Thursday, November 10, 2011

Underwater Pet Update

Hey jammers! Not as much new stuff as we had hoped, but still, it's a wonderful update. First up is the new items you can find around Jamaa. The first is the Elephant in Appondale...
Next is the new winter outfits in Mt. Shiveer...
And the new game in the Temple of Zios...
In Sunken Treasures of Kani Cove there are tons of new and amazingly animated den items including a Thermal Vent...
Plus, the new ocean pets are here! They seem to have even better outfits than the land pets, and have absolutly amazing graphics.
Aren't they amazing? I'm going to refrain from buying one at the moment, but I will get one after I earn enough gems. Like the land animals you can purchase these pets in the Flippers n' Fins shop (very clever ^.^) or buy them around the Jamaasian Ocean.
 And how do I earn all these gems, you ask? Why, at the newest game, Best Dressed! It earns you tons of gems in minutes, and is quite entertaining. Here is the scoop on Jamaa's newest game.
It's located in Greely's cave in Coral Canyons. It's simple to play, and don't worry, you get random clothes to choose from, not your own. Some you'll see are super rare, while others haven't even come out yet!
All you do is receive a theme, use the random clothes given to you to match it, then vote on the winner. It's actually quite fast-paced and makes you think.
Once time runs out you vote on each others' costumes. May the best one win! This gets you a fairly good  sized sum of gems. Have fun jammers!
Don't forget about the Double Gems at Wind Rider, hopefully AJHQ has de-phantomed it so it works!
Have fun around Jamaa everyone!

Note: Thank you shawnfrost for the plushie and toy boat bond, and thank you colorful168 for the fruit bowl. :)


  1. It won't load for me D: I'm gonna try again!


  2. It won't work for me!!

    One person waited ALL MORNING for it to happen but NOTHING WORKED!!


    1. i played it many times it is...AWESOME

  4. Sounds like this game was inspired by Jammer's den fashion shows since it has similar rules. Looks like fun! I'm off to get an angler fish now.



  6. Hopefully you get this but i think there may be a glitch.... I was going to play Best Dressed but it won't let me:( but then when i try to leave i couldn't do anything! So i had to log off.:( will you tell AJHQ about this? Thanks Sonwyclaw!

  7. That best dressed game takes SOOO long to load... what takes the other jammers so long to vote????

  8. I know right?!
    But oh well. It's okay. Some people take more time than others to look at all the people and take their time in order to judge fairly. We'll cope, even if we are annoyed. :)

  9. yay this is the best month ever and 17 more days for my b-day yay :D

  10. You know for that "Beat Dressed" Game? It disappeared when I got home from school. I played it before but now they took it out because it had bugs. Now they also took it out of the newspaper and instead it says "Feast of Thanks." I think it is because no one could play in the morning.

  11. It's me bubblestorm14. i saw that the best dressed game is under repair.

  12. Best dressed is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!! And you get so much gems!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you aj!!!!!!


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