Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Dressed and New Code

Great news jammers! First of all, there is a new code - ROAR - it gives you 1000 gems, hopefully it works for everyone.
Plus the game Best Dressed has returned to Jamaa. Hooray! have fun earning gems and showing off your style. :)
For more information be sure to look at the below posts and the returned Best Dressed page in the Jamaa Journal.
Have fun in Jamaa everyone!


  1. @Oranoo
    I get mine late too, I heard of this one from bigcats, I believe, who commented on one of the posts below. :P

  2. Snowy! I thought that you might like this, I made a personality quiz on my 4 th blog!
    P.S. My fourth blog is keroro gunso ( sgt frog) wiki!

  3. bigcatsfoever DCP MODNovember 12, 2011 at 6:29 AM

    Yes I did commented snowy about hte code and the game if fixed but I heard it from May so... I wanted to pass it on to you!

  4. YAY more gems!! I guesess the game came to early then all of us expected

  5. Snowy, another new update is that they changed rowdy to rosy in the character names list. Jam On!

  6. Whoops I meant rosey not rowdy sorry

  7. I'm still really missing those wings >.< Gothheart hasn't came on yet =p Typical gothy whenever I have something important she waits x3

  8. Good news! If you look up lolkingcentury1, it says this Jammer doesn't exist! :D

  9. Hello to you Snowyclaw and ofcourse the Jammers!I decided not to quit AJ anymore,because I have found a great new friend!I also thank you Snowyclaw for helping e out and believing me,I am also sorry of all the annoyance I have caused you..........Now to the point of this post,I played the Dress Up game and I dressed up into a Jabbawakee(Its just a dance crew that you can watch on Americas Best Dance Crew).I hope all of you get alot of gems off the new game and of course the code.:)
    Sincerley your friend,
    Nicky67 :D

  10. Its kind of different since the gems come in a package

  11. Thnx for the new code!
    Yay I now have 10527 gems!
    Time for a shopping spree..

  12. i am old to animal jam my name is soccerover i love your blog more than my fav new animal the raccon! that new animal have a good day it the blizzard and a tree fell in my back yard

  13. hi my name is soccerover there is a new code on animaljam it is BEMYVALINTINE i did it. it gives you 500 gems i like it alot thanks for making this blog!

  14. Probably i love snowy claw's videos :)


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