Sunday, November 27, 2011

AJS and AJ Improvement

Hello jammers everywhere! The time is here to contribute to Animal Jam and the Animal Jam Spirit blog. Well, actually, it's pretty easy. I know all of you are bursting with ideas about Animal Jam, and maybe even a few ideas on how to improve the blog. Below are questions that may spark some inspiration, but the rest is up to you. Once we get enough comments I'll send a mass email to AJHQ about your idea contributions.

What should the next animal be? What should the next pet be? What pet rares should become available? What new lands should there be? What would be a cool new clothing or furniture item? What should be the next den? What rights should members/nonmembers have? What shamans and guides should be visiting Jamaa, and when? What additions should be made to the Animal Jam website?

What should the holiday background and title banner be? Should I make major color changes to the blog? What should I focus my posts on? Do you guys want another Pottermore preview or more blogging tips? How can I help you on your Jamaasian adventures? What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the blog? Should I find a different chat box? How do I improve on the AJS's mini blogs?

Please respond jammers, it'd be a TON of help to me, especially with blog tips. Since there is nothing new in Jamaa, I wanted to give you a link to Animal Jam's YouTube channel. They don't have many videos up, but they are pretty interesting, and even give you glances at the past AJ. Just click on the picture below.
Have fun in Jamaa everyone, anyone have any guesses on when the holiday update will happen? Happy jamming!


  1. I want a swamp land!
    Ps:Your idea to send a mail whit ALL jammers ideas is really great!

  2. i think that we should have birds like we can be birds wouldn't that be cool and have a tree top den that would rock and we could have eggs like buy eggs like animal eggs like we could be birds and have a pet bird it would be cool wouldn't it???
    oh go to my blog !! ;)

  3. Background:Candycane

    Would like to see a Pottermore post

    I love chat but you might have to keep an eye on people who swear.

    Next animal could be a Zebra but it's an opinion.

    New den could be a gingerbread house for Christmas.

    Since people like shamans being on AJ maybe they can come on Christmas for a prestent..kind of and maybe the shaman could be Greely >.<

    I think nonmembers should be able to change clothing color maybe get a present each two months for beeing on AJ.

    Even though this isn't one of your questions maybe you could change you curser to something to go with the holiday.

    I hope a new land could be a lake.

    Pet rares:Cats:top hat,bow,scarf,and eye glasses

    Dog:sun glasses,skull mask,the rare girly eyes,sword,pumpkin mask,and snowman mask.

    Clothing:Chirstmas tree hat >.<
    star necklace,tiger hat,and Star balloon

    Pet:snake,ladybug,raindeer >.<

    Sorry this is REALLY long snowy,but hope you like the ideas

    ~iamcool2c2 :D

  4. Animal: Penguin, zebra, or warthog.

    Pet: Some tropical bird.

    Land: Possibly a volcanic land.

    Clothing: More hats and wigs. And more steampunk styled clothes.

    Furniture: More interactive items interactive.

    Den: A spaceship.

    Nonmem rights: Open gifts and have two pets.

    I think there should be an alert if a Guide comes on in case anyone is in need of one. They are near impossible to find except by chance.

    And there should be Shaman Days in the calender when a specific Shaman comes around.

    Additions: They haven't updated the fun facts in ages. And they should do more polls.

    I don't have any ideas for the blog at the moment. Frankly, I think it's great the way it is. It didn't become this popular for nothing. You're doing a great job.

    We're going to be looking at some long comments here. :D


  5. Almost forgot! I've really really wanted some Egyptian styled clothes and den items. Those would be excellent!


  6. i think the next land should a mountain i have no idea what the name should be and i think the next animal should be a bear and the next pet should be a turtle next den should be like the pillow room and i have to think of more well that is all for now

  7. Hey Snowy,
    I think maybe there should be an AJ bookbag or backpack so Jammers could carry items inside it or for show. Also, The banner for this AMAZING blog could be maybe a picture of you as a reindeer in your anthers then other reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh? That would be awesome. But, if you don't want to use those ideas, then that's ok, it's only a suggestion.
    Jam On Jammers of Jamaa! =)

  8. I think the next animal should be a nonmember horse, as many people today love horses, and most people are not members, so both members and nonmembers can enjoy it. I also think they should make another slot for animals open to nonmembers so they can have 2 land animals, and be able to go underwater. Or maybe they should make scuba gear.

  9. i think the clothing should be a coon skin hat. next den giant golden mansion. YOU ROCK SNOWYCLAW!!!

  10. i also think non members should have 3 or 4 slots next animal: hippo

  11. Hi everyone!
    Go here to see Graham!

    Server: ALDAN
    Room: The temple of Zios

    -Animal Jam HQ-

  12. oooh no! don't get ME talking. i will end up blabbing FOREVER! animals~ swan (nonmember), hawk (member), blowfish, snake, kitten, monerator lizard, wolverine, DRAGON (yes! yes! yes!!!), and wild horses!
    Lands~ now this ties into my swan idea along with the croc. what if the new land was some form of swamp were only animals that can swim *ocean pets, crocs, and swans* could go. and aother is my hawk/dragon idea. what if there was some form of cloud land were only FLYING animals could go. and also i might as well resuggest my idea for new ACTIONS. such as the 'leap' button. my idea is, you would click on actions, click on 'leap or jump' and then a small target were you're cursor moved would appear. then you would click somewere, thus setting the target (wich only you can see) and your animal would jump there, dash there, fly there, Ect. i hope my ideas arnt to much and that you are not yet bleeding from the ears. your blog fan, and friend

  13. I like the idea of making your wolf a red-nosed reindeer for your holiday backdrop.


  14. I want:
    a ability to care for pets
    a cabin, a temple, and a build your own den ability
    new pets like... maybe smaller versions of jammers
    anyway, did i copy a idea from someone? sorry if i did, i didn't see all the comments yet.

  15. I just got 9000 gems from AJ HQ I think.


  16. Can you please do something for my YouTube channel Snowyclaw? I need more subscribers. ;w; Please help!

  17. i think every sunday at 3:00 PM the wolf shaman should be in that new land i was talking about 11 comments ago and talks about animals and i think you should be able to care for your pets like you need to feed them and play with them it would be so so so so so so so so so so more fun oh ya and is snowy claw your clan name or your animal name or your user name or just a name you really liked?

  18. ooh!i forgot to talk about the background!the background should have a bunny and wolf wearing holiday clothes!and you should make them jump with joy.also the background of the background should have a gingerbread house with snowy weather!

  19. Next Animal: Eagle(M), Owl(NM)
    Next Pet: Snake!!
    Pet Rares: SCOOTER!
    Next Lands: Desert!!
    New Clothing: Scarf!!
    New Den Item: Refrigerator or Stove
    Next Den: Snow Igloo
    Rights NMs should have: Open gifts, have more animals, change clothing/den item colors
    Shaman/Guides: Greely during night, Sir G. during night, and others visit during day
    Additions to AJ Web: News and Updates section!
    Holiday Background: Snowstorm
    Title Banner: words of ANIMAL JAM SPIRIT BLOG FOR JAMMERS with snow dripping from sides
    Color Changes: Keep Black
    Focus Posts: Tips, Messages from HQ, and AJ Surpising News
    Pottermore Blogging Tips: YES MORE
    Help on Jammsian Adventures: idk...
    Favorite/Least Favorite about blog: That is says unexpected things and important things I needed to know.
    Chat Box: NO, your chat is fine.

    That's what I'd say!

  20. @Jammers
    Thank you so much for responding everyone! I have sent a letter off to AJHQ, hopefully they will take our thoughts into consideration. Wonderful ideas! I'm sorry I can't respond to all of the comments, but be assured. I have read each of your comments at least twice, if not three times. As you know, change is hard, and I'll try to look into doing some of the blog ideas, but it may take quite some time. Thanks again!

  21. id like well animal: zebra, gorilla or hyenas land: On Mars den: bamboo forest and pet: python

  22. @snowyclaw will u be a zebra, gorilla or hyena on AJS @ajc

  23. @ajc again and I think that they should make raccoons for NM the zebra gorilla and hyena are NM M animals: Aardvark, Jackal and Chimp

  24. I love the animals coming in Jamaa, there are few animals needed now, most of the smaller animals just can be pets like lizards.

  25. billy goat and llama! :D

  26. btw can anyone plz get me un-suspended btw?
    User: jdgirl3275

  27. I've always wanted a cloud castle before it could be for any animal. Now it should be with eagles. Also a new land should come. PS the den should not be in the diamond shop. And btw, the month I became a member they got rid of monthly member gifts :(

  28. Again maybe they should make a coat rack in ur den and u can put whatever on it. Like you click it and this thing comes up and u drag ur things to it and that gets them out of the way and you can have more space in your clothes inventory same thing for the chest except u can put den items and clothing in it

  29. UPDATED MAY OF 2015
    Horses exist but are members only

  30. Well here is an interview with me! Jaski!
    What should be the next animal?
    Ah.... well that's hard, I'd say a Walrus!
    What should be the next pet?
    I'd say as an ocean pet: Squid pets!
    Land pet: Dragonfly!
    Next Land?
    Miradi Desert!
    That's my interview! ;)


Remember jammers, no swearing or bullying on the blog! You can leave your opinion on matters, but be sure to be polite and respect others'. Happy jamming! ~Snowyclaw