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feast of Thanks Items

Hey jammers! Feast of Thanks in Jamaa is here! Lot's of new little things around around in Jamaa. Here are new items you can find around in Jamaa Township...
In the Furniture shop...
In Appondale...
In Mt. Shiveer..
In the Temple of Zios...
In Bahari Bay...
In Kani Cove..
Meanwhile in the music shop Sarepia Forest music is now available! Of course it's for members only, but still.
Plus tons of new colors for animals, something we've all been hoping for for quite a while I believe!
And with the new color chart comes a new secret color! Simply click on the far right of the purple color (bottom left color). What you get is what jammers are calling sky blue, ice blue, or dolphin blue. What will you call it?
Some of the best news yet is that you are able to design your own pet, with tons of colors, eye, feet, head shapes and more!
This post is already pretty long jammers, I'll post some more additions to Jamaa as well as future excitement in the next post. See you in Jamaa, jammers!
Note: Thanks you for the pot silverstorm99!


  1. HEY SNOWY!! I found a new secret color!You click on the edge of the purple in the lower right hand corner! :)

  2. Cassj you mean I FOUND the secret color >:U-camden12345

  3. I love the secret color! I just figured out that you can press F5 after you click the game a few times and it makes all the buttons and stuff go away. it's good for taking pictures of the game

  4. I know, the "secret color" is dolphin blue, oh and raspberry doesn't exist anymore... ¿Why did I change it? There's a color very similar to raspberry besides the purples. Oh yeah, I'm using a mexican keyboard so it has different markiñgs. Lol, actually I always had it, but today I decided to show some.

  5. @Snowyclaw
    I read the comments and I see you what you mean. My friends didn't tell me what blog they got it from, so I guess I know now. I'll delete my post now that I know where they got it if you want me to. I'll ask them for a source next time...

  6. it doesn't matter who found the secret color, it matters if it's on our animals to express ourselves.


  7. Srry about Camden12345 and I, hes my brother... XD We do that alot

  8. hey you rock we sshould be friends!!!

  9. Lol yeah new color light-blue. The rare color is that magenta color! Lol awesome!
    -Puppy99NMS (blog:AnimalJamWeirdness)


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